Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Felt pretty much divine

I've been so busy last week that I haven't had the time to look myself into the mirror :P
lol.. I wanted to use this particular line/phrase since such a long time !

I don't know where to begin from.Of whether how hastily I made a plan or how proud I am to be making an abs right decision , of how am upset that the week is over & am back or that I had a wonderful time. I have just toooo much to write & share about.
We had a family get together at Tirupati.My maternal family get together.We were supposed to be 80 ppl but cut short to 61 at the end.None of the kids were going to come.
kids = actual kids + the unmarried teens/adults :P

but thanks ..really thanks to swine flu that the ones staying in pune & blore had no school/coll which forced them to come :) I was so eager to be a part of this & since last 2 months I'd been telling mom that come what may..I'm gonna go to Tirupati.

The reason wasn't just meeting everyone.I really wanted to go to a pilgrim in any part of India & it cldnt get better with a family meet.Know what ? there's a saying that 'tum bhagwan k darshan k liye nahi jate..bhagwan tumhe bulate hai' ( essence of some context lies in its regional lingo )
It so very much fits in my case.I had cancelled all my plans to Tirupati but then suddenly 2 days b4 the meet , my cousins said that they'll be going & there was just no way I was going to sit at home & miss all the fun.

There wasn't any direct flight to b'lore on the 15th of Aug & that time I felt maybe I won't be able to make it. But I don't know what made me change my mind & calculate other possibilities.Before I cld even make sense out of how fast things were moving , I flew to mumbai on 15th evening , reached home at 10.30 & stayed awake till 2 in morning.Had to wake up at 3.30 to catch a flight to Blore.
I wanted to stay in B'lore for atleast a day but we had to rush.I reached Tirupati by afternoon & everybody was taken aback that I'd managed to come . I was given a warn welcome that brought instant joy.

Spent the rest of the evening playing cards :P yeah we 'kids' didn't have much to do apart from that.I counted later - there were 16 of us packed in a small room playing cards , giggling - Nik & Monkey teasing me & Rach + cracking envy jokes.
Gross they were as usual!

Next high-tea.
And then started the programme for the evening.I told Rach ' Time to feel Divine' .Everybody sang 'bhajans' for about 2 hrs.I don't think I stopped clapping even for a minute all the while :) I enjoy listening & singing bhajans specially the ones sung live.
After dinner , we kids got back to playing cards & of what I remember stayed awake till 1 only to wake up at 2.30! Hurried & scurried to get ready by 3.30 sharp.Then we left for the temple.It took us two hours to see Balaji God :) At Balaji temple , you've gotta go through a long route to reach the entrance of the temple. Those 2 hrs passed away in a click because again we all sang bhajans.And I again said to Rach ' time to feel divine' :)

Around 6.30 we all headed back to the place we were staying at.Had breakfast.Again in afternoon , we went for darshan.On the way to the temple , there was some kind of disturbance caused by other people.They were almost ready to kill us :S Our group splitted , so all we were doing is trying to collect everyone.But the others took advantage & seeped ahead.I felt claustrophobic.It really got scary.Those ppl were yuck.

Darshan was really nice.Bubble was my religious wikipedia who told me things I never asked her :P She had an explanation for everything..Of why things are the way things are. Irked me a little at times but I was so low on energy that there was no point losing my temper , lol.
I hardly slept for 4 hrs in those 48 hrs & I was still ready to play cards :D

We were playing this game called 'Killer' where there's a detective holding the card J & the killer being the one holding the card K.The killer is supposed to kill everyone else by winking & the J or detective has to tell who the killer is.After being winked , one had to say 'I am dead'
Full on time pass :D

On this evening , we all sat together for Sundarkand. I chanted all the mantras except for few times when I almost slept.Was very tired.
And later on , we celebrated Rakshabandhan.I didn't earn much :(
That night too we were awake till 1 in morning.Next day we came down to Tirupati ( Balaji temple is at Tirumalai ) & visited two more temples.On our way , we listened to Telugu songs :D lol

At 7 , we were in our train.One full boogie for us !That was super fun :) Enjoyed the journey back to my maternal hometown.
This was the only time that I didn't want the train journey to end.
Btw , we played cards in train too :P

Brat was crying because he thought he had swine flu :D No I'm not going to 'lol' or laugh at this one , I was really 'awww' for him.I mean my sweet lil 16 yr old Brat cried ??! :D He is Adorable :)) Nahh not at all stupid.

Spent the rest of the week with my cousins , first at my nani's house & then in Pune.
Enjoyed every SECOND of it.
Had paneer tikka masala three days in a row and inspite of that being my fav , I missed ghar ka khana ! Had hookah too! Liked apple flavor.

One thing I know now - what makes me the most happiest is Family.I used to skip these events , weddings etc 2-3 yrs back but once I attended two weddings recently, these ppl have turned into powerful magnets & there's no getting away form them.

The best part is that : My rapport with each cousin of mine has developed so much. Earlier there were problems : fights, taunts, cold shouldering ,mood swings etc
After all the fun , I used to feel something left out.As if my time wasn't worth it.But there has been a major change since then.I've never been so much happier. Also , its thanks to my non-cribbing + non - nagging mode which is helping.Seriously...seriously..if you stop sulking - every single atom/molecule of every single part in life is beautiful.

The worst part : I'm back :( bloody time has to bloody move so fast!!! every hour there passed like a second & frankly I can write about each & every hour in detail !

