Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny street down the memory town

Some of the funny conversations that I wanna jot down so that I can roll on floor laughing just like I did when I first heard them.

Background : My pencil-thin friend on a train journey.
She says to a kiddo , " Hey! What a cute GUY ! "
Kiddo replies, " toh phir aap bhains ho!"
Lesson ? Never call a 'boy' ..a 'guy' :P

Background : My cousin's grandmother who does not speak/read/write/understand English.
Cousin : "Hey ye toh Singapore ke chocolates hai."
Her granny : " Aeee! Nahi Nahi !!" with all kind of excitement & anger in her tone.."FOREIGN ke hai "
The WAY she said it got me laughing real hard.No offense :P

Background : An annoying girl who's my friend's friend who needs some URGENT lessons in English.
They were reading a joke that had something to do with COPS.
My friend : " What ? Whats making you laugh so much ?"
The girl : "Arre....cops..."
My friend : " Accha ..what bout it ? tujhe pata bhi hai uska kya matlab hai ?"
The girl : " haan"...toning down her pitch now .."eunuch."
That was too silly but hilarious.

Unable to recall more such crack-ups :|
I'd better write them as soon as I hear them.

Updates - My 2nd blog Frequent Flames which I think I'll update frequently :P


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