Monday, November 19, 2012

The post-Diwali post.

1 Cuppa coffeee [comments ]
Jab tak hai Jaan literally took our jaan ! What a pathetic movie! :O
The first half is ultra boring. The story spins around a couple of dialogues that hardly make any sense..songs squeezed into the movie with no head and tail whatsoever. ZERO chemistry.

And yes..srk is old. So there's hardly any charm left to our love hero.

Katrina - whether she can act or not  - looks like a goddess. The outfits she has worn in the movie is the ONLY thing worth seeing.
SRK rocks in the army look. Rugged & rustic. That suits him much better than the happy-go-lucky-poor chap- look who tries so hard to seduce !!
With the army look - he needn't do anything.
Black t-shirt with black glares.Killer!

The only reason why I could survive through the first half was due to the ridiculous  comments we made :P Like how Anushka Sharma resembled a frog :D

The second half is tolerable. I was expecting something sad towards the climax. Turned out to be an absolutely DUMB end. Lets not even get into the story!

--- Skyfall : Ok I have no idea why people hated it. There were stream of comments on how the movie was the worst Bond film ever.The movie being more about M than our Agent 007 , so many loopholes etc etc.
But I liked it. Vulnerable Bond. Weaker. Kept me on hook till the end.
It may not fit the James Bond league..but as an action flick - it is worth a watch.

* Diwali *
It has been a week long celebration for us. Just about the usual..dinner or lunch at some or the other cousin's place. But super fun as always.

I made this King size Rangoli.  The biggest I have attempted till date.
Took me a good 4-5 hours.  And since I haven't been exercising at all these days..the squatting gave me a good muscle pain for the next two days.

I haven't been writing much. Rarely. Just don't feel like it.

This happens to be my 350th post. Finally! :P