Monday, February 23, 2009

Specially special day!

I still wonder what was so great about it that it won the Oscar but since it has , I'd rather shut my mouth up & stop criticizing because the world loved it & so did the jury at Oscar.
I'm happy for India.For India's music :))

Ever since my school days , I've always had bunch of real foriegn-material mates who always thought that the ones who listened to English music were 'cool' & the one who listened to our very hindi music were lame.I listen to both the western & Indian music & I feel that knowing a language which explores the art of music is a bonus point for us.So hello you Indian-western-geeks , what are you waiting for ?
In fact I think anybody who knows Hindi , anywhere around the world should appreciate & start listening to Hindi music because its superb!

At least now these foreign-oriented-driven will start looking up at Indian music.
Thanks to Rahman!
Cheers to Rahman !

I'm desperate to watch the other Oscar nominated movies specially The curious Case of Benjamin Button.It looks like an interesting movie with the story of a man aging backwards.
Kahan kahan se log kya kya soch ke kya kya banate hai ??

Also I'm again getting back to my mode of I-wanna-pursue-film-direction.
Again looking at NYFA prospectus.Whistling Woods.Movies movies & more movies.
All Because I'm back to being the academic black sheep of my super-talented academic family!
God help me!

Oh & today after so many years , I've kept fast ( counts for a really special day!) I'm not the one against it but was never forced to keep fast all these years & when I really wanted to ..I'd come to know of it almost after half the day would pass!
So today being a really special day , I hope some miracle occurs :P
This year I'll keep almost all possible fast as I have my inter exams.I'm mean!

"Don't believe in miracles - RELY on them." I read this somewhere long time back.
Thats what I do all the time!
Ok , I think God should really really be kind to me.

I'm hungry & its pretty ironic that the day you keep fast is the day you desperately want to eat Pizza!
God??? HELP ME!


  1. "Also I'm again getting back to my mode of I-wanna-pursue-film-direction.
    Again looking at NYFA prospectus.Whistling Woods.Movies movies & more movies."

    it seems as if i have written those lines!!! i feel the same.

    i too am ecstatic with a.r. rahmans win. it may not be his best work, but we as indians know his other songs and hence know that hes truly deserving.

    and good luck with your fast! now i am craving for a pizza too! :)

  2. yeah congrats for the Oscars.. apan ko kaunsa paisa mil raha hai on winning oscars but still our banda won an award!

    I simple want to push those guys who think Indian music is lame to a pond full of broken english cds.. I knw it hurts!

    If u ever make amovie.. please let me be the Bad guy...!

    and as far fast is considered... I will fast when it will be a solar eclipse at night!

  3. I am really tired of the Slumdog mania..Oscar or no Oscar..I have always been in awe of Rahman..

    I tried fasting :( but I ended up eating a small pack of chocopie :P

    Luck with film direction :)

  4. awesome blog, I like ur writing style a lot.. it likes u r siting in front and talking..
    As far as rahman winning oscar is concerned.. I also feel that he deserves oscar for his previous works like roja, bombay , saathiya, yuva and many more ..rather than jai ho.. atleast now rahman has got a recognition at a much higher level..
    I also believe hindi music is not bad at all..I grew up listening to it.
    And you are looking for a job at 19? ..
    PS:- I dont know about accounting jobs a lot :P

  5. Soham -
    Thank you very much! Welcome to my blog ;)

  6. Even I feel the same..
    But still # of our ppl got that..happy for them...

    P.S: nice blog..nice read :)
    enjoy n tc


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