Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ok. This time - walk a mile in my 'high heels'

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Normalization is difficult , no doubt.
Specially since  along with it..there will be changed behaviours and attitude.

Ofcourse ,  I hate the idea of losing the friendship. It was amazing.

I cannot be indifferent regarding the whole thing. And am not talking about that one episode. Am talking about the aggregate of what has been going since a long time.
The cumulative effect is massive.

So , yes..maybe it does not actually hurt. But it  certainly feels bad.

 When I've chosen to let go. It implies =>
You loose me = I loose you!

It not one sided! The loss is on BOTH of us.

You say feelings do not change overnight. Thats true.
But behavior does. And somewhere tagging along the same..feelings will change too.
They have to. I see no other option.

I haven't made a stubborn decision. I already know the best possible reaction.
And am gonna follow it.
I should trust my guts now.. because I've been right about almost everything EXCEPT that one thing that is making me look like a complete fool here. Not that 'you' fooled me. Only ,  I fooled myself!

Yes,  I'll ignore.

And yet , we all can never be like before.

I do not judge this mess on right or wrong parameters.

For me - It was unfair.

It was fucking unfair.

I give too much. Selfishly speaking.. I never got back much - plus as for now - whatever I did get in return , to me , it ceases to be bonafide.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Walk a mile in my shoes.

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I understand its possible to like two people at the same time , where those two like you back too.
And we are only talking about liking. You aren't even the villain. You're the hero.
 But its not manageable to set your feet in two boats.
Confusing. Hell , yeah!
If I were in your place...I would have gone mad much before.
Your persistence and willingness to keep alive this triangle-like bonding is what led this , this far.
  However , its not manageable to  not be inclined towards atleast one of them ... and try so hard not to lose the other.

Because you know've already lost the other one.
She has an emotional error. She knows you care.
She only can't believe it completely. She doesn't feel it.
And she wishes to be set free.

And let me tell you..its not hurting anyone.  For as far as I understand...I do not understand this concoction of friendships , love , feelings , care since it is only getting discursive with every passing day.
Plus what can hurt..when nobody is doing wrong ? 

Maybe we should just let it go. And thats what I beg - Let it go..!
No justifications. No explanations. No obligation.No apologizing.

All you may know..When something doesn't feel just doesn't feel right. 
She hasn't stopped caring. She isn't cutting off. 
She's only untying a knot that shouldn't be there anymore.

And most of all...she's letting YOU free!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Road back home.

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I now fully and responsibly accept being a part of one of the world's most famous stereotype - women can't drive!!

Not that I cannot drive at all...but there is no doubt that we girls lack some basic sense when it comes to judgement while driving , parking or even reversing the car.

I made my car fell into a roadside pit / sinkhole while on reverse. I was sooo confident about taking the reverse , that I hurriedly accelerated.
And boom! before I could gather all the shouting - we were dangling at 75 degree with only the front left wheel on the border of the road. The car was tilted. And had I been 2 secs late in stopping the car...the back right wheel would have been in a puddle of mud -- Quick sand !!

I was so panicked friends fought hard not to laugh. They did not even dare to click pictures while I was helplessly fidgeting. ( about which they sldn't have bothered and just clicked !:P )
I would have blacked out if we wouldn't have been able to take my car out. Specially since we were a little  away from the city in a village to do an assignment on rural marketing! Ofcourse the parents weren't aware. :D  THAT in itself made me  a complete nervous wreck. I was telling myself I would allow minor injuries to my car..but the possibility of not being able to take it back home .. was making my head spin around.
 I wasn't doing anything other than randomly asking the villagers if the car could be pulled out :O

The kids got quite an entertainment for the day! 12-15 of them gathered around , laughed , asked our names..wanted to know wouldn't our parents scold us :D Lol

I was trying to be calm. It wasn't working. The friends made their best effort in pushing the car but to no good. There wasn't even a tractor available  for us to tow!!

In an hour..we managed to gather 7-8 people to help us out. At that point - the car ignition wasn't working! Or so I thought. I panicked so much that instead of asking my friend to put the foot on the clutch for ignition , I kept on yelling - accelerate!! :D

And finally with added was the BULLOCK CART that towed my car out :D

I'd like to believe my prayers had a role too. I was praying badly.

Toofani experience. It somehow doesn't feel like a big deal when its all over and cool. But at that point - it was killing me. I was hating myself for driving so terribly!

I've always felt that the road back home is shorter. But this was my longest drive back to home , ever.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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I'm too blunt and open.
I display my emotions rather easily even if I avoid it to my best.
Specially if am upset or irritated.

But I hardly speak up. I hardly express the 'why' part. I hardly share.

Maybe that sends me into the depress zone for too long ... yet I find it much comfortable than having to TELL people where they have been at fault.
You never explain friends , do you ?
Plus the last thing you want is an explanation in return !

Its not that I keep too much expectation..but a little gesture can change things. Can change feelings.

And I believe...saying that you care is NEVER enough.
If you do , show it!

They call it -  giving space.

 I call it - taking for granted.

No, I call it  - YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL !

And despite this rant..I'd never go and complaint.

...Burning all my mute ire over calories.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vintage.And mad thoughts.

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Too much has been going on in and around me. So many things in my head...the mashup made me not want to express any of it , at all.
But I certainly made some theories. At least so I could scribble them down!

Apart from that..the excitement quotient has been quite down.
Like doing absolutely NOTHING special for a VERY dear friend.
Or not really catching up to the vibrant energy at Hard Kaur's concert.
( She's rocking btw! )

I enjoyed the 'vintage' part of the month though.
Visited my aunt's ancestral home which is about 150-200 yr old. Needless to say...its beautiful.
Thick walls keeping the home so cool , wooden furniture , small windows with colorful glass , some portions of the house which I could describe as 'window-walls' , the 'tijori'.
 Every room on the first floor lead to the ground floor by separate staircase! And outside every room was a terrace!
Even though the house was built such a long time back..the architecture and design of the home is amazing. There were rooms inside rooms. Thin long corridors making it up for a perfect 'bhul bhulaiyaa'

The peace which one feels by being at such places is inexpressible. The house smells like  heaven.
And they've had quite a history. 50 goons had attacked few decades back and stolen a lot of jewellery and cash. Plus killed one of their grandfather.
There were swords hanging in the hall.Kinda gave an eerie feeling.

Moving onto some of my thoughts...

- You get mad because you're possessive.
And then you get much more possessive because you realize you are getting mad about this new found possessiveness.
..which makes you madder :P

- If you ask me did I forgive  ?
Well I would only say - unless someone feels sorry .. you do not even have the option to forgive!
Its easier to chuck it and not burn over it. Because maybe you keep fighting against forgiving and forgetting...but the person in question might have already scrapped you.

- Its good to be quiet. But the constant urge to tell someone something or let them know how you feel and yet knowing they would never 'get' it ...makes things difficult.
Some things cannot be explained. Some things do not deserve an explanation. They are only to be understood by oneself!

- There are times when you don't know what is right and wrong. You don't know which sides to take. But you ought to choose. Its a cocktail. Best thing then is to let things be and not try too hard to change any of it. Or derive too much from it.

- Maybe you loose friends to make space for new ones.

Thats all for now.
 Friends complaint  I 'think' more and do less.
I guess I should not say everything I think.

But even then...I finally sang in public. Ok not really public. Half of the batch was not even present.
But I did sing.

....To a romantic hindi song!

( I was criticized for  singing a hindi song. I usually sing English songs at college to a restricted audience. Sometimes even during classes :p )