Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't let the cat...

Am scared of cats.Like am really really really scared of cats!! So much so that if I were a heart patient , I would have had a heart attack just by seeing a cat. I won't mind admitting that I hate cats.

I squeal whenever I see one anywhere around in my home.And my home is like an illegal residence for cats.There are bout 3 cats that keep on wandering inside our home at their convenience.We've tried to scare we have tried shooing them away so many times but looks like they just love our home.Animals love our home.And am freaking scared.

So it so happened that one of cats quickly brought in 2 kittens inside my parent's bedroom & occupied an open drawer which had some silk clothes.I squealed in my trademark style & did everything possible to not let the cat bring in the 3rd kitten.Now you must be thinking it is sweet to see a kitten ? Trust me its not! Not that of a roadside kitten.They are tiny..apparently cute ..but dirty lol. I got goosebumps when I saw them cosily relaxing.And the maid at my home kept on scaring me more that the cat may attack me if I do anything to the kittens.Not that I intended to do anything to the kittens apart from just getting them the hell out of my home..but it still freaked me out just imagining the cat's attack : Did I mention I'm scared of cats ?

So I called over the watchman of our colony to get those kittens out.When my grandma reached home & heard of this catty tale ..she went hyper with all the sins and stuff.Honestly I myself felt a little bad for letting the kittens away from the cat. So we called over the watchman back & put the 2 kittens along with its sibling at the backyard :P Later on my maid told me that the cat was smelling its babies.Its like the cats do not take back the kittens if they are touched by anyone , she told me.

I'm not generally superstitious but if its anything to with the cats , I'm the first one to take charge.So when my grandma said it would be sinful for us to separate the cats & kittens , I felt bad.Not for the sin again..just the cat & the kittens , lol.

True they were dirty but really cute to watch.Barely opened their eyes , their tiny hands & legs.I clicked.And it moved with the flash.I disturbed the poor kitten's sleep.

And mine too.I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight fearing the cat all set to harm me.It comes from nowhere : I once cried ..just few months back , over the same issue. That time , it looked all ready to kill.Maybe its just my imagination but If I ever go insane ,I request , sue the cat!!!

See ? I'm still so freaked out & hyper.And obviously I ain't gonna put the pic up here.


  1. OMG! I am shit scared of the entire animal kingdom..cats, dogs, insects, flying cockroach, lizards, spiders, ants..

    I feel sad for u..coz even I have passed several sleepless nites..courtesy- animal kingdom!

    my neighbour has a HUGE dog..i SCREAM everytime i c tht dog..(i scare the poor dog :P)

    Cats/kittens are NOT cute.period.

  2. my my.. i knew u dint like animals.. but i dint know you were.. CATOPHOBIC.. i still remember your lill endavour wid the cat wen you were ill.. LOLssss gurl u made me laugh!!!

  3. u suffer from cataphobia then lol!


  4. oh god... so scared of cats! i am personally petrified of insects... spiders mainly.. anything with one leg too many.. then i have a friend whos soooo scared of lizards that she screams even if i make a very crude drawing of it and thrust it on her face.. :P


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