Thursday, August 6, 2009

Perplexed Puzzle

I'm a puzzle.A wandering puzzle.A refugee.I take a dis comfortable place very comfortably in the lives of perplexed souls.As of now..I'm frequently visiting Namarta alias Sugar cube.She thinks I like her a lot but I'm unable to explain her that she is the one who invites me almost unknowingly.I come & stay as a guest.I remain for as long as she wants me to be with her.I like to irk her. I'm more than just a jigsaw puzzle.I'm not pieces.I'm cut into a hundred parts after my arrival.

Sugar cube loves to have me at times.Its fun for her to solve me.To dissolve me.But when I return , I bring along my peers.More puzzles.Sugar cube liked solving me , no ? So I thought she would like to have more of our species.But she detests.However we are not the kind of guests who fancy being ill-treated.Either solve us or bear the complication of having us.We do not disappear until our host finds a solution.

I'm a strong puzzle.But I like to come in packages.Sometimes I hoodwink.I'm assumed to be my distant relative - confusion.I like being under the wraps & I do not reveal myself until the confusion stops making sense.I'm no saint. I'm no devil either.

I come by my own will but I do not go by my will.I'm a twisted loop.A spring waiting to be stretched until it looses its elasticity.Its difficult to get rid of me but am not very difficult by myself.A calm , cool , collected creature won't spun me around & chuck me out in the garbage.Did I not tell I'm strong ? Powerful.I cannot be destroyed.I can only be solved.

Talking of sugar cube ...she has jacketed me with a trench coat of restlessness.I come as a puzzle & she makes me more of a puzzle.She now knows she is not just confused.I turned her into a battered creature.Numb she may be but I still silently hurt her.Its not my fault , really.What am I ? Just a Puzzle.Not a complication.Not a confusion.I can be solved.Don't make me eat your sorrow.Don't make me drink your anxiety.That's none of my business & yet again lemme warn you - don't leave me unattended ;)

I sleep when she asks me to go away but am still near her. I hang around her to remind her I'm still a part of a larger puzzle she already owns - Life.

She thinks she solved a young puzzle chum of mine .She cannot take the credits for that though. The young fellow had other interesting lives to attack.So the puzzle went away.She did not scare him away. She was disturbed two-three days back & I take full charge of that.Yes she can rightly blame me! Of the two things that bothered her - she has decided not give a damn for one of the two & for the other , she's talked heart-to-heart with her plum cake.All good.

I 'm observing - someone painted back a faded color for her.That resulted into her forgetting me once again.I'm on a break till the time the color is fresh.

Btw , I also happen to see that she has got a new haircut which is nothing short of a disaster.However I'm baffled , really , me - the puzzle - is baffled that she did not cry at all.No wonder how she is habitual of having terrible haircuts.Of what I remember I also saw a silhouette sitting on the staircase - staring the window - her head hung down & her palms pumping her cheeks.She did cry a little after all.
I'll be back my dearest battered sugar cube.Stay puzzled.

Puzzle , oh dear puzzle! You're funny mate! I'm waiting to kick your ass once again.


  1. what to say.. your words have left me speechless.. not textless though.. :P I did not know Sugar Cube has so many puzzles to solve.. btw.. you know your puzzles very well.. and the puzzle also knows you.. ;)

    anywayz.. don't worry abt the haircut.. ghar ki kheti hai.. will grow in no time.. :P and you can always wear a cap.. :D

  2. LOL..The last line had me in splits..

    Are you too restless these days?

    You have the courage to experiment with your hair style..I don't :(

    Take care

  3. Hmm so the last line says it all.. kick puzzle hard... :)

    Hope you get to solve all the puzzles... sometimes it is nt important to solve them as much as it is to accept them as a part of our lives.

    Lovely post... intelligent shift of moods.

  4. lovely.. the philosophical comedian.. wonderful page

  5. its so smart knowing your puzzles.. all of us have our puzzles..and thank you introducing me to a new facet of thought flow..


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  7. I am peter and I am puzzled !

    Life is a crux but then u have the key for it.

    now please dun torture anymore with ur artistic-linguistic out of the world posts :P
    break a leg and kick the ass of that Puzzlehole !

  8. - Saad
    lol @ speechless but not textless !
    Ghar ki kheti ? Haha! Nah it takes so much time to grow long hair :( huh

    - Swats
    I'm always restless.Not just now :P
    Courage ? I suddenly turn adventurous when I go to salon :D And hey , you've got lovely hair ! DO NOT experiment!

    - Harshita
    Accepting comes handy now.Accept karo ya na karo - bheja fry toh hona hee hai!
    Thx :) I like that phrase 'intelligent shift of moods' ;)

    - Chriz
    'Philosophical comedian' Lol!
    Thx :)

    - Rane
    Nah I don't know all my puzzles.Sometimes situations bemuses you..thats all.Yes we all have our puzzles :)

    - Gazala Khan
    Thank you! I'll revert back soon.

    - Peter
    lol firstly lemme THANK you for tolerating the torture !
    Although I strongly feel this post did make sense unlike the previous one :P

  9. What a puzzle! :P
    I'm habitual of having good hair cuts he he =P
    I enjoyed this post, it made sense to me! =)

  10. I just came to know
    why u bit me

    u going thro a bad time
    dont worry

    it will be OK
    I been there



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