Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lights : camera :...Revenge!

I watched Memento.
Somebody please help me understand it too! lol
I seriously couldn't make the head & tail out of the movie.
Its been edited in a new fashion & is pretty interesting to watch as well.
But since I was pretty much confused with a lot of plots in the movie..I read its script.And YET I didn't understand it completely.
Hell , I call myself a hardcore movie buff.
Shame on me!

Ghajini is NOT a xerox of Memento.The structure - the character,the basic revenge drama & short memory loss has been adapted from the movie.But the story line has all the Indian masala that any Indian movie is apparently required to have.Whats the need I ask ? If you really want to 'adapt' something from a foreign movie , make it all the same.And earn all the bucks.:P
But then of course , memento is not a common movie-goer's movie.It comes under a different category.A movie buff like me couldn't understand it , how would just anybody else? :|
As for Ghajini , I liked it.It keeps you hooked up till the end.The emotional quotient is high.
Moi being the flawless flaw-digger wanted to highlight the weak points -
  • The protagonist even after his memory loss , is in touch with his manager.Tell me what was the need for him to go all way long finding the killer ?? Couldn't he just tell his manager about him.He could have found the villain & Sanjay ( Aamir) could kill him anyhow, lol.
  • Middle class girl is all pepped up with social service eh ? Cliched.I felt uncomfortable watching it.I'd never voluntarily help a blind person cross the road.He could be just a hoax :P.And this one's such a old trick - Rich guy falls for our very bubbly helpful selfless girl.
  • What was Mr. Sanjay doing in Medical college where he meets ..Jiah? :|
  • Boy! Aamir looks old.
  • Asin has overdone.Its good to be outgoing , but please be a little realistic mr director ??
Creativity Appreciation :The music is good.Specially the song - Kaise mujhe.I think its the best sentimental song.I can listen to it 10 times non-stop.Yes, I do.
The song 'Behka' has been choreographed well.
Anger is good.Revenge is awesome.Aamir justified the two acts.

Who-so-ever reading this - Watch it to enroll yourself in making the movie super hit.Get some credits.
And watch Memento too ,to explain it to me later. Ty!


  1. I completely agree wid dose weak points..but hey, dun u watch movies way too seriously?..So wish Asin didn't die in the flick..I was about to cry!!!..1 thing dat I cudn't digest was how did Aamir get everythin encrypted on his body when he cudn't remember anythin for more dan 15 minz? .. After he was stabbed, som1 wud have taken him to hosp. .. so he shud have forgotten everythin by den!!!...Anyway, no comments on the flaws ( ain't sucha movie buff :P)..but I think emotions were exaggerated..n ASIN SHOULDN'T HAVE DIED!! :'-(

  2. lol nah..not being serious.I did enjoy the movie.But I like pointing out flaws :D.You know I'm the director in the making :D
    Yeah thats another point.How Aamir got all of that on his body.Flaws I tell you :P
    And yes , that particular scene where Asin is stabbed to death was really spine chilling.They could have continued the movie on the lines of pre-interval.Then you know what would have happened ? We'd or at least I would have said ' Ahh same old story.Happy ending.We all knew that!'

  3. Hey N,
    Tx for stopping by :)

    U know most Bollywood films r illogical..but I'm still a sucker for Bollywood..I had a blast watching Govinda's HADH KARDI AAPNE.. Can u believe this? lolz

    I enjoy the cliched dialogues, plots, the done-to-death ideas, running-arnd-the-trees etc etc

    I think Ghajini is a gr8 film..but the violence was a bit too much..and Asin went over the top..Jiah Khan was just not needed..

    And even I love tht song..It made me cry..and I second Candy..Asin shudnt have died :(

  4. u ve always been a digger fr flaws n ull always be.. bt 1 advise.. LEARN TO NJOY WITH THE FLAWS!!!! ntings gonna b perfect pappi... n dats wat bollywood is famous for!!!!
    n ayh should i understand by ur comments on "helping teh helpless" dat u aint signin up fr the TEACH IndiA thing?? cmeon how could u be so heard hearted????

  5. I too completely agree wid de weak points that u hav mentioned but the question dat hw did he remember wat had happened wid his girlfriend(asin) is because in dis mental disability der are some incidents which are so intense dat our mind cant forget them after he was stabbed someone must hav told him dat his gf was dead and if u can remember dat ders a particular part of the murder dat he can remember dats kalpana whispering the murderers name(ghajini) in his ears dats hw he remembers wat had happened and gets dis info tattoed on his chest and y he didnt tell his manager abt it and try to find out who was ghajini has also a reason and dats REVENGE he wanted to find ghajini himself and kill him,Neways its a nice thread. tfts

  6. Ok Mr.Sherlock Holmes @ Arvin!
    You spent too much time in making me see that invisible thread :P


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