Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Namesake & derivatives!

The chapter of nicknames in my life.
Today I was just wondering what'll people have called me over so many years.The nicks that is.
So when I was a little toddler , I was nicked Dolly.
My father called me Doll , & mum sticked to Dolly.
I think the nick is too silly as of thinking of it now..but I never minded hearing it all these years.
I love being called Doll though , I was a doll ;)

My friends did not know of my nick in school for a very long time let alone to call me by it.
But my real name had several derivatives.From
'Nammu' to
'nammo' to
nimmi' to
'naaaaamrata' to
'Nimbu' :P lol
But most of them , on my request still called me Namrata.I consider it a beautiful name , quite old & common it maybe but then its my you know :P
I'm ok with all of the derivatives except 'Nammo!' Its too Punjabi-ish & I do not have problem with Punjabi names as such but I don't like it anyway.
My fav is Nimbu :D lolll its so funny, .. this one classmate used to always either call me Nimbu or money-order , the latter one according to him rhymes with my surname but it does not , lol.

Neighbors - the gujjus have always been calling me dolccha :P lol
One of my distant relatives used to & even now calls me dolchi .In fact , even most of my cousins too call me dolchi / dolchhu /dollam .Thank god they haven't yet hopped to Dollar !

A lot of times earlier when friends used to call at home and ask for 'Namrata' , for a second or too my granny used to wonder who is Namrata :S lol
Or if mum/dad picked up the phone , they'd be like "Namrata your phone" ( with a grin or chuckle ) as if doll/dolly is their daughter who is sleeping or watching TV & who-so-ever this namrata girl is - just give her the goddamn phone!!
Like I was 2 persons in myself ,lol
cellphones have taken over now , sigh of relief!

When I was young , my maternal uncle used to call me Chicku.Although I've been lovingly nicked chicku by my dad & I loved being called that only by my dad , my uncle used to deliberately tease me with the nick.
I do not know what story followed up & then the last thing I knew was my namesake had fallen over to Sonia Gandhi
There's obviously no kind of relation & I still do not understand why my uncle teased me with that name.I think prolly coz I used to fume .Thats what teasing is meant for , huh ?
He & other cousins also used to tease me by calling me Haldirams *glares* coz whenever I used to go stay with them , I'd always get haldiram sweets for them.Uh huh
Koi logic nahi hai.Get off your sherlock holmes mode!

Umm lemme think more.What else have I missed ??
They nicked me Vishal too ..LOL
That silly moron guy used to fight with me in school in our 8th grade & he was the one responsible for letting my nick out in school ( dolly ) .So these other guys started teasing me by his name.
So when I'd be around , they'd say " Hi vishal" Or just hoot Vishaaaaaal!
Indirectly that had turned into a nick.

Last but not the least , 'Dolly icecream' lol
You know of that candy - mango dolly, don't you ? Its yum btw :P

I'm to the blogsville - Sugar Cube ! Official.
No more derivatives ok ?


  1. Nice names!
    I hv had a series of name as well!

    but frankly i dnt like any1 playing wid names!

  2. Lol..ab pata laga y G. aunty used to call u "doll"..I too love yr name..wish my name was the too starts from N naa lekin my parents prolly cudn't think of it specially bcz mum was already fascinated wid dis 'oh-not-so-hep', its been so long, wassup dese days??..dnt u come online now, huh??..hope 2 c u soon..need some sorta advice from u..hope u figured out regardin


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