Thursday, July 28, 2011

Battery dead.

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So its kind of obvious now.
 I invite disasters.

Starting off with my latest experiment with my hair. Didn't go well. And yes I did the usual..went back to the salon..fought with the hairdresser , made complaints , went mad... except that I'm so tired of having bad results that for a change I'm absolutely not reacting anymore.
It still remains a sad story. Its hardly anything to laugh about  , ok ?
But I will bring hell for the salon!

Severe changes in routine are misleading my appetite. I eat so much these days. Plus I've stopped going on walk. So its not balancing AT ALL.
I was rejoicing over losing an inch off my waistline. And that in itself took roughly 2 months. Now I see regaining just as much over 2 weeks :|
Body metabolism!! This is one god gift you must have :P

My temper issues. Its discomforting to me that I find myself not being able to work in a group. Yes I'm the over smart kind in that segment. I want things to be done  my way. I want people to listen to me not because I want to dominate but because I feel I'm right almost always :P And as long as I'm being logical and fast-tracking work...people shouldn't be having problem with my suggestion. But eventually the biggest problem is that everyone thinks that they're right! :|
It turns me off when everything that can run smoothly and perfectly goes kaput.
Credit issues as well. Huh. Group work is testing my patience.I only keep telling myself to calm down.

My battery is kind of empty.

There's no energy left to be mad.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara.

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I just saw Zindagi Na milegi Doobara.
Its such a feel good movie!
The general perception is ..that the movie is about three friends going on a trip. But its so much more than that.

And no it doesn't lecture you what life is or meant to be. The best part is the movie DOESN'T PREACH.

No major emotional drama.Just a pich of it here & there ..and yet it covers friendship , love and most importantly - life ; without going overboard with any of it.

Loved all the shaayris narrated as background to the characters' foreground.

The movie name says it all.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miles Apart.

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You can broadly divide the world into two.

> Those who can sing || Those who cannot sing.
I didn't say don't sing. They just CANNOT.

> Chocolate lovers || Chocolate haters.
My pity with the latter lot.

> More lately..HP lovers || HP non-lovers.
I belong to the second half. Don't shoot me first half.Its fantasy , for godsake!

> Facebook account holders || Facebook account non holders.

> iphone owners || Non owners.
 Well they've rightly said it. If you don't have an iphone. You don't have an iphone.
 FYI : idon't.

> Photographers ||  'people who just cannot click!'
Sub part.SLR owners. Non owners.

> Movie freaks || Watching movies just for the heck of it / Least interested
Freaks = they'll go an extra mile in finding out bestest of movies from all genres across all countries. It does not include watching ANY crap released.So it ain't about the numbers.

> People who can dance || People who cannot dance.

> People who enjoy dancing no matter what || Boring nuts missing out on the fun.

> Book worms || ----- ( ???!!! )
This isn't about studies. I don't understand how some people do not like reading at all :P

> Love traveling || Hate traveling. 
 Latter one - another category I fail to understand :P

> Vegetarians || Non vegetarians
Sub part : Non vegetarians who hate vegetarians | Veggies who hate non vegetarians.
I don't see what's there to hate about what the other person is eating unless I'm watching them eat a killed animal :P 

> Bloggers  || Non bloggers

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mildly wild.

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There goes a saying/idiom...that my dad quite often quotes..

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Obviously the horse in the context is me :P 

I have been too laid back & its time I do something about it. Although its pretty wicked to plan to do something when college is just about to start and I won't be having time :P

I won't say I fact this time I didn't think at all. But having been in the freeze zone for so long....
I just have this sudden urge to go wild. 

To take up everything I have been ignoring. And to make changes.  

Certainly something unusual. Now obviously I can't go skydiving here. Nor rafting.

So it doesn't have to be something huge or unique for starters.

 To bring about the changes...I began with deactivating facebook. Why ? I'm not an addict. I don't play games on FB.I don't put status messages. I rarely comment. I don't like pages there either :P But I just like to know what  people are upto in my network - which isn't so important. So I'm off FB.

I'm  going to get something done to my hair. No matter how many people advise me against the same :P I'm super tempted to  smooth-en my hair.

I went shopping & bought clothes I know I won't wear often.My friends have been constantly scolding me to change my dressing sense or atleast be a bit stylish. So  I picked up funky stuff which I'm actually loving.

What else ? I'm being a good obedient daughter and reporting to kitchen in morning - on time :P

I've started reading good books. Not novels. Good inspirational motivating books. 

