Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheesy shockers!

Engineering colleges do look like fun to me now.
One of my friend's who's into one of these was telling me about the activities that are going on in & around their college.
They've got the cult fest , Fantastic 4 & other stuff like Roadies.
They've got Blind Dating as well.
Now thats something.I was wondering how the management of coll approved to that ACTIVITY, lol.
And that reminds of a drama that took place few weeks ago in another engineering college here.A guy tried to smooch a girl in front of the whole class while the lecture was going on.LOL
Usually guys dare to ask for friendships , a little more dare to ask for date & so on..but this was quite shocking & hilarious too.
I mean this guy just stormed into the middle of the lecture & without giving a heed to the prof's words , grabbed the girl & tried smooching her.The other students caught hold of him.
He was beaten real bad. lol

Ok such incidents remind me of my school life too.There was this super brainy boy in my class who had actually gone insane in our 9th grade.He would behave weirdly , disturb others & 'fly' around.Fly around as in stretch both of his arms & run here & there.It was so funny watching him do all these things.Sad too as he was one of the most brilliant students.Don't know what exactly happened to him that he turned into a moron , an insane moron.But he wasn't funny anymore.We were all pretty scared of him after an infamous incident.
He spanked the butts of a one my batch-mates while she was walking down the corridor.Then he said ' You've got hard ones'.
we were so shocked that we made sure we never hang around him.I mean how could he do that ??? And the teachers did nothing.Everyday he used to undergo 2 hrs of counseling & our school never threw him out :|

And another shocking incident in the history of my school was when a girl's nude pics were up on orkut. :|
I came to know of this one year later.It was after my 10th grade.This girl , sadly ,was my close friend in my 7th or 8th grade.But later on she started flirting with guys & had all the arrogance & drama on this world associated with her. She had become slutty , I hate to say that , but I hate her to be able to say that.So I distanced myself from her & in the last 2 years of my school life , I rarely talked to her in spite of the fact that she was in my class.But anyway , rumors were that she lost her virginity.At that time , NOBODY in school talked with her.The pics on orkut were photo shopped.Be it anything , that was an obvious disgrace.
She's been with the wrong guys I suppose :(

God bless 'em all!


  1. Engineering colleges are always fun..
    we hadnt had that much girls otherwise I would have also suggested Blind date concept.. hehe..

    Sad for ur frnds pics..

  2. Lol :P
    Oh btw ..she isn't my friend! :X
    Koi theek se padh lo :P


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