Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm too blunt and open.
I display my emotions rather easily even if I avoid it to my best.
Specially if am upset or irritated.

But I hardly speak up. I hardly express the 'why' part. I hardly share.

Maybe that sends me into the depress zone for too long ... yet I find it much comfortable than having to TELL people where they have been at fault.
You never explain friends , do you ?
Plus the last thing you want is an explanation in return !

Its not that I keep too much expectation..but a little gesture can change things. Can change feelings.

And I believe...saying that you care is NEVER enough.
If you do , show it!

They call it -  giving space.

 I call it - taking for granted.

No, I call it  - YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL !

And despite this rant..I'd never go and complaint.

...Burning all my mute ire over calories.


  1. "They call it - giving space.
    I call it - taking for granted. "

    Same here. Somehow, space is never enough, and it ends up destroying what existed in between.

  2. Never enough...or maybe how 2 people quantify it - differs!

    Btw Hello :) Nice to see ya here.


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