And guess what ?? Of all the topics on earth - I discussed Love with a friend :P It actually got to another level. Platonic love. Physical Love. Lovelorn. Unrequited love. Death of a fully blossomed love! :D And before I knew it I was googling love quotes  :D

I'm not a huge HP fan.I haven't read a single book. Watched all the movies though except the last part which I'm gonna watch this weekend.Almost 90% people I know are so sentimental about its end. I guess I would feel odd too when the curtain drops. Isn't it strange or mystical how so many people together connect and relate to a world of fantasy ?? Its as if its happening for REAL. :-|  That shows books &  movies are just as powerful as music.The three delicious drugs of life.

Oh btw. My favorite love quote happens to be a book title. 

Love , a rather bad idea. All it gives is a hangover ;) :P

Monday, July 11, 2011

Idiot is Boxed.

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For the next two years I might only curse myself when I look into the mirror and question what the F have I done to my life.
But this time I cannot blame anyone except -  myself.
( Somehow passing on the blame had become so convenient , I forgot what a scapegoat I'd become.)
So am gonna have to adjust to that.
I'm gonna have to adjust to the fact , and drink the regret/guilt that this could have been a prettier picture.

For an year I fought with my mind's innumerable indecision nucleus...and now when I'm concluding it - it feels so stupid I'd rather eat up the year gone by.

Its not so much about the time wasted or given...its about the final product.
What I did with it in the end.
And its killing.

I weighed my options so much and so many times that I killed every instinct and intuition there was to my passion.
It all just rotted while the time flew by.

But I guess its good enough that at least I'm gonna start doing something . I'm scared how it will turn out to be. I'm scared I'm not following what I wanted to. I'm scared that I'm jumping into a race.I'm scared I'm not going to a good college.


I'm just gonna go do it.

Because I'm an IDIOT.

An idiot who has vague plans to follow or do something about her big dream after 2 yrs!!

I'm mad with myself. Very very mad.

And I don't know what to do of my cousins.
They're supporting me like I just got myself into Harvard :P
How stupidly funny every damn thing is! :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Phases || Drown OR Emerge || Value OR Blame.

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Moving on.

Worst & toughest.

But the best part is


Moved on.

Without bitterness.
Without any explanations and expectations.
And most importantly...without having to deal with the feelings coming back every now & then.
But that's a phase too. Apparently tougher to pass through.

And after having crossed that , we reach a



Brews a friendship that is past all the disliking. All the issues and complaints.

And its so amazing , you realize maybe it was all worth it.

It was worth to have gone through all of it.And its definitely worth to reach this point.

 Taking time off helps. Occasional full stops help.
However knowing the difference helps the most.

The full-stop -
of the

the end
one part.
Of one phase.

Just emerge
- while it lasts :P

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not necessarily so good.

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Delhi Belly :

I don't have issues with slangs & swearing ; nor for any of the 'adult' scenes but enough of toilet jokes man! It doesn't make me laugh! Its just too pathetic to laugh at.
The 'yuck'ness this movie is filled with is appalling. Among other things . . . quite explicit for an Indian movie.
I won't say its bad. But its so gross you can't call it good!
If you've been reading reviews - you must think its hilarious.
No. Its ridiculous. And if you have a cheap sense of humor - may be you'd like it.( I think most guys wld like it :P )
Its funny too though. Some laughs definitely guaranteed.
Warning : Obviously nobody watches movies with family members nowadays but this one in particular is a STRICT NO.

Transformers :

2.5 hrs for a English movie is a little too much.For an action movie far too much. For an action movie in 3-D far far too much :P
I know people have loved it. But while watching the movie I suddenly had deja vu :  Terminator , Avatar etc etc. We've seen so much of 'destroying the planet' kind of action , so much of gunshots , aliens , machines and all that - there comes a saturation point.
There are a couple of really amazing scenes.And that's all. Doesn't find my liking.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Invisible stupidity

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One feels small & a little unfortunate for getting trapped in mediocre thinking. For being a victim of society - mainly the 'issues' with society and everything else I only like to describe as 'blah blah blah'.

I mean Fuck it goddammit! The problem isn't who cares or who doesn't nor is it when someone makes a fuss...the problem is why can't we live a sensible lifestyle. Mentally. And culturally too for that matter.

I feel most of the religious sentiments & cultural protocols came into being due to our ancestor's own insecurities. Why it is to be carried & tortured over generations is out of my logic.
And I wonder why nobody breaks it.

Don;t you think its too much rubbish that hovers over our thinking and entire lifetime planning ? It could all be pretty simple. Love & live. With nobody predominately deciding what & whom to love ; nor how to live.

Being caged in ridiculous cultural obligations despite having a comfortable life is the most unfortunate thing. And you would know it only when you were made to go through it.

We are so backward about being forward.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm just a lil less than mad.

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I maybe vulnerable


I haven't lost my mind.

Some things just don't feel good no matter how great they seem.

P.S : Since you don't GET IT -  Screw you !