Monday, March 16, 2009

A week & few seconds

I've had the most wonderful time this week.It was my cousin's wedding at Mahableshwar & I came down to Pune 4 days prior to the wedding for the dance practice.Our dance was a hug success ..the bride's side family was in awe of our performance!
Speciality was the pirography done - those fire effects! Fantastic it was!

The wedding was superb.The entire week passed by so quickly that it feels like I was there just few seconds back.
Wasn't I trying to set my hair ?
Wasn't I just practicing our dance ?
Wasn't I just having dinner with them all?!
Wasn't I crazily laughing with Rach & Nik that they thought I was drunk!!!??
I was right there ! How am I here now ?? :(
How come it all passed so damn fast that I clnd't even breathe through them ??!

That particular half an hour I'm never going to forget is where I was laughing like a lunatic!! It was so hilarious w/o even a joke being cracked!! I laughed so much that my stomach started paining! lol lol...pleaseeee..where did you guys go haan?? time time , come back to me! :))

The bride looked gorgeous! This time I roughly attended all the functions & no matter what , marwari weddings are the BEST!!!
From how we snatched the groom's 'jooti' THRICE to how we chuckled over the fact how one of the bride's cousins was hitting on one my cousin , G'rav! Fun wasn't it ?!?! ask me!!!

My clothes were fairly nice but envy had to have its share.Ankey wore beautiful beautiful beautiful clothes!! Every jewellery that she wore was sparkling & so damn beautiful.It was her bro's wedding , she had to have the best of the lot :))

For the first time in my life I bought such pencil thin high heels & wore them for more than 3 hrs.That was a painful experience! My knee & ankle made me tired. I wore those heels even the night we danced & one of those kids jumped upon my feet removing the strap.I had to get the bloody sandal fixed , so we went to the market which was so bloody nostalgic minus the hep crowd ..:P
i've spent a lot of my summers in mahableshwar.We used to hang around in market for hours , shop even after we'd drop , play games , go go-carting , boating & reach back to my uncle's farmhouse which he has sold now . Sad :(

So coming back to market was great.We were running out of time & just had to find a cobbler , but then the shopaholics we are , cldn't stop ourselves from checking out the stuff.The footwear collection out there is always great as of what I recollected.But the kid within us had other plans - games!!! Spent some 50 bucks & lost it all in 50 seconds :P Those games are highly addictive! There was this one where you had to select a letter out of 5 letters.So Nik put 4 coins & chose 4 letters.He then pressed the button & bang on - the letter he did not select was the output, lol. And well it could have gotten him earn 50 coins i.e 50 bucks back.I really don't have to talk of Murphy's Laws.Those machines are fucking fixed.Oh and of course , my sandal was fixed too with its sole missing that had me people warning me of slipping off.True but much to their disappointment , I did not slip even once but was on the verge of it a dozen times which made Rach laugh like crazzzyyy! loll ! You can actually imagine how funny that would look.

Then we had to help Nik choose a gift for his gf & Rach suggested a purse /bag .Bought it in 5 mins & I bought another one in next 5 seconds :P . Went rolling back to our hotel.Had to get ready in flat 30 mins.Rach & me ?? Never!! Took more than an hour :P lol
My hair didn't settle at all.I was so cheesed off! But Rach kept telling me that it was just fine.Oh Yeah , look at the pics & tell me! :( grrr

It rained during the reception so everything had to be shifted to the hall.And when all was done , it stopped raining! Irony & good things walk hand-in hand ;)
The food all these days was just Ok . One of the evenings , we had cheese balls which was extremely good!
A dedication to all my cuz -
* G'rav you were GREAT! Danced so well dude! Your expressions , your moves , your body language - superb! Love you sweetheart!!
What I love more about him is that he hasn't put on an ounce of fake Brit accent after staying in London for more than an year.Surprisingly refreshing
*Nik- You make me laugh , you are great already ;) Had fun boy!
*Rach - Thanks for tolerating me girl! :P
*Anki- my sweetie pie , love you ! You still have all the attitude on the earth & I ain't complaining anyway :P
And all the others , mwah mwah! Flying kisses with love from Doll ;)

The settings done for the first night of the couple was fun! With papad & shampoo on their bed , blankets missing , power off , flowers everywhere & a stove kept on the couch just to scare them off ;) loll
Getting over the cheesy side of it was all kind of vulgar stuff written over the mirror along with sketches! Funny & somehow must be embarrassing for the newly wed couple to get that kind of shock from their own cousins/relatives.

I can write pages over pages about this one superb week I've spent.I think I'll write more when I remember more great things ;)
Latest to my nicks - Dollchini , lol! G'rav calls me that.


  1. Hiiiiieee chotu :P
    no wonder u went missing

    Maru weddings are FUN but I don't particularly like the ostentatious display of food items and jewelry..

    Anyway, I really enjoy our geet parties..they r jus full-on!!!
    I am an awful dancer and my cuzzins always drag me to the dance flr.. dance pracs mein big time bonding ho jati hai..and v have to hire professional choreographers..nahi toh incomplete lagta hai

    y don't u send me ur pix??

    My cuzzin is getting married in nw its my turn to make u J :P

    V used to really chill out at Camel House in Mahableshwar..ur post reminded me of my childhood spent with my many cuzzins thre :)

    Congratulations to Gaurav :)

  2. "Our dance was a hug success"
    I don't like to pin point other's mistakes coz I make so many.. But this one is nice one! Free Hugs!

    wow you look so happy! mast! It rained as well? ohh sad..

    Marriages are fun! [:-)
    (Look who's saying!)

  3. wow...happy happy post..back to blog..:)...
    enjoy n tc :)


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