Friday, March 27, 2009

I like to share

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I'm so electrified after a couple of good lucks & encouragement.Thank you guys !
Also because another first cousins of mine..the third eldest scored really well in CET entrance exam.She is also pursuing CA & will be giving finals this year.If her GDPI goes well , she'll be the 3rd one in our family to do MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj.I'm the next one eyeing for that.

All the current happening in & around my family are just more than enough to set current into me.Really more than anything to get ME to study.
No amount of scoldings could have possibly done that :P
Good , nobody really wasted their time on that ;)

Ok time for some fun ? I'd like to share this video & just in case you've come across it earlier , enjoy it for the second time.
Isn't this cool ?? What a trick!

Few days back , I watched Lost In Translation & I was simply lost while watching the movie.Could bear it for an hour & THAT is what I call patience.

Umm also my relatives have started looking for an eligible groom for my cousin Bubble.She's just 21. What the hell ?! It was worse when they started seeing guys when she was just 19 :S
What is funny is what kind of questions a guy & his family ask when they 'interview' the girl.
They asked Bubble the population of her home-town.
Now..if you really wanna know if the girl is 'knowledgeable / intelligent / smart' ..look at her CV.Ask her about stock market.Recession.Anything related to whatever she has studied.Why population ?? I was joking about this & my parents did not find that question out of logic.But my point is - the guy has to marry the girl , the girl has to marry the guy & they both will stay in the guy's place what has the population of the girl's hometown got to do anything with their marriage ???

What is more unfair is that the guys get to do all the questioning.The girl should be given an equal chance.Its not just that the guy will marry the girl , the girl is also gonna get married to the guy , so why can't she test his intelligence ? ;)

Bubble was also asked if she watches TV in morning.The chick said "Yes , but just one hour"
I don't think the guy's side are saying yes to her. :P And good , since they are interested in her TV-viewing rate & the population of her hometown , they don't deserve the beautiful Bubble.
And double good because I really can't tolerate her getting married so early in life.Because my parents are calculating with that base & are getting worried bout me , saying " 2-3 years for her now"
Like hell. 21-22 ? I'm already freaked out!

Any funny , interesting video you know & wld like to share ?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Packing up Hope

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I stayed 3 more days in Pune. Ate out everyday ..been to Bashos - cool restaurant , pizza hut & village.
Had hukkah 5 times in last 10 days but I cldnt take more than 3 puffs at a time.Was feeling so dizzy :S And I 'll try not to have it again. Kinda wastes my effort on pranayam.
Lunch was at home ( my uncle's place ) & I was finding it too hard to gulp down a molecule of that food.The cook over there cooks everything so weird.Or maybe I'm just not used to that kind of food.I missed ghar-ka-khana so much ! Nothing beats what my mum cooks.I've decided not to nag now onwards.I so under-estimated what she cooks :P Sorry mum!

One of my first cousin's got a very good job at Calyon Bank with a fairly nice package in this time of recession.He got what he was really looking for.I'm so excited & happy for him :)
That didn't help me much to stay happy for a long time because there's just one thing that blinks ahead of my idle mind - "you black sheep!"
And the only thing I say to the study-devil that hounds me is " I know I know..I need to study , but I just don't know where to start from.I'm running late as always :("

Looking back , I have always gone through that phase where I've told myself "I could have done better" but nobody really gives a damn about it because the only thing that mattered was whether I really did anything better.But I never did.Too much of the 'but' congestion in my life.
So with two of my first cousins having great jobs at multinational banks , there's obviously a lot of expectation ( from a hopeless student like me ) from this little 19 yr old girl who feels 16 , who hates exams , who wishes if she had have got into Arts , who cannot make the head & tail of accounts/tax & yet is pursing CA.

My problem is that I'm not at all confident & thats mainly because I'm not too much interested in what I'm doing.But I'm still somehow pulling time to make some other people happy around me , thought honestly speaking , I'm not trying :( which is not making others happy anyway!

