Monday, September 28, 2009

The toppings

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I have to relate most of the happening in my life with food.
So here's the topping of my pizza - pizza being the dance/Navratri fest.
The cheese :
Two more days of dandiya! Sat & sun! Major refreshing crowd.
Expected people.Awaited people =)

Paneer :
Yes , I've had nothing more than paneer tikka or chilli paneer in last two days.
Its yum! And I had enough French Fries too which adds up to a lot of cals but dancing compensated for it.

The extra ketchup :
Danced till 3 in morning.P2 joined me.Awin sent P1 to bring us both back..but instead she herself joined :D
Then finally , P1 dragged me off the circle.I think if I'd have fought a little , I could have easily gone back & danced.

I basically stopped somewhere in the middle , when she caught hold of me.Argh! I was so mad at her because Awin was in no hurry to rush back to home.
So while we drove back - all of 'em asked me if Chocolate shake boosted my energy.
I joked & said its all about "Junoon" :P

Really! Its about that passion for fun.About not skipping a single second out in the moment of fun.
I also shot at P1 that next time onwards gonna make her & P2 have some energy capsules before we head off to dance.How could they just give up dancing when there was so much space & music ? I swear I could have danced for another three hours or more ..if I wanted to which I did.I wasn't tired at all.

Oh hey..the current pizza of my life brought me some fame :D
I popped up on Page 3 in Times along with my friend and this - the very next day after my ratings on looks :P
But that was majorly because of my friend.Did I not mention , she looked gorgeous that day ?! Oh yes she did , so standing next to her turned out to be so magnetizing :D
Frankly , it helps me give my school friends a little edge , you know :D

But name was typed wrong :|
I shouted twice but the photographer still never got it right ! Poor me!
P1 however said "Naam mein kya rakha hai yaar ? Tune hamara naam roshan kar di "

I was like yeah.Kabhi toh I appeared on newspaper - so what if its page 3 - unlike p1 & p2 who run into excellent marks in every exam & hence appear in newspapers.

:) I had fun.I enjoyed a lot.I danced a lot! And I wore super great clothes.Fashionable! :D
No fashion faux pas this time :)) I'm so glad I didn't end up in something that's not attractive or doesn't suit me.
My dress did stand out I feel.It was a combo of Indian western.I love it =)

Happy Dashera Folks!
Conquer the Ravana within (picked from a message , as usual :P )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Factory of tiny facts

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My skin is oil factory.That's how someone once described it.Exaggerated off course but still apt!

A dancing oil factory is no good either.I'm sweating buckets and don't feel the need to go to gym as long as I am dancing which is definitely helping me burn calories.But there's something majorly wrong with my skin :| and my body too.I get tired too easily which is why I'm unable to dance much.And on top of that , my skin oil factory is troubling me helluva!

Anyway , in spite of having cramps in my foot & terrible pain in my leg muscles , I've been dancing like no one's watching yet still very much aware that I am sometimes watched by one of those 100 odd spectators.

Navratri is in full swing! My city is good at something after all :) We have great events organized by some people here.The best part about these navratri events is that..the cream crowd of the city comes under one roof in the best of their clothes! :D
I'm a lil disappointed with this yr's crowd though.Its not so ultra cool like it used to be any other time before but am past having crushes so it doesn't matter anyway :P

I had my moments too.One was where I met this girl from school ..who was a good friend of mine back then but I lost touch with her after school.So it was EXTREMELY nice when she called out for me so DELIGHTEDLY :) See..a genuine wish to talk to someone just comes out naturally.And when she said she had been trying to come to my place , I was even more thrilled.She's a great girl & been a cool friend.No pretenses.No show off attitude.Intelligent , good looking & sweet.
Felt good talking to her.

Then I met another school friend.No actually a lot of them.But this guy , H - I saw him after 5 years!! Although am quite sure now that guys have a pattern in greeting a girl ..they always begin with "Oh ?! I didn't recognize" even when its so obvious that they recognized you much earlier :|
So I was the one to initiate the talk.I crossed him while he was sitting with his folks and since I was too close to him , I called out his name.And then he STOOD & talked.Courtesy! I like it.I forgot what that recognizing part was anyway :P

Saw some similar faces.And the eyes of those similar faces were on my friend- the bday gal! She was looking way too pretty that day.

