Saturday, February 14, 2009

The guilty growl

I wonder what'll happen when I start earning.

I'm such a miser , already!

Argh & I regret spending so much money on shopping , specially when I think what I bought wasn't worth it :| & also that I'm never going to wear those outfits again! Yeah , the latter one is no less than an albatross around my neck.


My stomach churns.Seriously!

Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty


What an irresponsible shopping!


Why doesn't someone buy all of that stuff from me & pay me back the equal amount ?!
So that I can finally buy some gorgeous fashionable non-faux-pas-pro dresses ?

Ps - What I bought isn't crap.It just didn't seem apt at any event.


  1. oooooh yeh kya tha?? :O

    Don't worry! You will get some1 eventually who will pay for you!

  2. lol..won't make much of a diff na ..I'm not paying even now :P

  3. lol..the most gorgeous dresses r actually not fit 4 any event..i loved dis 1 piece dress so was so beautiful dat it cudn't b worn anywhere :-D..U cnt wea it out wid frnds(will look weird bcz u dun wnt to look lyka cindrella at the dance party amongst frnds dressed in casual jeans n tee)..not wid parents(ppl will stare n u'd feel uncomfy wen wid parents) .. not even at weddings! (bcz oderz usually dress in traditional wea) dnt get pissed bcz of dis..every girl faces the same problem!!! :-(

  4. Haha candz!
    Absolutely right!

    The problem is my other friends are always able to find really nice clothes which fit into the event perfectly!
    I'm so jealous :P

    And you know what I do ? I buy stuff thinking how cool it is.Then after a long time I realize it isn't all that! :S
    So I feel bad for the money spent on it :(


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