Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny street down the memory town

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Some of the funny conversations that I wanna jot down so that I can roll on floor laughing just like I did when I first heard them.

Background : My pencil-thin friend on a train journey.
She says to a kiddo , " Hey! What a cute GUY ! "
Kiddo replies, " toh phir aap bhains ho!"
Lesson ? Never call a 'boy' ..a 'guy' :P

Background : My cousin's grandmother who does not speak/read/write/understand English.
Cousin : "Hey ye toh Singapore ke chocolates hai."
Her granny : " Aeee! Nahi Nahi !!" with all kind of excitement & anger in her tone.."FOREIGN ke hai "
The WAY she said it got me laughing real hard.No offense :P

Background : An annoying girl who's my friend's friend who needs some URGENT lessons in English.
They were reading a joke that had something to do with COPS.
My friend : " What ? Whats making you laugh so much ?"
The girl : "Arre....cops..."
My friend : " Accha ..what bout it ? tujhe pata bhi hai uska kya matlab hai ?"
The girl : " haan"...toning down her pitch now .."eunuch."
That was too silly but hilarious.

Unable to recall more such crack-ups :|
I'd better write them as soon as I hear them.

Updates - My 2nd blog Frequent Flames which I think I'll update frequently :P

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When money weighs relationships..

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My grandma says to my super rich maternal uncle " Why do you spoil your health exhausting yourself so much by constantly traveling ? You don't even have a daughter.So what is the need to earn so much money?

Where on this earth did that come from ?? If I reverse the words , all it means is you need to earn money only if you have a daughter ???
I was so angry I wanted to break all the furniture at home.That was just so crap!! And she said it to my uncle?!! :|
Actually that kind of leads to just one single point.Why having a male child is so important.I know generally people these days say that they are not biased about having a son or daughter.But deep deep deep down in their hearts... they want a son!!

Sometime back we were discussing the same issue at home.I honestly put my views & blabbered out ' People want a that they can see him as someone who can take up the business & earn money for them'
My dad almost laughed.
Then he said ,'No kid , a daughter gets married' .marriage again ??.. '& goes away' ..oh yeah blah blah..please finish this up ASAP.I'm just so uncomfortable talking about weddings. 'Parents want a son so that their kid stays with them all their life.Thats plain happiness.But that doesn't mean they don't love their daughter enough.'

My turn to laugh.I chuckled.I know all that.
Albeit I do agree that my father meant it!
But GENERALLY I don't think thats true.Maybe partly true,but not otherwise.

I'm overreacting, I know.But I'm really mad at my grand mom.That was a definite attack on daughter-hood!! And How on this earth can I bear it ??? ..I ??..the world's not so great daughter - but a daughter after all .

There are times when I feel like a liability to my parents , like being a daughter is a liability.But those are just sad-I'm-useless-times which I get over in a couple of hours.I mostly feel that way when I do nothing great & am given everything great.They aren't asking for much anyway.They love me & I love them.

And thats enough to tell me that I'm that one precious pearl of all the pearls strung in the necklace of life.

Cheers to being a daughter!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Veg crispy

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We don't eat non-veg food at all.In fact , we put eating non- veg up in the level of smoking & drinking.But of course , we don't generally dislike the people who eat non-veg.At least I don't! Most of my friends eat non veg.How can I dislike them? I don't even dislike drunkards & smokers.Its pretty much OK.Just because somebody drinks or smokes or eats non veg food ..doesn't turn out to be a BAD person.Most of my family members think they do. :|
Anyway , right now..none of my cousins from my dad's family eat non-veg food.We have never even been tempted to do so.I think one of the reasons is that we were literally 'brainwashed'.
They associated words like 'Sin' with eating non-veg.They made weary expressions even if somebody mentioned 'non-veg'.YUCK is what comes to mind whenever I see someone eating dead killed animals.
Among my maternal family , few of my uncles & cousins do eat non-veg food.One of them was working in Tokyo where he had to shell out 22K bucks per day on veg food.So he had to start eating non veg anyhow.Others too eat it because all of their friends do.
So according to our Hindu mythology , they all are sinful now.

I kind of ate non veg.
I just love to eat veg crispy.So I got it parceled & brought home.While I chewed some pieces , the taste suddenly grew sour.I don't know what it was but it tasted horrible.I'd never tasted anything like that before.I chucked it all out of my mouth.I smelled the crispy which was left over & yes it smelled horrible.I told mom.What did I tell ? I told her that I think accidentally a piece of some nonveg thing has got into this.She asked me to throw it all away immediately ,lol.
I'm still not sure what it was but I do know it wasn't veg.I didn't gulp it down.
Ok Ok..yes I'm sinful even though I just tasted it.

