Sunday, July 3, 2011

Invisible stupidity

One feels small & a little unfortunate for getting trapped in mediocre thinking. For being a victim of society - mainly the 'issues' with society and everything else I only like to describe as 'blah blah blah'.

I mean Fuck it goddammit! The problem isn't who cares or who doesn't nor is it when someone makes a fuss...the problem is why can't we live a sensible lifestyle. Mentally. And culturally too for that matter.

I feel most of the religious sentiments & cultural protocols came into being due to our ancestor's own insecurities. Why it is to be carried & tortured over generations is out of my logic.
And I wonder why nobody breaks it.

Don;t you think its too much rubbish that hovers over our thinking and entire lifetime planning ? It could all be pretty simple. Love & live. With nobody predominately deciding what & whom to love ; nor how to live.

Being caged in ridiculous cultural obligations despite having a comfortable life is the most unfortunate thing. And you would know it only when you were made to go through it.

We are so backward about being forward.


  1. So true!! I absolutely agree with the post especially the last line which sums it up.

  2. We are so backward about being forward.



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