Sunday, February 8, 2009

19 = 16

19 = 16 >> I'm all the same @19 as I was when I was 16.So I feel 16 only.I was & am a short-tempered person.Loved dancing & still do but nowadays I've become conscious of it.I'm no less lazier.' More of a movie critic than before.I HAVE to read reviews by diff critics of every movie releasing every week.Then I watch the movie if I feel its worth it.Then I have my own opinion about the movie.When someone asks me 'how's that movie' , I give such mixed complicated answers that they swear never to ask me such a thing ever again , lol.

I'm a sucker for English & I think from when I was 16 till here , there has been a change in my writing skills.Am definitely not good at decorative writings but I'm happy that I've improved over the years.My English sucked in school.And I don't know how the change began.I never deliberately made an attempt in improving my just seems to have happened by itself over time :) I'm thankful to Donna for putting me into the habit of reading! I'm thankful to school friends who've been an inspiration to me as far as language is concerned.
The funny part is my father still thinks that I'm very poor in English.Probably because we do not speak much in English & of course he hasn't read much of what I write anywhere.The funniest thing about this already funny part is whenever I try to prove dad that I'm not so very bad with my language skills - I create blunder.I'd give the wrong meaning , I'd use the wrong words , I'd pronounce absurdly.I feel irritated then.My cousins too seem to have under-estimated me.But sometime back they complimented me for the testimonials they read which I'd written.And that too in front of dad ;) :D One of the heavy burdens on my shoulders just evaporated :))

I was & am an introvert.Its not that I do not have much to talk about , I just don't like to talk crap.And there's just so much of it people talk of all the time.Discussing movies, music , shopping , books is on the top of my list.Apart from that anything interesting going around the world attracts me.As far as little gossips of local scandals are concerned , I listen ; mostly avoid ; rarely comment & always try to forget.Why to keep such trash in head ??
I'm shy too.I always was.Thats the reason I do not have many friends.You've really got to be outgoing if you've gotta make friends.This is one of the things I'd really like myself to be.But I won't make a desperate attempt - It fits perfect when it happens naturally :)

I'm & was an average student but have the potential of being intelligent ;)
Smartness is something you evolve with in time if not naturally talented with it , isn't it ?
I feel special.Sometimes I don't when I realize I do not have too many friends & the fact is Life is Great when your Friends become family & family become Friends :)) - I read this somewhere , whosoever said that is abs right!
I feel special for having a special father & brother .They are the two most important people in my life.They always were.Mum's my mum , so she's special too.I have few special friends & cousins too.

I do not want the equation [19 = 16] to remain constant i.e say when I'm 22 ?
22 =19 =16
I want to see myself as a much more confident , outgoing , cool headed, intelligent , beautiful , fashionable person who knows how to keep herself happy ALL the time.
I want to be around extremely genuine , & selfless people ( inclusive of little selfishness which everyone is embedded with )
I want to travel more , be rich to live a comfortable life , utilize every second of my life & make it special.
I would like to learn lots of foriegn languages too.I'd continue reading great books & make friends.
I want to be as fit as a fiddle.
I'm looking forward to encounter & enjoy the variables of my life's equation.
Good luck chicka!

Chicka - Spanish for Girl :P


  1. u write with such innocence n shows thru :)

    I wish u all the love n success in life..may u get all tht u desire :)

    u know wenever u mention 'cuzzins', i cant help thinking abt my cuzzins..I cn relate to ur blog-posts in so many ways..I am an introvert too..

    Chk this in ur spare time..


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