Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nobody likes it.

The same stuff all over again.

Human behaviour is something you can do nothing about.

Ego is a parasite

Sometimes all you need is an answer for WHY.

I value my friendship more than my friend's ego. And yet it feels like am being blamed for a non existent fight.

Friends forever sadly has a shelf life.

And writing ? What happened to writing in all this chaos?
Turns out  all I was left with to submerge all the deafening screeching voices in my head - was to write.

Write it off.

Maybe after a while things would be normal but it wld not be the normal normal .

The same lesson again...
Things change. People change.
People change. Things change.

( only god knows why at such prime moments common sense & emotion evaporates ! )

But whatever the case the end ..nobody likes losing friends.

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