I badly need to resume studying.Its been a long break..can count in months! :(
We all got together for a small dinner party at my cousin's place yest to celebrate his achievement.Went to the temple later on.I felt so good after a long time and sadly all these days I didn't seek help from god.I suddenly realized what I've been missing on.

I know God is not going to write my exams but just praying gives me a little hope & strength to open my books.He's my confidence back-up.I do feel guilty for asking for anything just when I need it ..& all that but this is important.I cannot afford to disappoint dad once again :(

Monday, March 16, 2009

A week & few seconds

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I've had the most wonderful time this week.It was my cousin's wedding at Mahableshwar & I came down to Pune 4 days prior to the wedding for the dance practice.Our dance was a hug success ..the bride's side family was in awe of our performance!
Speciality was the pirography done - those fire effects! Fantastic it was!

The wedding was superb.The entire week passed by so quickly that it feels like I was there just few seconds back.
Wasn't I trying to set my hair ?
Wasn't I just practicing our dance ?
Wasn't I just having dinner with them all?!
Wasn't I crazily laughing with Rach & Nik that they thought I was drunk!!!??
I was right there ! How am I here now ?? :(
How come it all passed so damn fast that I clnd't even breathe through them ??!

That particular half an hour I'm never going to forget is where I was laughing like a lunatic!! It was so hilarious w/o even a joke being cracked!! I laughed so much that my stomach started paining! lol lol...pleaseeee..where did you guys go haan?? time time , come back to me! :))

The bride looked gorgeous! This time I roughly attended all the functions & no matter what , marwari weddings are the BEST!!!
From how we snatched the groom's 'jooti' THRICE to how we chuckled over the fact how one of the bride's cousins was hitting on one my cousin , G'rav! Fun wasn't it ?!?! ask me!!!

My clothes were fairly nice but envy had to have its share.Ankey wore beautiful beautiful beautiful clothes!! Every jewellery that she wore was sparkling & so damn beautiful.It was her bro's wedding , she had to have the best of the lot :))

For the first time in my life I bought such pencil thin high heels & wore them for more than 3 hrs.That was a painful experience! My knee & ankle made me tired. I wore those heels even the night we danced & one of those kids jumped upon my feet removing the strap.I had to get the bloody sandal fixed , so we went to the market which was so bloody nostalgic minus the hep crowd ..:P
i've spent a lot of my summers in mahableshwar.We used to hang around in market for hours , shop even after we'd drop , play games , go go-carting , boating & reach back to my uncle's farmhouse which he has sold now . Sad :(

So coming back to market was great.We were running out of time & just had to find a cobbler , but then the shopaholics we are , cldn't stop ourselves from checking out the stuff.The footwear collection out there is always great as of what I recollected.But the kid within us had other plans - games!!! Spent some 50 bucks & lost it all in 50 seconds :P Those games are highly addictive! There was this one where you had to select a letter out of 5 letters.So Nik put 4 coins & chose 4 letters.He then pressed the button & bang on - the letter he did not select was the output, lol. And well it could have gotten him earn 50 coins i.e 50 bucks back.I really don't have to talk of Murphy's Laws.Those machines are fucking fixed.Oh and of course , my sandal was fixed too with its sole missing that had me people warning me of slipping off.True but much to their disappointment , I did not slip even once but was on the verge of it a dozen times which made Rach laugh like crazzzyyy! loll ! You can actually imagine how funny that would look.

Then we had to help Nik choose a gift for his gf & Rach suggested a purse /bag .Bought it in 5 mins & I bought another one in next 5 seconds :P . Went rolling back to our hotel.Had to get ready in flat 30 mins.Rach & me ?? Never!! Took more than an hour :P lol
My hair didn't settle at all.I was so cheesed off! But Rach kept telling me that it was just fine.Oh Yeah , look at the pics & tell me! :( grrr

