Friday, February 6, 2009

Being Nineteen!

I've officially turned 19 today!! :)
.....that wasn't a real smile.Turning older isn't ecstatic. But I'm still happy because its totally MY DAY!! :)) And moreover I still feel 16 :P
Ok so unofficially I'm already 19 years + few months old i.e according to my passport birthday :P
And according to my Hindi calender b'day , I'll turn 19 in a fortnight :D
But since the world celebrates birthday only acc to the REAL English calender birthday.Today is the day! *cheers* lol

My birthday kicked off really well ! :)) 6 of my cousins , 4 of them my first cousins made a conference call to me. I couldn't stop laughing for the first 2 minutes of the call.It was so overwhelming.. All of 'em singing the b'day song for me , giggling - harmonical chaos :D
We all talked for 34 mins & with 7 people in all speaking on phone , it was definitely a total mess.But I soooo enjoyed it! What more do you want at midnight ?? :P

And of course there was the bullying session that went on.Not mine.This other cousin of mine whom we all love to rag! Then I had to remind them all that its MY birthday & not the bully day.So they hopped back to me asking me my bday resolution :S
I kicked the conversation back to the bully cousin :D lol What resolutions on bday ?? Study more ?? Nah! I cannot do that! :P

So far so school friends seem to have forgotten to wish me :| most of them always wish me midnight.Hmm I'm still waiting for their calls!
Apart from that 2 of my friends actually forgot my b'day.And I knew they would.So I texted them " Whats today ? 6th of Feb , my b'day! SO WISH ME!"
With apologies they wished me.I didn't want to hear sorry.I just KNEW they wouldn't remember to call me & hence I reminded them. Chill buddies ;) It doesn't hurt me when these close ones do not wish.Simply because I know they genuinely forgot to wish me.However it hurts me when some other cousins do not call me even though I know that they are not the ones who would make an effort in remembering to wish me.Strange!
I better forget their birthdays.But no matter how hard I try ..I always remember birthdays.

Yes yes..I'm super-hyper today lol!

Its just mid-day.There's lot more for today.No partying though.I do not enjoy partying anymore.Not after last year's bday bash fiasco that landed me up in heavy bill in spite of it being a combined party :(

Coming back to feeling 16.... be continued..


  1. Heyyyyyyyyy


    May u b successful in all ur endeavors..May all ur dreams come true..

    God bls

  2. Aww Swats sistaa! Thank you very much :)))

  3. HAPPPPPPY wala birthday!

  4. hey happy b'day :P
    njoi ur last year of teen-age

  5. HEy!!!
    Well I gotta wish a a very very happy birthday ! (belated) Hope you have an amazing, blessed year ahead, filled with surprises and small quarrels and all that makes life spicy sprinkled over loadsa love and joy !
    And how could I forget ! May your dreams come true, so they make way for more dreams !!! :D

  6. Hey dreamer! Thank you very very much :))

  7. Aww...belated happy birthday...

  8. Thanks candz! How you doing ?
    Belated happy b'day to you too :P


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