Friday, September 11, 2009

Message Log 3

[1] Do you know the purpose of Life ?
God sent us to find such friends , that if we meet them even in hell , they say

" Chal yaar..yamraj ki bajate hai"

[2] If money doesn't grow trees , then why do banks have branches ?
Why does a round pizza come in a square box ?
Why doesn't glue stick to its bottle ?
Why do you call it 'building' when its already built ?
If you aren't supposed to drink & drive , why do bars have parking lots ?
We are a funny bunch of people living in a seriously funny world!

[3] Modified Newton's Law :
Every book continues to be in a state of rest or covered with dust untill & unless an external or internal exam appears!

[4] Biggest mystery of Maths :
1000s of years passed ,
Millions of theorms derived ,
Crores of formulas made
but still....

X is unknown !

[5] Boy : If I kiss you & run , what will you think ?
Girl : I will think...Ek bewakoof , jo pura paper attempt kar sakta tha , sirf objectives likh k bhag gaya!

[6] How would an electronics engineer propose to a sweet girl ?
"You are the frequency of my sine wave.Without you..I'm like a rectifier without a diode , you are the winding of the primary coil & the deflection in my power supple.My Proposal is the ammeter of my love.
Don't be a resistor
Be a conductor"

[7] Friendship is not about
'Its your fault'
Its about
Sorry bol chup chap!
Its not about ' Can I borrow this?'
Its about
'Oye maine le liya'
Its not about ' Can I share your tiffin'
Its about
Tere liye thoda chor diya
Its not about 'Hows your studies going?"
Its about
Aaj kal bahut Newton ban raha hai..sudharja!"


  1. good old messages...:)...well always cheers us up when one of these king pop up bringing a smile onto our face...:)...but sadly enough for me the messages i get are idiotic messages telling me about some voucher especially when i am either sleeping or in engaged in some serious work...:P....

  2. I hv got almost all of them however 2nd one sounds nice :)

    The best mssg i hv ever received was

    "hey can u give a missed call on my phone, i hv kinda lost it somewhere around" !

  3. hilarious.... :)
    Really made me laugh..
    Proposal of electronics engineer .. was so hilarious...ha ha ha ha.. :)
    Thanks for this post... :)



  5. At the risk of sounding a boring nerd, here is the answer to the pizza question :P

    Square boxes are easier to make, ship and store flat. Round boxes typically have to be pre-made and are more bulky to transport.

    Circular pizza is easier to cut into slices. Also, if the pizza were square, it would look weird.

    If a round pizza came in a round box and fit perfectly how would we get a slice out without struggling or making a total mess...we need the edges of empty space to be able to get at the pizza.

    Is it possible to make a round box that is hinged and locks? If it is I am pretty sure it would be expensive rather a square box is not only more common but it is cheap as well

    Courtesy - world wide web!

  6. the seventh point touched my heart deeply....
    friends are too important to ignore!!
    btw Once again a nice post..

  7. :)..he he...was very refreshing:)..good old messages packed newly:)...very nice:)

  8. Nice msg log again :)

    And 7th one was "awww.. sooo sweeeeet" :)

  9. I like the modified Newton's law :)

    You have an award to collect on my blog:)

  10. Hahahahahaha......Hey Sugar.....great post.

    Totally loved it.

    Cheers and thanks for making me smile

  11. Visit my blog.
    An award is waiting for you.


  12. first time to ur blog!!

    nice messages.. was laughing for a long time for the 5th one.. haha.

    liked the 7th one too... lightened the moment.. thnx :)


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