Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eternal Love Observation

One of those things that I've been thinking about since a long time.
Why is it that you call a love story - fictional or real - eternal only when there isn't a happy ending ?

Just an observation.I noticed , be it Romeo & Juliet or Jack & Rose from Titanic or several other on similar platform - their love tale is glorified & studded 'eternal' when it involves pain , the most strikingly visible common element.

Is that what makes love eternal ? A sad end ? The distance ?

I don't remember of any ' eternal' love stories where the lovers live happily ever-after..


I'm reading New Moon , the sequel to Twilight.

It disturbed me that I cried when the very much in love couple parted ways.
When one of 'em left the other.
This is why I don't like to read romantic novels.I cannot handle the separation.

There's an outburst of rage in case I happen to come across something that leads to betrayal.An urge to kill the guy.

But I hate it when one of the two dies or even WORSE ..leaves for no matter what reason.

New Moon is vividly descriptive.I'm already a huge fan of the author's writing style.She seems to have some kind of power of perfectly using the absolutely right , simple & apt words w/o making the reader sigh to them self "This is all Greek to me!" -
which is interestingly nice.A great write up doesn't necessarily have to be high on vocab but immensely profound in expression AND understandable at the same time!

Although I do feel I'm getting dizzy reading the post break-up state but I can't leave the novel incomplete.That will make me anxious.And being anxiously dizzy is no good.So I'm gonna continue reading it.

On a lighter note , I'll add this message from my inbox

-> A girl was asked the meaning of LOVE.
She replied : Sacrificing the admiration of Hundreds of Men for facing the criticism of one man!


  1. wow..."Sacrificing the admiration of Hundreds of Men for facing the criticism of one man! "...

    well said but also add this too.. seeing the admiration in this one man..u definitely can deal with hundreds of criticism...

    i hate sad ending love stories too...:(..soo after too many sad stories i shifted to happy endinggs one...:)..he he..my fav Mills & Boon..

    everytime i read one of its collection i feel love do have eternal bliss)...

    n yaa ur still in the mid of the novel righ...u may never know they may be together ever...:)..all the best with New Moon:)

  2. I don't know what's wrong with me but I absolutely love romantic novels with a tragic end..Gone with the wind would not be the same if Rhett Butler had not left Scarlett O' Hara :)

    All the romantic novels that I have loved till date have been tragic ones..just never noticed it. Happy endings too do not bother me as long as the Novel is romantic :D

    I found twilight better than New Moon

  3. Ummm I am actually not a fan of love stories. I mean I find them boring. Sounds a bit strange coming from a girl, eh? But I don't know. Its me. Hehe.. :D

  4. I may be a complete idiot(not a pervert, mind you!!) to enter this seemingly all-girls party but I liked the idea and hence offer the cup of coffee..
    the question why most of the love-stories happen to be tragic is very simple to answer: it is because those who 'lived happy ever after' never had time to write novels... they were too busy in living happily..

    and do read my latest post and you can also see my "love" post:


  5. - Yellow Tulip
    Hmm I don't really hate sad endings.I just find it a little difficult to adjust to it.
    And if happy endings make you feel of the 'eternal' part..then maybe I sld too give that a shot :)

    I'm done reading New Moon! yeah they're together :)..I was expecting that , after all there are two or three more series to this novel!

    - Kasabiangirl
    No nothing's wrong with loving tragic ends.I found myself completely 'addicted' to such kind too.There's something completely different & yet totally Real that you feel when you read those ones.Like your heart is drilled inside out :| & you seem to be still alive. lol

    Twilight was just as much on the same level as New Moon.I was expecting some action in New Moon which sets it apart from Twilight but somehow the story revolving around Jake & Bella was far more interesting than Bella being chased by James.I still don't know if I completely understand how James was killed in twilight :|
    But I loved New Moon for Jake.Totally.

    - Ekam
    Oh they do sound boring initially.But once you catch up on a really nice novel ..it will hold your interest.
    Its not strange..I used to myself ignore romantic novels as much as possible.And now I'm completely exhausted reading thriller.Gives me nightmares! Romance is better off anytime :P

    - R S
    LOL who said a guy joining a 'girl party' is a pervert ?
    lol @ your explanation.
    Funnily logical!
    Thx for sharing the coffee! ;)

  6. Nice one.. :)
    Really, it is strange that all the great Lovers like Romeo-juliet, heer- ranjha, Soni-mahiwal..whose love is epitomise as the true love from ages, got a tragic end.
    Well, I think..the extreme of Love is to sacrifice everything for their lover..
    May be on the layout of tragedy, the sense of love illuminates more.....


  7. Hey Sugar Cube

    Very interesting observation indeed.
    Me too can't handle "betrayal, leaving or cheating" in love.

    ""Sacrificing the admiration of Hundreds of Men for facing the criticism of one man! ""

    Simple because constructive criticism of ur loved one is FAR BETTER than the fake admiration of "hundreds of men".........

    They help u grow as a human being.

  8. sugarcube
    nice name
    its good observation and good question why there is seperation

  9. "absolutely right , simple & apt words w/o making the reader sigh to them self "

    Yes that's why Shakespeare is a legend !
    since i havn't read these novels i wont comment on them but yeah ur inbox mssg is nice :)

  10. Off late I have been hearing a lot about Twilight.. and now again.. I don't read that much.. aur love stories.. bilkul nahi..!! :P so I won't comment on that..

    besides, I agree to the logic that R S has behind this.. :P people who live HEA don't have time to write.. or are probably too busy doin something else.. :P

    and loved your message.. :D

  11. Ohh I loved New moon too..will pick up 'ECLIPSE' the next one soon :)


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