Friday, July 4, 2014

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Rule no. 1 : Don't mind anything.  And that means freaking nothing.
Because minding little or big things is a dangerous pitfall.

Rule no. 2 : Don't don't don't and strictly and genuinely and religiously refrain from being sentimental :/
If you follow rule 1 . Rule 2 can be a cakewalk

Rule no. 3 : You have fking no power to change people.  They're gonna do and say and think what they're gonna do and say and think.
So do not waste time in this area.
There's no better investment than yourself ! And that should be rule  no. 4 !

Rule no. 4 : You and only your attitude matters.  Change yourself ! Invest in yourself.  Pamper yourself.

Rule no. 5 : Don't go against your guts. And logic too. Specially in emotional imbalance .

Rule no. 6 : Control your temper!! Its that one thing that can set things off real bad and for all you know..forever.

Ok. That's all. So much is happening around. I made a trip to Kashmir , a post on which is due.
I gave a lecture on mind power. Oh yeah. Me ! The girl who isn't the most positive person to find around :p lol but I did it with an intention of becoming one coz you begin to practice better when you preach  :)

My research on this subject is getting endless. So many questions still unanswered. I don't question the science or working of the subconscious mind but there's a whole ocean of mystery I wish to unravel !

Untill then. Lets keep calm and stay super positive !