Its not fair.Its not fair that all good looking people are into my life.No ..its not fair that in my life , I have the best of the good looking people.And specially the best of my friends.

I need some attention yaar! :P Its just NOT fair !!!

I'm not jealous.I'm sad jealous - one where I cannot do much.
I don't wish that they looked just average.
All I want is - to match up to them - in looks.

Beauty lies in the eyes is bullshit.
Beauty is where beauty is! Not in the eyes.

I was freaked out about all this.My skin , my looks , my height!
I think I still am.
Next time ..I see more number of good looking people around - I'm sure I'll go into depression.

But anyway...Its Dance time for now.
Oh and..I have a dying urge to cuss M.He's acting so weird!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So you think you are Smart ?!

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Next time you end up talking to a jerk or a smart person who suddenly talks nonsense or is too over smart for you to handle a little creative in firing them with taunts.

Don't say " Oh! How stupid are you?"

Or.."What crap ?! Don't you know ?"

Or "Stop being a jerk!"

Add some spice.

Sarcasm doesn't kill anyone.

I have three pick up liners for now ( Copied from somewhere I randomly read)

> Suppose there's a discussion going on some topic involving likes & dislikes & if that person is determined in forcing his/her likes on you whereas you are cent percent sure that your choice is anytime better.Try saying this.
..ok .. Maybe I should ask God to improve your taste.

> When someone is unnecessarily being stupid & nagging or acting like an irritating kid.
Are you naturally a jerk or do you practice being one daily ?

> Girls have a switch button of WIT.Really..sometimes the most intelligent ones talk rubbish.So give her a little hint -
Since when are you a blonde or how often do you flip between a blonde & a dudette ?

Accusing someone of being a jackass will do no good.Be a jack of smart sarcasm !
It ticks off like a timer bomb.Doesn't kill..just hurts the ego :D

Gimme some more liners.I'm not really good at witty sarcasm.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WATCH out!

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How costly can costly get ??!
Tell me ..HOW much ?!

These are some of the world's most expensive watches as of today.

Wldn't you rather prefer owning a Ferrari or lets just say owning that in plurals ?

Shoes ? Diamond necklace ? Beach houses ? Super shopping ?! World tours ??

Its ridiculous ! I just wonder how ever anyone can invest so much money into a 'watch' :|

I mean ..yes most of us have a fetish for watches or shoes or diamonds in genral.And the riches have an expensive fetish for all of these.But at any rate..your car , house or even shoe wld come first come into notice than a diamond studded watch :|

And even if the watch comes into notice , who would believe its for 40 crore ??!

These are not even very beautiful.I've seen spectacularly beautiful watches from the brands Rolex , Rado , Tag Heur which were not so expensive.Yeah just about a hundred thousand bucks! lol..that's nothing compared to the ones here , isn't it ?

I'm saying as if I can buy any of those just-100-thousand ones.No I cannot.But its a digestible amount.

Fairly expensive.

But..40 CRORE ??!

I know..the billionaires can afford ( that's why such watches are made) , but if I were one..and given the fact that I'm a hardcore miser spendthrift ..I'd have a heart attack if I were asked to buy that.
Although I do find the 4 crore watch quite pretty!

PS : I watched Turtles Can Fly & it ignited my craze for movies ! So glad :))
Btw , the movie is a unique piece & one must watch it.Its not everyday you hear people applaud after a movie ends :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Turtles Can fly

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- I don't find maggie tasty anymore.My taste buds gave up on my fav instant food.I always thought I could never have enough of maggie.I was wrong.

- I too think that Atif Aslam cannot sing.Look its simple - a person can either sing or cannot sing.
There's nothing like a bad singer.
There's always a good singer , progressive singer & a brilliant singer.
So apart from Sunidhi Chauhan even I feel Atif cannot sing.I mean yes..his voice quality is great! But somehow I always tend to switch over to the next track if I'm listening to any of Atif's.There's a great deal of mutual 'aalap' or Rag or that 'aa aaa s s s' in all of his songs.He just has a melodious voice.So if he were talking , even then he would sound like he's trying to sing.These days it irks me to listen to his songs.I don't know why.

- I hate the fact that I'm not so hyper or excited about watching movies anymore.I haven't seen Kaminey yet & I of all the people , canceled watching it twice even when I could have easily gone! I'm not even using my manipulation skills to take off to watch Ice Age 3.

