Friday, September 4, 2009

Gadget gift

I own an Ipod touch now even when I least deserve it. ( But who's complaining ?)
It did bother me though.Of why dad bought it.I didn't 'need' it actually.

But I'm thrilled!

And then if he did wish to buy...I wld have still gone with a creative zen! But again..who's complaining ?

I'm happy I can nicely put my Chinese mp3 player to rest.Its back light was dead anyway.

Dad gave a surprise gift to mom too.Samsung touch phone.

The first thing I asked mom was if she wanted to exchange cell with me ? :P
My slim cute little express music is really good , afterall!
And wldn't be justifying her cell..since she won't be using all its features.So I thought it will be nice if I take over that one & give her mine.
She is teasing me a lot.She wldn't just give it to me & I can wait.

I bet after few days she'll herself ask me to exchange cells.
I can bet my ipod touch on that.

"Nokia's always easy to use!" I've been telling her :D

I can even trade my ipod touch for ... an undefined list of non-materialistic wishes.

I'm grilled -

  • For one , that I really don't deserve any expensive gifts.
  • For two , that I was expecting dad to get me something & he did! He should be silently punishing me.He shouldn't have bought anything for me!
  • For three , I love my express music and I love mom's new phone too.

Miracle wldn't be the right word.But just few days back I was checking the ipod touch on internet & wished if I could have it.I didn't strongly wish & I knew it wldn't be fair to ask dad to buy me one ..but then , I have one now!
So maybe it works this way for me.

Its killing me however - that the one useful thing that dad bought for himself is missing.He prolly left it at the airport.Its also not fair for not buy a new cell for himself! I've been telling him to buy one since ages.Now looks like I'll have to get him one anyway , even if he doesn't like that.


  1. good u atleast have an ipod touch...sometimes it is just that way u silently wish for something and it happens and when u really want something to happen it doesnt.....i am sure u will get ur touch phone too...:P....

  2. must have felt good to get something you wished for so quick :)
    Enjoy your gift

  3. that's instant delivery.. :P

    I wish it worked for me too.. :D

    Congrats.. iPod touch is really cool.. ;) Since mine was stolen I'm now using my bro's iPod nano.. :P

    welcome to the touch generation.. lol.. that sounds so geeky.. :P

  4. it's gr8 :)

    Congrats fir ur New Gadget....apparently 'Gadgets'

  5. Hahaha......Sugar are u crazy??

    After such an awesome gift....u say

    ""I really don't deserve any expensive gifts.""

    Why worry so much.....just enjoy the music yaar.

    Very cool dad too.

  6. I dreamt.. I got.. and then I realized: Was i worth it?...
    Your parents will do anything for you even if you don't deserve it..a subtle point raised in a clandestine way...
    good going...

  7. Wow yaar great! Give it to me if you don't want it :P

  8. congrats for getting ipod
    i am sure soon mom will exchange with you her cell.

  9. wow! wow! wow!
    Y u feelin guilty???
    u deserve the best :)

    Nokia's always easy to use!" I've been telling her hehehhehehehhehehe
    u r sooo cute :)

    Wishes! Hmm..Real genuine wishes come true, na?

  10. this shows that parents know us better than we think they do..!
    Nokia is like Orkut (user-frndly)
    samsung is facebook (too-complex) !

  11. I loveee the iPod touch. I'm so reliant on it, it's kinda sick, heh. Though that's sweet that your dad bought it for you! I know what you mean about gifts that sometimes we feel like we don't really 'deserve' per say. But parents will be parents. They're always going to shower their kids with as much love & affection as they see fit. :) So enjoy it, and give your dad a big old hug!

  12. njoy d gift..y all dis cribbing...go give ur dad a tight hug!!
    nways nice blog visit bak!!

  13. Awesome post.. :) ..

    Guilt.. i know exactly what you are talking about.. I too was recently gifted a new laptop with awesome config, and i felt i hadn't done anything to deserve it. But then im trying to get rid of it by doing something that would make them proud, to see a sparkle in their eyes. :) ..

    Till then enjoy your ipod touch.. :) .. and good luck in getting hold of the new phone.. lol..

    PS - First time visitor. Loved the 'about me' part..more so because i too am in some sort of a similar dilemma called CA.

  14. - Kaka
    Haha! :)) Thanks! I'll wish lesser: P

    - Kasabiangirl
    Good & guilt is not a great combi.I'm still not sure how I feel :|

    - Saad
    lol yeah..pretty instant :)
    Woosh..your ipod got stolen ?
    lol @ welcome to the touch generation! lmao!
    You're one funny witty guy!

    - Amit
    Thank you :)

    - IP
    Maybe I'm crazy :| Guilt can do bad things!
    Yup..enjoying the music!
    My dad's supercool :)

    - RSV
    I liked the way you put it :)

    - Abinav
    Never intended to :P

    - Ekam
    lol haha :) I knew someone is going to say that !

    - sm
    thanks :) I hope so!

    - Swats
    Ok..if you say so :P
    Hmm..well this was more of a half-wish.Wanting but confident of not receiving .. dunno how it worked :P

    - Peter
    I used to think samsung is like you say ..FB , but nah its not that complexed!

    - Archana
    :)) Parents will be parents !
    lol I think even I'm going to suffer from ipod addiction

    - Jaunty
    Who's cribbing ???!
    This wasn't cribbing at all! :|

    - Karan
    Thx :)
    Likeweise Karan! I'm trying to do something good too :)
    Ah nice to have found another CA in making over the blogsville :)


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