Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Since YOU are great

How could YOU be so narrow minded ?
How can YOU say those things ?
How can a GREAT person like you keep aside all your greatness & look down upon it as if it was never yours ?

I admired you the most.I still do! But there's a little string pulling me back & that is of the respect that am losing for you.
But I know I would still admire you.Because I learn from you.And I would always respect you.For petty irrational unthought fierceful words ought to be neglected.

Why is it happening to you ? Why to us ? Weren't we suppose to celebrate life EVERYDAY ?
You said that just last night , didn't you ??
Why is our world shrinking ?
We don't deserve to spend another painful moment.Then why don't you lighten up the mood because its only you who brings the CHANGE - good or bad worst.

The day it was my mistake , I deserved your wrath.I accepted it naturally.I did not shake.I did not grumble.
The night you left me feel like a worm in your life for a reason that seems pretty obvious that I'm not what you wanted me to be...still leaves me shaken.I was so shattered.

Now , I've become numb.I'm sure this is just one of those phase which we are jinxed with.I know we'll move on.I know we'll not talk of this again.
I'm not upset.But until we reach back to NORMAL , its going to be a painful process.

My hopes never die because I don't keep hopes with these things.
I'm just SO DAMNED SURE , it will have an END.


Because YOU are a GREAT person & YOU won't 'carry forward the past'.
That still rings in my ears.
Why just say it , why not follow ?

Let's CHEER up & not TEAR our lives apart.


  1. }:-?

    Yeh hai meri kahaaani.. ek confused reader ki jubaani!

    What happened?
    Can anybody explain please!

    Ohh, atleast in the end, cheering up happened!

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  3. OMG!!! girl!! your words emote you!!! wats going on swthrt??? why so morbid???

    but i liked it!! i like the way every word linked into each oter to express what is goin on within you!!! nice piece of work!! you exprexx exceletnly!!!! gud going gurl!!!

  4. I love this post! it echoed alot of my sentiments abt friends and r'ships.

    ** YOU are a GREAT person & YOU won't 'carry forward the past'.

    so very true...apparently GREAT ppl r like that. but often ppl only SAY it, but dun ACT upon it.

    I hv come across many ppl like that in life and in blogville too...ppl who just cant seem to let go of the past. Sad situation to be in!


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  6. Hey Thought Twin,

    Dropped by to see who the new blogger in town was and was taken aback when I read the words "don't like conflict and unlikely to do things that generate conflict"; I've been using those very words to describe myself forever. Then I became a lawyer... ;)

    When I read some of your posts, I see a similar mindset in the 2 of us - we prefer logic and reason over negative emotions. Its freakish to hear the same uncommon words I use to describe myself coming from another's mouth, but I'm guessing if our brains were scanned, some parts would turn out to be carbon copies! So that'd explain that.

    The world is a wonderful place to be in; u know that. Life comes together for each of us as we choose to perceive it. My suggestion would be to continue to perceive Life with a positive mindset. The magic in Life will keep you joyous and its beauty will give you peace of mind.

    Take care.

  7. I read ur reply to abhinav's comment and i dun feel like writing whatever i thought i wud write at the time of reading this post :(

    cheer up !

  8. -Donna-
    All's good now.I ain't morbid
    Thank you vey much for those lovely praises.I love to hear that & its great coming from you =)

    Yup its certainly sad to stick to past that haunts emotionally.

    -Stray Bane-
    Hey! Nice to hear from you.
    I'm already on the tracks you suggested.Thanks for sharing a delightful cuppa coffee in my little cafetteria ;)

    Hey am not sad anymore.Please do tell me what you had on your mind!

  9. OMG..Wht beautiful flow of words..almost like a river..
    keep up the good wrk..loved the post!

  10. I haven't really understood ur post..tho i know ure clearly disturbed :(

    I'll write to u soon :)



  11. ermm..a sensitive post to comment on..when did u start writin so gud, huh?..lol..sry, just can't keep my stupid remarks at bay..this post was beautiful..its rhythmic..yr feelings are vent so clearly in a flowy manner..chalo, gud u all happy now..waise bhi a high spirited girl like u shudn't b sad at all..i dnt think dat saddy face wud suit u at all..so keep smilin.. :-) ..bdw, yr template is alluring..really gorgeous..its jst perfect..so dnt change it again..lol


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