Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Road back home.

I now fully and responsibly accept being a part of one of the world's most famous stereotype - women can't drive!!

Not that I cannot drive at all...but there is no doubt that we girls lack some basic sense when it comes to judgement while driving , parking or even reversing the car.

I made my car fell into a roadside pit / sinkhole while on reverse. I was sooo confident about taking the reverse , that I hurriedly accelerated.
And boom! before I could gather all the shouting - we were dangling at 75 degree with only the front left wheel on the border of the road. The car was tilted. And had I been 2 secs late in stopping the car...the back right wheel would have been in a puddle of mud -- Quick sand !!

I was so panicked ..my friends fought hard not to laugh. They did not even dare to click pictures while I was helplessly fidgeting. ( about which they sldn't have bothered and just clicked !:P )
I would have blacked out if we wouldn't have been able to take my car out. Specially since we were a little  away from the city in a village to do an assignment on rural marketing! Ofcourse the parents weren't aware. :D  THAT in itself made me  a complete nervous wreck. I was telling myself I would allow minor injuries to my car..but the possibility of not being able to take it back home .. was making my head spin around.
 I wasn't doing anything other than randomly asking the villagers if the car could be pulled out :O

The kids got quite an entertainment for the day! 12-15 of them gathered around , laughed , asked our names..wanted to know wouldn't our parents scold us :D Lol

I was trying to be calm. It wasn't working. The friends made their best effort in pushing the car but to no good. There wasn't even a tractor available  for us to tow!!

In an hour..we managed to gather 7-8 people to help us out. At that point - the car ignition wasn't working! Or so I thought. I panicked so much that instead of asking my friend to put the foot on the clutch for ignition , I kept on yelling - accelerate!! :D

And finally with added efforts...it was the BULLOCK CART that towed my car out :D

I'd like to believe my prayers had a role too. I was praying badly.

Toofani experience. It somehow doesn't feel like a big deal when its all over and cool. But at that point - it was killing me. I was hating myself for driving so terribly!

I've always felt that the road back home is shorter. But this was my longest drive back to home , ever.


  1. Lol!

    atleast the cars fine.
    and so are you.

  2. I have seen it happen even to the so called guys claiming to be perrrfect drivers. So chill. Good there was a happy ending to the toofani experience.


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