The good part : I'm just too happy to have found an inclination towards God which is beautiful.
Content with my rapport with cousins.They make for GREAT friends :)
Content with my weight loss & the corresponding compliments :) Lol ..its so funny , everybody else has put on weight :D

The question : Why is everybody so faithful for Balaji God ? Why do I never see so many ppl together at any other temple ??! :S

The hitch : I cldn't pray properly.I mean they give you 10 seconds to be inside the temple & that time I just went blank.Will regret that :( Everything was too mesmerizing to let me focus on my wish list.

I'm missing everyone.Found a backup in my paternal family though :) We celebrated Rakshabandhan on Monday ! Too late but I guess but we prefer having our own calender :P

I'm not really content with how I've written this post.It wasn't supposed to be this way.I had a lot of things in my mind to jot down & a lot of ways in which I wanted to write 'em down.
Huh but I don't have the patience to write again.And its been too long that I've posted.
So be it !


  1. well that was really nice..:)...i missed all the family events from my 10th to 2nd year of engg...:(...but then from 3rd year i attended 3 marriages and i can tell that a get together of all the cousins is feeling that goes unexplained...i am always happier around them than with my friends....it makes up for the lost time...:)....u must be knowing by now that tirupati is richest religious place in the world....lord balaji doesnt even spare the polticians...:P...recently someone donated a diamond crown...:D...even we have a family which can give some comp to yours...:P...nice post

  2. Really, ur post filled me with the nostalgic moment of my school days when we used to visit temples, but our visits are more for fun and lesser for any divine purpose.

    Although now, i hardly beleive in prayers and temples, nevertheless I feel somehow these things binds the people in one thread and restricts to do wrong deeds.(But at very superficial level)

    For me it would be a better choice to serve humanity rather than donate diamond crown to Lord Balaji......

    Nice post :)


  3. tat was interesting:)....
    nice post..


  4. Haha I'm happy you got a chance to use the line of 'I've been so busy I haven't even had time to look at myself in the mirror'. Lol. It's the random things in life that bring a smile onto our faces, heh. :)

  5. 1st. My flatmates and thier family members were in tirupati members were there in tirupati when u ver there ..and they were forcing me to come ...I din go .jus coz i had gone in June..

    2nd u gotta gimme some sort of award for reading this never ending post :P

    Well family get togeders are awesome specially when u have grown up and u can crack sensible jokes and there are no sissy babies ..who cry when u start calling names ;)

    ur post reflected how much fun u had ..srsly one shud never leve this kinda opportunities :)

    and Balaji is the richest god in the world :) People throw money like anything ...and I was wondering why that cloth-cum-bag thing is so huge and deep ..so one guy told me that there are guys who instead of putting money in ..take money out...it's for avoiding such scenes ..LOL

  6. tum bhagwan k darshan k liye nahi jate..bhagwan tumhe bulate hai
    I totally agree with it..

    U understand the Sundarkand??? wow!!!

    I understand 'Amritvani' :)

    U somehow reminded me of my trip to Rajasthan..I hd an awesome time thre..

    I hv an amazing rapport with most of my cousins..But I prefer mom's side to Dad's..

    And u flew to Mumbai?????? I am vry vry annoyed! Goooooooooo!!!!!

  7. Great that you enjoyed. May be we don't meet our extended family , cousins for months , years but when we meet, its just a beautiful experience:)

  8. Thats such an energetic and pepped up post.
    And you played cards in alomst every second paragraph :)

  9. - Kaka
    Being with cousins is a feeling that goes unexplained - that's true :) So don't miss any family functions no matter how busy you are.
    Yup I know Balaji is the richest God & just if you want to know the theory & story behind why ppl donate so much money - apart from the obvious ..to impress God & earn more :P - you must talk to my cousin Bubble :D
    lol your family can give ours a company ? cool! Nice to know we are not the only ones! ty!

    - Amit
    Yes these things certainly bind ppl in one thread.I cannot express how powerful it was to watch so many ppl chant lord's name.That's the major reason why I'm trying to reason out as to HOW so many folks have SO much faith in that supreme power!
    Serving humanity is far greater than donating a diamond crown.I can never understand the logic behind donating money at a God's shrine.

    - Yellow Tulips
    Thanks :)

    - Archana
    lol :) I love that line :P
    yep l'il things in life bring a bucket full of smiles :)

  10. - Peter
    Oh is it ? I had this kind of feeling I'm going to meet someone I haven't seen for a long time like a long lost friend or that I'm going to meet someone I haven't ever met.Vague intuition.But I was close :P
    Yes yes yes! You deserve an award for being a patient blogger! Specially for tolerating two heavily crazy posts on my blog :D
    Can't thank you enough! :)
    lol @ specially when there are no sissy babies :D Haha! kinda agree with that!

    lol logon ka kuch bharosa hee nahi! Temple se bhi paise churane hote hai ?!

    - Swats
    Nah I do not 'understand' Sundarkand.I read it in Sanskrit , with full faith :)
    That's great!
    hey even I prefer my maternal family :) You must be having amazing rapport with every single person you know , hai na ? :)
    You ain't annoyed anymore, I know! :)

    - Ekam
    Yes that is one of the major reason why meeting 'em becomes so special.

    - Disguise
    Thx :)

    - Karan
    lol ;) Now that's a peppy way to say it! Yes I did :D Not just in the paragraphs..but almost in 1 out of 4 hrs I was there :P

  11. wow that seems to be an explosion of nuclear bomb of fun.. really yaar.. :)

    You've made me remember one such time I had years ago.. :|

    and lol @ Brat.. :P

    glad to have you back n blogging.. :)

    btw, the post was indeed long.. but was lively too.. ;)

  12. - Saad
    lol yup it was an ' explosion of nuclear bomb of fun'
    Brat's cute :P
    I cldn't cut this post any short. In fact I can still write more.. another one of equal length on the same topic :P

    - Saim
    Superbly awesome trip :)


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