- My tally sir bugged me in the second lecture.He prolly thought I wasn't paying attention which is partly true.So he asked me stupid questions.

I was dumbstruck.
I really thought where in the world was I & why ?!
I was asked the similarities between Elephant & Rat! - in a tally class!!!
He was trying to give some parallel example but how ridiculous is that ?! And to top it all - when I wasn't replying & grinning - he said that if I won't answer , he'll mark me absent :|

My juniors are great , really! The answers I overheard were " Sir 2 eyes , 4 legs " + when I didn't reply in those 30 long seconds..the junior sitting next to me said "say Teeth"

I was so much in doubt whether I'm accidentally in class 2 !

Huh! I'm stuck with my juniors because of the batch timing problems & it sucks.It sucks even more when they ask me how an accounting entry is to be made :-| I'm so frozen even then ! But I loved it..when I answered something in the Excel class when nobody else could! :P It wasn't anything smart though..just a minute that only means that my juniors are dumb.

- For the very first time in my city , we are having the International Film Festival.Here too - my friend dragged me along.I wasn't excited about it at all which is weird! And I'm not even mad at her for asking me to watch the Bengali movie 'Jalsagar' .But I should have done my usual research on the movie before watching it.
Black & White movies shouldn't be called masterpiece! And who-so-ever does ..please let me know the movie is b&w ! I can watch anything 10 times..but not this - even once!
We somehow managed to bear the movie for 40 long minutes and then I knew I had to run or else I might collapse of boredom & the colorless screen.The guy sitting 2 seats next to me..asked me if I was scared watching the movie , lol

I said a rude 'NO'. So he started telling me that the song being sung in the movie is classical music.

As if I really didn't know what that is!

"Raag Bihag"

Oh thanks dude! I didn't know! Well..I actually didn't :(

I haven't touched my music notes in last 100 days , which is why everything that I learnt has evaporated!

- So overall I'm certainly so-not-me in all these events & instances.Movie , music,food..all of that which are my sphere of energy , crazy indescribable excitement - just lost some of its elements.

- I'm gonna watch turtles can fly which is an Iranian movie.I hope I make for it.(This time I did my research ...and the movie seems to be good , the classic good)

My city needs to be enthusiastic about movies.The crowd sucked!
I would want to relocate to some other place right now!

- Oh and..I have more number of drafts than posts in last two months.I have written so many things but don't feel like posting.I don't know why...& I hate those words "I don't know why"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Message Log 3

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[1] Do you know the purpose of Life ?
God sent us to find such friends , that if we meet them even in hell , they say

" Chal yaar..yamraj ki bajate hai"

[2] If money doesn't grow trees , then why do banks have branches ?
Why does a round pizza come in a square box ?
Why doesn't glue stick to its bottle ?
Why do you call it 'building' when its already built ?
If you aren't supposed to drink & drive , why do bars have parking lots ?
We are a funny bunch of people living in a seriously funny world!

[3] Modified Newton's Law :
Every book continues to be in a state of rest or covered with dust untill & unless an external or internal exam appears!

[4] Biggest mystery of Maths :
1000s of years passed ,
Millions of theorms derived ,
Crores of formulas made
but still....

X is unknown !

[5] Boy : If I kiss you & run , what will you think ?
Girl : I will think...Ek bewakoof , jo pura paper attempt kar sakta tha , sirf objectives likh k bhag gaya!

[6] How would an electronics engineer propose to a sweet girl ?
"You are the frequency of my sine wave.Without you..I'm like a rectifier without a diode , you are the winding of the primary coil & the deflection in my power supple.My Proposal is the ammeter of my love.
Don't be a resistor
Be a conductor"

[7] Friendship is not about
'Its your fault'
Its about
Sorry bol chup chap!
Its not about ' Can I borrow this?'
Its about
'Oye maine le liya'
Its not about ' Can I share your tiffin'
Its about
Tere liye thoda chor diya
Its not about 'Hows your studies going?"
Its about
Aaj kal bahut Newton ban raha hai..sudharja!"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Join the admirer club!

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Success can be attributed to Luck.
Holding onto that success & carrying it forward is attributed to Hard Work.

Now that's the BEST one I've heard in a long time regarding Luck Vs Hard Work!
And that too coming from Shaahid Kapoor !

