Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Color blind

Is there a way to wring the neck of IRONY ?
I was so superbly happy yesterday & day before..wasn't I ?
And there..just when I've kept it at the last corner of my mind - the irony - it comes to me right when am at my hyper best.

I usually THINK & wonder about happiness & the excitement around it to the point where I turn morbid & conclude something really godforsaken is about to happen in a blink of an eye.I just KNOW it will but meanwhile I do not waste a single second in enjoying my euphoric phase.
And yet..at the back of my mind..there are colors I don't see , there are empty paint buckets that I assume are contained with fresh paint colors.There's a faint restlessness.As if a faded color.Unnoticeable.

It happens often.I'm used to the irony.Something grills me completely, inside out .
This time however , I didn't see it coming .I wasn't prepared at all.

How do you undress disappointment ?
Howe do you undress awkwardness ?
How do you undress excitement ?? Of all the things on earth ..I want to shun away THIS !

How I wish I never talked of X Y Z.
How I wish I never met X Y Z.

The disappointment muffler ?? The one that is wringing my neck right now ?
How come I didn't perceive some colors ?
How come my vision was disoriented ?
How come I do not have a wide view of spectrum ?
How come ...Nothing Lasts Forever ?

How ?

I'm color blind.That's why.
I need a Life.
Paint my life.

Will someone kill Irony ?

I ain't crazy.Almost every color is driving me M A D because I know there are different COLORS but I see the same shade.



  1. yeh Kya tha Oprah ?
    Lemme Read it again !

    I din get the gist even ..May be coz my brain is not working.

  2. ok I read it again nd conclusion is tht u r Darius !

    And if u din get my comment then we are even :P

  3. loved this post. Spoke voulmes in few lines. Exactly how I feel sometimes too.

    I wanna destroy excitement too :)

    **How come ...Nothing Lasts Forever ?

    cos thats the NATURE of everything in this world. it was designed that way.

    **because I know there are different COLORS but I see the same shade.

    I like the way u put it. At the end of the day, it's all the SAME boring crap!


  4. How come you write so well in each and every post!

  5. - Peter
    Ye kuch nahi tha.Your brain is working.Mine is on some madness mode.
    I lost my temper while writing this.Thats why it doesn't make sense.
    'Darius' ? Yeah I guess we are even :P

    - Abinav
    Pinch kyon ? I wasn't day dreaming!

    - Keshi
    'Destroy' excitement.Perfect word.
    Nature Huh
    Yup boring crap!

    - Ekam
    How ? Too much of 'How' for me to answer.
    Btw , I don't think I write well & nah am not being modest :P

  6. you will get the answers for the questions you ask!Sometimes,it may be hidden and sometimes,it can be outright!

  7. I can easily say that you've already started preparing for your entrance exams, ain't it?? ;) your lexicon seems to be increasing with more interesting(and bouncer) words.. :P good.. :)

    someone rightly said.. “Irony is an insult conveyed in the form of a compliment”.. though its not exactly the same in your case.. :P

    literally speaking.. you aren't colour-blind.. don't worry.. otherwise you wouldn't have created such a beautiful template.. and also your thoughts are green enough to make the reader smile.. :)

  8. - Srivatsan
    I wasn't really looking for answers.In fact , I wasn't questioning at all.I was so battered with Rage & disappointment that I was feeling bad for myself which is why I tossed some madness.

    - Saad
    Studying & me ? :( Not yet!
    lol irnoy is insult yup! in my case its conveyed with a geezer ( = shock ..bouncer word : P)
    Well literal meaning of this post is nowhere close to what am speaking. I tried to use 'color' to express my feeling.
    I didn't make you smile ..You always smile :P

  9. Now this is called rambling!...You certainly are not crazy with such fine thoughts :)


  10. By Gawd! Bheja mera zoooooooooooom zaaaaaaap zooooooom ho gaya... :)

    "Clearly tum maha-upset ho kis baat pe..isiliye bakwaas karney lag gaye"... Kuch yaad aaya?? hehehe... Nahi?? JAB WE MET!!

    I understand life hain hota hain... :) chalta hain... roney ka... gussa karney ka... fir kehna "Forget it.. mere paas sad honey ka time nahi" aur aagey badney ka ;)

  11. - Rane
    :) thanks! Yes its a bright new day :)

    - Kasabaingirl
    Ramblings of a lunatic mind :P

    - Harshita
    Haha! I love that dialogue! Thanks for reminding.
    Hehe..wow I liked the way you said it 'roney ka ..gussa karne ka..'
    Thanks :)))


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