It rained during the reception so everything had to be shifted to the hall.And when all was done , it stopped raining! Irony & good things walk hand-in hand ;)
The food all these days was just Ok . One of the evenings , we had cheese balls which was extremely good!
A dedication to all my cuz -
* G'rav you were GREAT! Danced so well dude! Your expressions , your moves , your body language - superb! Love you sweetheart!!
What I love more about him is that he hasn't put on an ounce of fake Brit accent after staying in London for more than an year.Surprisingly refreshing
*Nik- You make me laugh , you are great already ;) Had fun boy!
*Rach - Thanks for tolerating me girl! :P
*Anki- my sweetie pie , love you ! You still have all the attitude on the earth & I ain't complaining anyway :P
And all the others , mwah mwah! Flying kisses with love from Doll ;)

The settings done for the first night of the couple was fun! With papad & shampoo on their bed , blankets missing , power off , flowers everywhere & a stove kept on the couch just to scare them off ;) loll
Getting over the cheesy side of it was all kind of vulgar stuff written over the mirror along with sketches! Funny & somehow must be embarrassing for the newly wed couple to get that kind of shock from their own cousins/relatives.

I can write pages over pages about this one superb week I've spent.I think I'll write more when I remember more great things ;)
Latest to my nicks - Dollchini , lol! G'rav calls me that.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Namesake & derivatives!

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The chapter of nicknames in my life.
Today I was just wondering what'll people have called me over so many years.The nicks that is.
So when I was a little toddler , I was nicked Dolly.
My father called me Doll , & mum sticked to Dolly.
I think the nick is too silly as of thinking of it now..but I never minded hearing it all these years.
I love being called Doll though , I was a doll ;)

My friends did not know of my nick in school for a very long time let alone to call me by it.
But my real name had several derivatives.From
'Nammu' to
'nammo' to
nimmi' to
'naaaaamrata' to
'Nimbu' :P lol
But most of them , on my request still called me Namrata.I consider it a beautiful name , quite old & common it maybe but then its my you know :P
I'm ok with all of the derivatives except 'Nammo!' Its too Punjabi-ish & I do not have problem with Punjabi names as such but I don't like it anyway.
My fav is Nimbu :D lolll its so funny, .. this one classmate used to always either call me Nimbu or money-order , the latter one according to him rhymes with my surname but it does not , lol.

Neighbors - the gujjus have always been calling me dolccha :P lol
One of my distant relatives used to & even now calls me dolchi .In fact , even most of my cousins too call me dolchi / dolchhu /dollam .Thank god they haven't yet hopped to Dollar !

A lot of times earlier when friends used to call at home and ask for 'Namrata' , for a second or too my granny used to wonder who is Namrata :S lol
Or if mum/dad picked up the phone , they'd be like "Namrata your phone" ( with a grin or chuckle ) as if doll/dolly is their daughter who is sleeping or watching TV & who-so-ever this namrata girl is - just give her the goddamn phone!!
Like I was 2 persons in myself ,lol
cellphones have taken over now , sigh of relief!

When I was young , my maternal uncle used to call me Chicku.Although I've been lovingly nicked chicku by my dad & I loved being called that only by my dad , my uncle used to deliberately tease me with the nick.
I do not know what story followed up & then the last thing I knew was my namesake had fallen over to Sonia Gandhi
There's obviously no kind of relation & I still do not understand why my uncle teased me with that name.I think prolly coz I used to fume .Thats what teasing is meant for , huh ?
He & other cousins also used to tease me by calling me Haldirams *glares* coz whenever I used to go stay with them , I'd always get haldiram sweets for them.Uh huh
Koi logic nahi hai.Get off your sherlock holmes mode!

Umm lemme think more.What else have I missed ??
They nicked me Vishal too ..LOL
That silly moron guy used to fight with me in school in our 8th grade & he was the one responsible for letting my nick out in school ( dolly ) .So these other guys started teasing me by his name.
So when I'd be around , they'd say " Hi vishal" Or just hoot Vishaaaaaal!
Indirectly that had turned into a nick.

Last but not the least , 'Dolly icecream' lol
You know of that candy - mango dolly, don't you ? Its yum btw :P

I'm to the blogsville - Sugar Cube ! Official.
No more derivatives ok ?