Saturday, August 29, 2009

Honest Killer Confusion

Its so difficult to choose between passion and duty

Its even more difficult to choose between obligation & desire.

I'm gearing up to be a bit logically selfish.

I'm tired of keeping myself in a state of oblivion.

I'm tired of being fickle minded.

I'm tired of WANTING to please someone but not doing anything significant to please.

I'm tired of talking to myself.

I have a big decision to make within a week.And this time I cannot escape.

Not a coward - I simply don't have the guts to talk about changing my career.


Already wasted an year doing abs nothing. I want to see myself accomplishing something good in it small in volume , be it not very attractive , be it something that doesn't turn into a money machine - but be something that makes me content of doing it.

Living in a different city , hostel life , food & eating habits , being a typical shy introvert who could cry at a drop of a hat , who cannot face a minimal humiliation - that's all a different chapter to deal with.

The index itself is going to create a helluva fuss.


  1. Do it before you're late. Its time yaar. Don't spoil your career. Do what you want to. Whole life depends on your decision. Talk about it. Your family would definitely support you. All the best and do it as soon as possible. My best wishes with you:)

  2. i think ekam is right....all the best...once u make a decision u shouldnt regret...make sure of that...:)...all the best

  3. I often find people who complain,how they are unsatisfied with thier job and profession.

    I think that we people are not very fortunate to know where does our interest lie.

    Be grateful, at least even, you realize at a time when u can do something..

    Go ahead with ur interesrt
    My best wishes to u..


  4. Guess we all get tired of the mundane routine at some point but never give up on yourself. I know you can make the right choice when the time's right :)

    Good luck, babe!

  5. So u gonna pursue ur masters in a different city it seems ?
    Well best of luck with that :)

    See there are three kinds of people in this world ;

    One kind of people are those who are lucky enough to get a job which coincidentally is their passion too.

    The other kind of people are those who find themselves unlucky enough coz their job profile and passion are poles apart.

    and then there are people who make their Jobs their passion :)

    decide which one r u case u belong to the 2nd type u can always turn in to the third type.

  6. Hey Sugar
    i loved this expression "logically selfish".
    Make duty and passion walk hand in hand. or better still make duty ur passion .

    ""I want to see myself accomplishing something good in it small in volume , be it not very attractive ""

    Best of luck....may u achieve something very significant in life......just never stop dreaming.


  7. wow.. what are you doing???

    btw, your first few lines reminded me of Economics.. too many wants and limited resources enjoining upon us the duty to make a choice.. lol.. I don't know if that even is something close to economics.. :D

    but in your first 2 statements.. if you get both of them.. A duty that has always been your passion and an obligation that has always been your desire.. wouldn't that be nice?? hope you get to something like that.. :)

    again.. what are you doing??? certainly not MBA.. :P or is it?

  8. look down when u r unhappy.... you may realize that happiness is just above you....

  9. - Ekam
    Yup its time :) Thanks a lot!

    - Kaka
    Oh yes..the 'regret' factor is into consideration.
    Thank you :)

    - Amit
    Yes you're right.Most of us are way too confused about our interests! I'm the best living example of that!
    I'm not too sure if I've realized it any early..but yes there's still scope for change.
    Thank you very much :)

    - Anamika
    Getting tired of mundane routine & yet loving your subject isn't bothering.Only getting tired is killing!
    Thanks :)

    - Peter
    Thx! I want to go to a diff city.Ngp doesn't offer much :(
    Point noted but the job part is a bit far from what I'm currently bothered about.
    I cannot end up living doing something that doesn't INTEREST me at all.So won't it be difficult to turn into the third kind ?

    - Yellow Tulip
    Thank you :)

    - Indian Pundit
    My duty is difficult to turn into passion.Its more the result of a guilty conscience.
    Thank you very much :)

    - Saad
    lol..nah not MBA! I'm pursuing CA or its time I begin saying I WAS pursuing CA :P its the most bheja fry thing to study :D Refer to my 'about me' section for more hint.
    lol @ the eco lines!
    It wld be nice to get both of 'em but I don't know how & where from?!

    - R S
    Right.Happiness is just in making a sound decision at the moment.

  10. Hey! you gotta pick your award from my blog :)
    Congratulations :)

  11. That sounds complicated :)
    Somebody rightly said in the comments above... Most of us dont even realize what exactly is our interest, forget about pursuing a career in it.
    And remember that saying "20 years down the line you would not regret what have you done but what you did not do" :)

  12. I absolutely loved what Peter said in the comments and I think that is the best approach towards every situation in life... either turn it in ur favour or else turn it into ur passion.

  13. all the best for anything you want to pursue! love life career!


  14. CA.. wow! I never even thought of doing CA.. bahot brain kharcha hota hai.. :P

    btw, some of my friends registered for CA in 1st yr and are still doing it.. but for them the full form of CA is Complete Aaram.. :D

    Wish you loads of luck for your new journey towards becoming a CA.. :)

    *I will come to you after completing my MBA... please give me some preference over others for a job.. :P


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