Monday, August 10, 2009

Selfless gratitude

Sometimes hearing 'Be Brave' in a relaxed -yet -in- all -seriousness -tone from ONE person is far greater than twenty others asking you to take care.

Its a skill to be able to convey a message with all genuineness.The one who hears gains some momentum in his/her strength.Feels good :)

Thanks to my hottest friends for being my coolest energy drink.
Thank you for NOT sympathizing.

Thank you God.Thank you Mom.
Thank you my extended family.
Thanks to P1 & P2.Thanks to my brother.
No thanks to dad : you never warned me ?!?!

I am exhausted .On top of that I'm losing my temper in same magnitude as am draining out.I need to act 19 , for god sake! Or atleast very responsible.Perfectly responsible.So that nobody gets to makes a fuss of my tiny lethargic flaws.

The latest in self-realization is that : I've at last put a debate with myself on hold - of whether I'm selfish or not.
My innocent self doesn't allow me to see myself selfish.I haven't reached a conclusion as yet , but I guess its leading to a way that's telling me that I have faith on my rather indescribable confidence OR I have confidence in my rather indescribable faith BUT NOT SELFISH.Either of the two but certainly one of the two.
I can't let a third option pop-in because that can only be lethargy , considering which is a pain to me.
Maybe I should stop debating.Its OK to be a little selfish , isn't it ? And its OK not to be ;)

Focusing back to priorities - THANK GOD! I mean thank YOU God! :))
I wasn't scared at all.I knew everything would be abs fine.
Thank you dad.( I don't exactly know for what - for telling something & yet hiding something more imp. But thanks now that you did tell SOME thing which is good & detailed )


  1. nice some point of time u cant help being selfish how hard we try not to be and at some times how hard we try to be selfish we cannot be selfish....:)

  2. Nice post..quite brain storming...
    Faith is beleif, especially without any logical proof. Confidence is a beleif in one's own abilities.
    when you say,
    "but I guess its leading to a way that's telling me that I have faith on my rather indescribable confidence OR I have confidence in my rather indescribable faith "

    I feel ,somehow the interpretation of these two statement are same. can you define it in ur own terms?

  3. glad to see you happy happy.. ;)

    but why are you acting 19?? I think it would be more fun if you act 9.. what say?? :P

  4. When I was 15 ppl expected me to act more responsible same at 17 and it kept on even when I was 19 till today. So I'm guessing people just want something to do so they expect things out of others (that way they don't have to work on anything :P ) So I'm glad the realization came, and I know soon it'll be really strong and doubts will be what 18 yr olds have :P

  5. Hey girl.. its good to be a little selfish.. god bless!!

  6. That was a really nice post girl...I agree it's nice to hear a be brave rather than a Take care :)

    You have lethargic flaws???:P

  7. Nice post. Keep thanking God. We usually forget Him. God bless you:)

  8. Sometimes,one need to be selfish.Otherwise,he/she can't exist!
    Will you starve to feed a already fed friend? Just be smiling and don't think that you're selfish!:)

  9. Great! That's the spirit...Life mein aisey dost kamm miltey hain jo... yeh kehtey hain "be mat... ho jaayega... uth.. chal... bhaag... daud...arey! tu kar sakta hain yaar... tension mat le... :) Haina!!

    I thank God too for giving me such frenz and people around me... God must be happy, atleast somebody is not complaining. :) :)

    Abt being selfish... who cares... unless u are happy... everybody is selfish at the core... why bheja lagaao on something tht even the biggest philosophers cud not decode. :) mast rehney ka!!

  10. Being selfish is perfectly okay till the time u are not hurting anyone else. But then You can argue with me that, that particular gesture will not be called 'selfishness', so the truth is that u may be put under the category of 'selfish souls' if u happen to take that path by some people who are not important to u at all

  11. Hi Sugar

    ""Thanks to my hottest friends for being my coolest energy drink.""

    Those are the coolest line i read in a while.

    """"I have faith on my rather indescribable confidence OR I have confidence in my rather indescribable faith BUT NOT SELFISH.Either of the two but certainly one of the two.""""

    Both means the same and confidence GO HAND IN HAND.

    Cheers and check out my blog

  12. i am following u through friendconnect.


  13. - Kaka
    Agreed! Thats the way it is.
    Thx :)

    - Amit
    You already mentioned the difference between the two words.The interpretation of those two lines has a minute difference too & it fits in the situation that I visualize.
    Having faith in my confidence is fully relying over it.Having confidence in my faith is re-assuring the faith.

    - Saad
    I'm not acting 19 re , not very responsible ..thats the problem.
    lol @ act 9..sure you must see me when am with my sibling.I act 5 then :D

    - Dreamer
    lol @ the logic behind ppl's expectations.

    - Rane
    Hmm good ? Maybe under some circumstances.

  14. - Kasabiangirl
    Oh by lethargic flaw I meant messing up things due to my laziness :P
    Thx :)

    - Ekam
    *smiles* Thx're so sweet!
    God bless you too!

    - Harshita
    Hey you're so COOL! And I mean it when I say 'cool' from the letter C to L :P
    Yup life mein waise dost kum milte hai :)
    Happy for you if you have many such friends.
    lol @ why bheja lagao :D Haha!
    Ok m'am! Mast rehongi ;)

    - Peter
    Hm I agree when you say being selfish w/o hurting anyone won't be called 'selfishness'
    I'm guilty of taking the most important people in life for granted.Thats where I feel if I'm selfish.Otherwise with not so imp ppl - I'm not.

    - IndianPundit
    Thx! That line has suddenly become my personal fav too :P
    Maybe they both are same but I see the two in different lights - very close to each other though.

  15. it's perfectly ok to sometimes be selfish...shows that you care about self!!!

  16. My first visit here. or rather second :)
    You are a cool carefree writer, and those were wonderful lines:
    "Thanks to my hottest friends for being my coolest energy drink.
    Thank you for NOT sympathizing"

    And interesting blog name, powerdrunk7 ... does that imply being powerfully drunk 7 days a week ? :D

  17. aww u r always so sweet with ur words and posts...and ofcourse ur thoughts. :)

    Suga ty so much for ur encouraging words not only today but always, in my blog. They mean alot to me. u hv been a wonderful friend.

    ur right...I need a break. I will take all the time I need and think abt it. And perhaps, I will start FEELING again :) who knows. we'll see how I go.

    TC *HUGZ*

  18. wow...nice lines dear...:)..No thanks to dad : you never warned me ?!?!

    touched my heart ...:)...very nice one gal...

  19. hey..

    where are you?? no posts these days?

    life's started to feel a bit bitter without the sugar cubes.. ;)

    come back soon.. write sooner.. :)

    missing the sweetness.. :P

  20. We wouldn't be human if we weren't a little bit selfish right? Though it's the ability to walk the fine line between selfish and selfless that makes us a better human. ;)

    PS - It's always nice to take time out to thank people. :)

  21. Perfectly normal to be selfish, i say "be selfish and be happy".Take care not to step on the toes of your loved ones tho


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