Monday, February 16, 2009

Season of weddings

Went to a schoolmate's brother's wedding reception yesterday.Except the food , everything bout the evening was great!
My outfit was good.I didn't wear something totally off-beat & weird this time.Thank God!

Caught up with school friends.One of them said , " You are looking different."
These days whenever someone says to me that 'you've changed' or 'you are looking different' , I feel tempted to ask if its for the good or bad ! Specially after this episode.
Good is what I got in reply.
I felt great after hearing that! In fact , even before moving out of the house , I looked myself into the mirror for an unusually long time & really did say to myself - Good! :P

I've always felt a little left out as far as looks are concerned because I've always had gorgeous friends & cousins too.I don't think of myself as 'bad looking'.I'm just not that much pretty.
But yesterday , I could compliment myself GOOD! :P

Ok the food..there were so many dishes that I had to plan out what to eat & what no to.When I decided what to eat - I had to plan the quantity of dish-intake :P
We first had the meal which was good.Moved onto snacks.Nothing interesting.Switched to some sweets.Nothing of that tasted sweet.I doubted if my taste-buds are on vacation.
Desert- YUCK! Two flavors from Naturals ( Mumbai famous ) & THAT was yuck ?? huh ? Sad!

I had fun last evening.Not the extreme kind of fun , but was happy being there.
And as always , my cousins & I had to discuss chartered accountancy, lol.
Shaadi mein bhi woh topic nahi chorte yaar ?! :S

I've been jobless for past couple of weeks.Maybe even months.No classes & No office.
This is my 7th post this month making me the Goddess of the Jobless!


  1. alwys look in the mirror nd say u look gud ..confidence develop hota hai ;)

    if food isnt gud shaadis suck and if crowd isn't gud then parties suck :P

  2. Heyyyyyyyyy..
    I really wanna hug u..wish v cud meet someday..
    i get teh feelin tht v r distantly me..all marus r..
    I can bloody relate to ALL ur posts!

  3. Peter
    lol..nah food & crowd BOTH sld be good @ both the places :P
    Agree with the confidence part :)

    Hey swats siso! Hugs :D
    Heheh..sure we'll meet some time soon..I'll let you know when I visit Mumbai :))


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