Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carnival of Cars

Sexy cars , sexy car stunts & a sexier Brian ( Paul Walker ) , Vin Diesel in his strong man-of-small-words-and-only-actions as Dom - make up Fast & Furious 4. I've watched the first & 3rd ( tokyo drift ) of this series. 3rd one was highly hopeless as far as the script goes ..but it had some daredevil stunts that drifted me crazy while I saw the car drifting ;)
Fast & Furious 4 is full of some nail biting furious action packed with an electric background music.The script thankfully is entertaining ..but even if it doesn't match up with the first movie , its visual treatment makes up for the not-so-thrilling script.

I cldn't have missed this one by any chance.
I'm so happy after watching this movie .Have been planning to watch since what Friday ?
Loveeed Paul Walker!! He's sexier than Bard Pitt , Owen Wilson & Orlando Bloom put together :P ..the three men I once fancied.
I don't know what it is about Paul..maybe his smile .. his eyes..umm I guess I fancy the character Brian more.
He looks ultra cute in tux =)

Some of the action scenes make me think how do these people actually make them ? Graphics , yes.But still , how does someone think of it ?? It takes a second-to-second perfection to make a stunt so dazzling.Its very usual for us to watch these breath taking action scenes..but they never fail to impress me.Wonder how much working goes behind it.

Today in the morning I was penning down a post which I cldn't save : on how watching a movie meant the world to me.
It takes a lot of dedication , hard work , focus & determination for me to somehow manage to get permission from dad to go for a movie.Not that he is very strict , its just that why should I get to watch movies when am doing away with studies ?? I have to plan , strategize my every move.Carefully think over the movie that I choose to watch ..as there has to be a gap of at least 20 days before I watch another one.So I search for upcoming movies & if anything looks exciting enough..I skip the current sensation.
To summarize the whole thing : the movie freak that I am..watching a movie is like a carnival for me...
since I have to take so much effort to be able to watch one =)
and Specially the one that I go for with friends!

** Fireworks**


  1. Mehnat se post likhi hai! :-)

    I was also about to go for that movie but couldn't go.. thanks to laziness... no tension I think, someone will download it and give it to me..!


  2. oww man Brian did look hot!!! espically in his formal FBI avtar!!! but he loked all the more sexy in the last car chase!!!

    Phew!!! gurl you got a lot of work on hand!! so wens it dat we are goin to catch up with Twilight??

  3. I haven't seen the film..But u deserve timely breaks ya..im sue ure studying :P

    tc, study well :)

  4. Hey I luv ur blog skin!! =)
    Nd ur whole blog style! I wanna watch 2fast2furious!! Luks gud!! =)

  5. Is it really that good spicy?
    I was planning to change the template again :P


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