I admire that man more than I ever did.Yes yes yes..I love the chocolate boy he's been playing on screen.I love him generally for his cute looks & for his great acting + dance talents.
But I've never been a HUGE dying FAN of him or any celeb for that matter.
I'm mostly an admirer.

I love such people.Genuine.You can easily make out which one of 'em is!
Its pure co-incidence that I've been coming across Shahid's interviews & I really am paying attention to the things he says.
Few days back , when he was asked something related to Kareena ..I guess something referring to her making muddy comments on him ( I didn't hear the question properly ..he looked too cute in his glares & gelled hair for me to concentrate on anything else )
He very honestly ( I feel so ) , candidly & w/o being too modest said that he wished Kareena all the best for her life & sweetly added that 'people' must care & focus more about their work & life than giving statements.

I was like wow! This guy's got guts to call a spade , a spade! I just don't remember the exact words..maybe I will find them up soon..but the way he said it made sense! And I felt like giving Kareena two tight slaps for even thinking of another guy while the best damn guy was right next to him!! ( Nothing against her except for this one bloody fiasco she's made )

Poor her!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gadget gift

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I own an Ipod touch now even when I least deserve it. ( But who's complaining ?)
It did bother me though.Of why dad bought it.I didn't 'need' it actually.

But I'm thrilled!

And then if he did wish to buy...I wld have still gone with a creative zen! But again..who's complaining ?

I'm happy I can nicely put my Chinese mp3 player to rest.Its back light was dead anyway.

Dad gave a surprise gift to mom too.Samsung touch phone.

The first thing I asked mom was if she wanted to exchange cell with me ? :P
My slim cute little express music is really good , afterall!
And wldn't be justifying her cell..since she won't be using all its features.So I thought it will be nice if I take over that one & give her mine.
She is teasing me a lot.She wldn't just give it to me & I can wait.

I bet after few days she'll herself ask me to exchange cells.
I can bet my ipod touch on that.

"Nokia's always easy to use!" I've been telling her :D

I can even trade my ipod touch for ... an undefined list of non-materialistic wishes.

I'm grilled -

  • For one , that I really don't deserve any expensive gifts.
  • For two , that I was expecting dad to get me something & he did! He should be silently punishing me.He shouldn't have bought anything for me!
  • For three , I love my express music and I love mom's new phone too.

Miracle wldn't be the right word.But just few days back I was checking the ipod touch on internet & wished if I could have it.I didn't strongly wish & I knew it wldn't be fair to ask dad to buy me one ..but then , I have one now!
So maybe it works this way for me.

Its killing me however - that the one useful thing that dad bought for himself is missing.He prolly left it at the airport.Its also not fair for not buy a new cell for himself! I've been telling him to buy one since ages.Now looks like I'll have to get him one anyway , even if he doesn't like that.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eternal Love Observation

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One of those things that I've been thinking about since a long time.
Why is it that you call a love story - fictional or real - eternal only when there isn't a happy ending ?

Just an observation.I noticed , be it Romeo & Juliet or Jack & Rose from Titanic or several other on similar platform - their love tale is glorified & studded 'eternal' when it involves pain , the most strikingly visible common element.

Is that what makes love eternal ? A sad end ? The distance ?

I don't remember of any ' eternal' love stories where the lovers live happily ever-after..


I'm reading New Moon , the sequel to Twilight.

It disturbed me that I cried when the very much in love couple parted ways.
When one of 'em left the other.
This is why I don't like to read romantic novels.I cannot handle the separation.

There's an outburst of rage in case I happen to come across something that leads to betrayal.An urge to kill the guy.

But I hate it when one of the two dies or even WORSE ..leaves for no matter what reason.

New Moon is vividly descriptive.I'm already a huge fan of the author's writing style.She seems to have some kind of power of perfectly using the absolutely right , simple & apt words w/o making the reader sigh to them self "This is all Greek to me!" -
which is interestingly nice.A great write up doesn't necessarily have to be high on vocab but immensely profound in expression AND understandable at the same time!

Although I do feel I'm getting dizzy reading the post break-up state but I can't leave the novel incomplete.That will make me anxious.And being anxiously dizzy is no good.So I'm gonna continue reading it.

On a lighter note , I'll add this message from my inbox

-> A girl was asked the meaning of LOVE.
She replied : Sacrificing the admiration of Hundreds of Men for facing the criticism of one man!