I've been tempted to drink though.Wine & vodka.But my conscience never lets me do so.Maybe someday I'll kick the butts of my conscience & taste all of that.Taste is what I'm asking for.
It wouldn't make me greater of a devil as I'm sinful already :P

Friday, January 9, 2009


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"Be yourself" is good advice,unless you notice that people are always excusing themselves and moving away from you.In that case,try being someone else!
-Susan Roane

I like that!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lights : camera :...Revenge!

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I watched Memento.
Somebody please help me understand it too! lol
I seriously couldn't make the head & tail out of the movie.
Its been edited in a new fashion & is pretty interesting to watch as well.
But since I was pretty much confused with a lot of plots in the movie..I read its script.And YET I didn't understand it completely.
Hell , I call myself a hardcore movie buff.
Shame on me!

Ghajini is NOT a xerox of Memento.The structure - the character,the basic revenge drama & short memory loss has been adapted from the movie.But the story line has all the Indian masala that any Indian movie is apparently required to have.Whats the need I ask ? If you really want to 'adapt' something from a foreign movie , make it all the same.And earn all the bucks.:P
But then of course , memento is not a common movie-goer's movie.It comes under a different category.A movie buff like me couldn't understand it , how would just anybody else? :|
As for Ghajini , I liked it.It keeps you hooked up till the end.The emotional quotient is high.
Moi being the flawless flaw-digger wanted to highlight the weak points -
  • The protagonist even after his memory loss , is in touch with his manager.Tell me what was the need for him to go all way long finding the killer ?? Couldn't he just tell his manager about him.He could have found the villain & Sanjay ( Aamir) could kill him anyhow, lol.
  • Middle class girl is all pepped up with social service eh ? Cliched.I felt uncomfortable watching it.I'd never voluntarily help a blind person cross the road.He could be just a hoax :P.And this one's such a old trick - Rich guy falls for our very bubbly helpful selfless girl.
  • What was Mr. Sanjay doing in Medical college where he meets ..Jiah? :|
  • Boy! Aamir looks old.
  • Asin has overdone.Its good to be outgoing , but please be a little realistic mr director ??
Creativity Appreciation :The music is good.Specially the song - Kaise mujhe.I think its the best sentimental song.I can listen to it 10 times non-stop.Yes, I do.
The song 'Behka' has been choreographed well.
Anger is good.Revenge is awesome.Aamir justified the two acts.

Who-so-ever reading this - Watch it to enroll yourself in making the movie super hit.Get some credits.
And watch Memento too ,to explain it to me later. Ty!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aime vous Sorelle !

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We meet again.
Long time sisters!
Chick new hairstyle.
P2 turns into a Miss Popularity ...totally :P
P1 looked great!! I complimented her thrice over the same thing.
Saw somebody we knew.Rockstar haircut.We did a 'wow'.Sure that was a wow.Rockstar heh!
Some people are terrifically blessed with beauty.The rest are made to gaze & go green.
We appreciated.We don't go green.
Maybe the vibes are so damn good around my sisters that I never go green.
But I'm still wishful..more wishful & suddenly ambitious.
I all of sudden announce silently that am gonna go back & study.
P2 is younger..she gets all the dishes:P Poor girl..sorry babe!:"D
The food is delicious.That made my day!
Talked accounts.That thing cannot stay away from my brains.
Giggled.Laughed.Giggled again , for no joke at all.
Those ones are the best laughs
And sure such unplanned events are great.
I want a new hairstyle.
So we discuss hairstyles.
I tell them how the confused moi checked virtual makeover sites.
Almost grinning.
Wide gazes.
Now grinning completely
Yeah , they had all the colors on except black.Pink , blue being famous lol ..virtual makeover
Laughter on the ride.
We eat more.
I reveal my interest of resuming learning French.
Uh uh...
We discuss a cousin & his gf. lol that was funny !
My old fans:P the ones I was hooked to.Teased.
Why is P1 chuckling & actually pointing him out ?
I don't growl.I laugh.We recollect old days.
Meet people of our own colony whom we haven't talked in ages.
Chitter chatter.
The crowd isn't great this time - P2. Oh yeah Miss! Looking for cute guys ??? :D lol
P1 is still popular.Every 5th guy knows her there & greets her :P
We wanna talk A LOT.
Time constraint.
bid adieu.

Aime vous = love you ---> French
Sorelle = Sister ----> Italian
Why the great combination ?
my French connection & Italy Destination dream.