Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When money weighs relationships..

My grandma says to my super rich maternal uncle " Why do you spoil your health exhausting yourself so much by constantly traveling ? You don't even have a daughter.So what is the need to earn so much money?

Where on this earth did that come from ?? If I reverse the words , all it means is you need to earn money only if you have a daughter ???
I was so angry I wanted to break all the furniture at home.That was just so crap!! And she said it to my uncle?!! :|
Actually that kind of leads to just one single point.Why having a male child is so important.I know generally people these days say that they are not biased about having a son or daughter.But deep deep deep down in their hearts... they want a son!!

Sometime back we were discussing the same issue at home.I honestly put my views & blabbered out ' People want a that they can see him as someone who can take up the business & earn money for them'
My dad almost laughed.
Then he said ,'No kid , a daughter gets married' .marriage again ??.. '& goes away' ..oh yeah blah blah..please finish this up ASAP.I'm just so uncomfortable talking about weddings. 'Parents want a son so that their kid stays with them all their life.Thats plain happiness.But that doesn't mean they don't love their daughter enough.'

My turn to laugh.I chuckled.I know all that.
Albeit I do agree that my father meant it!
But GENERALLY I don't think thats true.Maybe partly true,but not otherwise.

I'm overreacting, I know.But I'm really mad at my grand mom.That was a definite attack on daughter-hood!! And How on this earth can I bear it ??? ..I ??..the world's not so great daughter - but a daughter after all .

There are times when I feel like a liability to my parents , like being a daughter is a liability.But those are just sad-I'm-useless-times which I get over in a couple of hours.I mostly feel that way when I do nothing great & am given everything great.They aren't asking for much anyway.They love me & I love them.

And thats enough to tell me that I'm that one precious pearl of all the pearls strung in the necklace of life.

Cheers to being a daughter!


  1. Congrats for being a daughter... hum toh son reh gaye... kama k dena padega parents ko.. hummfff..!!

    I knw this is a very sensitive topic.. but sumtimes.. its just better to listen to elder people, smile and forget !

  2. Cheers to daughterhood
    Cheers to womenhood
    WE ROCK :)

    My granny is just the same..I must say- I can relate to this post as well..I get the feeling tht ure my twin sister :P

    Y is the Indian society so blinded by baseless customs n rituals..I wish I cud question some traditions..

    y is marriage considered to be the be all and end all of a woman's life!!! Don't parents who don't have sons survive? Y this mad mania for a boy child?? Y r v made to feel like bloody liabilities??

  3. I can relate to what you are saying, but we being daughters of the society, must also realize that grand parents come from a period where women only stayed at home, till marriage and stayed at the in laws place after marriage. Since they didn't contribute economically, the parents felt it an obligation to find a good place to send them to, and money helps in finding that good place.
    Now it's different, we contribute economically too. Men don't stay with the family, most move out too.
    So when your grand ma talks that way, just think about the time that was, and be glad we're not there :P

  4. elderly ppl have deir own in deir own way to live wid dem is to ignore thingz dat v dun, I live wid my grandparents but thankfully, both of 'em still haven't gone senile granny is in complete contrast 2 yr granny..she favours her daughters more dan anyway, v pretty much happy bein girls :-) no heed to dose sexist ppl..hehe

  5. we find racist, sexist people all around us. i have stopped reacting when an elderly person speaks like this, but i wouldnt spare the others.

    good to see a fellow 19 year old blogging minus the pretense. i sure will enjoy reading this blog!


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