Friday, March 27, 2009

I like to share

I'm so electrified after a couple of good lucks & encouragement.Thank you guys !
Also because another first cousins of mine..the third eldest scored really well in CET entrance exam.She is also pursuing CA & will be giving finals this year.If her GDPI goes well , she'll be the 3rd one in our family to do MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj.I'm the next one eyeing for that.

All the current happening in & around my family are just more than enough to set current into me.Really more than anything to get ME to study.
No amount of scoldings could have possibly done that :P
Good , nobody really wasted their time on that ;)

Ok time for some fun ? I'd like to share this video & just in case you've come across it earlier , enjoy it for the second time.
Isn't this cool ?? What a trick!

Few days back , I watched Lost In Translation & I was simply lost while watching the movie.Could bear it for an hour & THAT is what I call patience.

Umm also my relatives have started looking for an eligible groom for my cousin Bubble.She's just 21. What the hell ?! It was worse when they started seeing guys when she was just 19 :S
What is funny is what kind of questions a guy & his family ask when they 'interview' the girl.
They asked Bubble the population of her home-town.
Now..if you really wanna know if the girl is 'knowledgeable / intelligent / smart' ..look at her CV.Ask her about stock market.Recession.Anything related to whatever she has studied.Why population ?? I was joking about this & my parents did not find that question out of logic.But my point is - the guy has to marry the girl , the girl has to marry the guy & they both will stay in the guy's place what has the population of the girl's hometown got to do anything with their marriage ???

What is more unfair is that the guys get to do all the questioning.The girl should be given an equal chance.Its not just that the guy will marry the girl , the girl is also gonna get married to the guy , so why can't she test his intelligence ? ;)

Bubble was also asked if she watches TV in morning.The chick said "Yes , but just one hour"
I don't think the guy's side are saying yes to her. :P And good , since they are interested in her TV-viewing rate & the population of her hometown , they don't deserve the beautiful Bubble.
And double good because I really can't tolerate her getting married so early in life.Because my parents are calculating with that base & are getting worried bout me , saying " 2-3 years for her now"
Like hell. 21-22 ? I'm already freaked out!

Any funny , interesting video you know & wld like to share ?


  1. First things first: Love the new look :)

    LOL@population and TV

    It's bloody ridiculous..It sucks!
    Wht a moron! It only reflects his limited IQ..he really does not deserve Bubble

    and mrg at 20?? UNFAIR!

    U well!

  2. Beautiful template..yr family is so caring..good, i wish u get married as soon as u turn 21..i can understand how yr mum-dad bears u..LOL..sry, joke tha..good 2 c u all charged up for actually becomin a CA..n regardin dat television thingy, I guess dey'd b worryin bout the electricity bill..LOL

  3. My God-Television and Population !!!
    And 21 is early re.. Don't you have any say in it ?

  4. Swats :
    Its quite strange..the boy comes from a very good family & is a CA himself :P But yeah there's a diff between educated & literate ppl :D

    Candy :
    Thanks ! finally found a nice template :))
    lolll @ worried bout the bill ..hehe!

    Soham :
    Yes its very early! Nah I don't have a say in it :( I wish I could help my marraige-obssessed reatives.That would bring world peace :P

  5. firstly..!! its a shock that BUBBLE is on the verge if getting married so early!!! and secondaly i cant imagine my really dear frnd being married off in 2-3 yrs!!!! NO WAY!!!

    but gurl the thoughts you share about the 'INTERVIEW... im sure uncles gonna find a tough time finding you a mate!!!:P.. so im not supposed to worry!!!


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