Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Veg crispy

We don't eat non-veg food at all.In fact , we put eating non- veg up in the level of smoking & drinking.But of course , we don't generally dislike the people who eat non-veg.At least I don't! Most of my friends eat non veg.How can I dislike them? I don't even dislike drunkards & smokers.Its pretty much OK.Just because somebody drinks or smokes or eats non veg food ..doesn't turn out to be a BAD person.Most of my family members think they do. :|
Anyway , right now..none of my cousins from my dad's family eat non-veg food.We have never even been tempted to do so.I think one of the reasons is that we were literally 'brainwashed'.
They associated words like 'Sin' with eating non-veg.They made weary expressions even if somebody mentioned 'non-veg'.YUCK is what comes to mind whenever I see someone eating dead killed animals.
Among my maternal family , few of my uncles & cousins do eat non-veg food.One of them was working in Tokyo where he had to shell out 22K bucks per day on veg food.So he had to start eating non veg anyhow.Others too eat it because all of their friends do.
So according to our Hindu mythology , they all are sinful now.

I kind of ate non veg.
I just love to eat veg crispy.So I got it parceled & brought home.While I chewed some pieces , the taste suddenly grew sour.I don't know what it was but it tasted horrible.I'd never tasted anything like that before.I chucked it all out of my mouth.I smelled the crispy which was left over & yes it smelled horrible.I told mom.What did I tell ? I told her that I think accidentally a piece of some nonveg thing has got into this.She asked me to throw it all away immediately ,lol.
I'm still not sure what it was but I do know it wasn't veg.I didn't gulp it down.
Ok Ok..yes I'm sinful even though I just tasted it.

I've been tempted to drink though.Wine & vodka.But my conscience never lets me do so.Maybe someday I'll kick the butts of my conscience & taste all of that.Taste is what I'm asking for.
It wouldn't make me greater of a devil as I'm sinful already :P


  1. mm non veg huh???
    not a big sin i guess.. its ok to have killed animals... most of the people do.. but u knw dey leave it sun after dey see a butcher kill a hen.. cause dats hw and why i left it..!!
    n drinking.. trust me u wouldnt want to taset it.. it tastes really bitter... dun ask me how i knw????...

  2. Your and my family are ditto.. but I also don't eat non-veg.. even eggs.. the chick may be alive in it :P..

  3. eating non veg is ritely a sin.its gud dat u didn't gulped down that piece. :)

  4. OMG!I can relate to this post coz I come frm a similar backgrnd..
    but times have changed dramatically..

    And I can't believe u haven't tasted Vodka?

    I am a pure vege..But I feel non-veg is no sin at all..to each his own :)

  5. Donna -
    I know how you know that it tastes bitter.You got drunk , didn't you ? :D
    lol its so funny you took it for a fruit juice! ROFL

    Abhinav -
    Lol ..hi-5 :P

    Anshuram -
    Thats what I've been told.Makes it easier for me as I never fancied eating nonveg anyway :)

    Swats -
    Nah I haven't :(
    I rightly blame it to my conscience.Maybe I should blame something else to make it believable :P

    And yeah I guess its not a sin , but its even weird not to accept so after you follow your religion & morals + all those years of being 'pure' :D

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