Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara.

I just saw Zindagi Na milegi Doobara.
Its such a feel good movie!
The general perception is ..that the movie is about three friends going on a trip. But its so much more than that.

And no it doesn't lecture you what life is or meant to be. The best part is the movie DOESN'T PREACH.

No major emotional drama.Just a pich of it here & there ..and yet it covers friendship , love and most importantly - life ; without going overboard with any of it.

Loved all the shaayris narrated as background to the characters' foreground.

The movie name says it all.


  1. ello. i am back. back at the first one to comment spot.

    Yes I liked the movie as well. Light. No drama. Plain fun.

  2. Sounds good. I've yet to watch it. :)

  3. I absolutely loved this movie. U can take away whatever message you want from it - thats the beauty. The characters brought such life and fun to every moment and I could totally relate to them.

  4. I am going to watch it today!! :D

  5. This is 10th post I read about this movie.
    I must watch it soon. Sounds better than Hp 7/2 =D

  6. Many of all call it an over rated movie because of some 'specific' stars around there in movie.

  7. Cudn't agree more...

  8. No questions about how good the movie was, yet i fail to understand the hype behind it.
    Honestly, Pyaar ka punchnama displayed much better friendship and comraderie and bucket List/ Dusvidaniya left a much more profound impact on how important it is to live every day!!

  9. Yes, thats exactly why i loved the movie...its sad tht there r some ppl who actually hated the movie...i feel sorry for them coz they missed the very essence of the movie. Anyways to each his own. :)

  10. Owkie, Now I really want to watch it. i heard its pretty good, so i WANT to watch it! :) Like your blog, dropped in recently.

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  12. The part before the interval was awesome. I thought ki finally something new.. something comical without the use of unnecessary slang
    (delhi Belly).

    But alas after the interval it dragged completely, it was like it was directed by a different director.

    The movie lives to the hype for the pre-interval part, it sucks badly after the interval though except at few places.

    Watch chillar party, if you haven't :p


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