Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Teen Love

I'm writing bout this topic because one my friend - candy - wanted me to write about it.I'm going to point out examples from in & around my life & not just generalise this.I maybe wrong not because I don't vision it correctly , but because I suck at putting words to my vision.

First of all , Teenage is a phase where we all think we are too mature to handle anything which is a fallacy but it happens anyway.I'll quote another friend who calls it 'misguided zeal of youth'!
Its a crazy snazzy time of our lives where we want to make the most out of gossips , school/college , friends & most of all our crushes.

Love cannot be defined absolutely & its not the summation of attraction , liking , infauation et al.But teenage is that point in life where attraction rules & again its not love.Although it would be wrong to say that there's no such thing like love in teens.
Lets come out of the box.Lets just not relate this with age.Its all bout maturity , trust , faith & that special feeling for that one person in your life whom you want for the rest of your life.
So while most teens are confused & barely know what love means , they take their crush as their love.But you get over a crush once you find another.And so was it love anyway ?

K is a cousin of mine who's just 14 & so madly in love with a girl.And very serious as well.He is a sweet guy who's not one of those flirtatious boy who wants to make as many gfs as possible.I wasn't surprised when he said to me that he wants to marry that girl. Just 14 & he already wants to set his life up with her.I don't know the depth of their relationship, but in his words ..he is in LOVE.

Xyz's a friend who has dated 2 or 3 guys.She never said to me she was in 'love' with any of these guys.She just said she liked them.Didn't work out with any of those & that was mostly because what I think of it as - it wasn't just 'serious' for her.And most of all , it wasn't love in the first place.

M is about 21 years old in a 'relationship' with a 18 year old friend since last two years.
[He dislikes referring her as his 'gf' & I myself find gf-bf words quite shitty*]
He stayed away for more than an year & yet they are together.They give each other space , their freedom & there's a great level of understanding between them.He loves her & said "the first time we just clicked"

There are many others I know who have a parallel story as of Xyz.What I'm trying to say is its not about age..its not just about crush..its not just about liking someone...its more about the confidence in your relationship , its all about being there for each other..its all about trust & faith..its all about LOVING each other which means you won't leave them no matter what.Its all about knowing each other , being loyal , respecting each other's thoughts & its all in the HEART.

What happened with Xyz was that she ended up fighting.A lot of people fall out for the same reason.But thats where your brain works and not heart.Am sure K & M too have those tough times but why have they still been together with their love ?? Because they know nobody can take the place of their love.

If you end up in a relationship with an intention to deceive or just for 'time pass' or just because all others around you are going around - it sure is going to drive you round the bend! But when you have confidence in each other..everything works.
Teens usually just want to take a chance.They may , they may not be in love with that same person but its all upto them.Because its all in the h e a r t.

* gf-bf sounds like you are dating someone just for the heck of it...unpredictable story.When you say you are in a relationship - it reflects confidence..maturity & it says more to yourself than anybody else ..that you truly love that person.

Candy - I might have been far away from the point you wanted me to write bout but this is all I had to say.I shall write a part 2 if you guide me through :) And hun..I'm not guns against you when I've talked of 'teens' nor have I written anything keeping you in mind.You're much beyond your age & far more muture than any teen I know. :P Love sweets!


  1. scary cats kaha gayi?? :-)

    Yups, I agree with you with this GF BF thingy...! What I think, is that the Teenage is handle with care age.. now when I am not a teenager any more (I am still a kid BTW), I guess people think that they are grown up while they haven't... But this teen love thing is natural and it should go as as it is.. dats how we learn.. isn't it?

    Y2A (sgniel*)

    Hint hai :)

  2. I've had crushes, I've been infatuated..But I've never been in love..

    It's vry easy to mistake infatuation for love..

    A healthy relationship shud b a source of inspiration, invigoration and growth..Both the partners shud grow together, inspire each other..

  3. I don't know whether I have been in love or not.. but it is for sure .. that past crushes and infatuations help us distinguish later between love and crush or infatuation.. Teen love is something that teaches us all this...

  4. Abhinav :
    Scary cats is in drafts.2 baar apne aap publish go gaya :| lol
    Umm yes teen love is natural.Maybe I just over analyzed =)
    Got the hint :P

    Swats :
    Likewise Swats! But at one point I did mistake infatuation for love.

    Soham :
    Yup.I see that point now =)

  5. lol..u dnt need my guidance in writin girl..u an expert n me still an amateur :-P..

    i completely agree wid u in all aspects but u all hypothetical. Wen u actually get into a relationship, thingz change..inspite of lovin dat person 2 the core, u DO thingz more abt -ve aspects bcz of the fear of losin him/her..

    Dis title gf-bf is seriously crap..its cold!..its better to call yr love wid other sweet adjectives or nouns :P..

    n hey, u callin me mature dan my age..was dat a compliment or an insult? to figure out..anyway, thanx..n i ADORE yr template a lot!!!

  6. Candy :
    Lol girl... Its a compliment!!

    And what nouns/adj have you been using ? :P


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