Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miles Apart.

You can broadly divide the world into two.

> Those who can sing || Those who cannot sing.
I didn't say don't sing. They just CANNOT.

> Chocolate lovers || Chocolate haters.
My pity with the latter lot.

> More lately..HP lovers || HP non-lovers.
I belong to the second half. Don't shoot me first half.Its fantasy , for godsake!

> Facebook account holders || Facebook account non holders.

> iphone owners || Non owners.
 Well they've rightly said it. If you don't have an iphone. You don't have an iphone.
 FYI : idon't.

> Photographers ||  'people who just cannot click!'
Sub part.SLR owners. Non owners.

> Movie freaks || Watching movies just for the heck of it / Least interested
Freaks = they'll go an extra mile in finding out bestest of movies from all genres across all countries. It does not include watching ANY crap released.So it ain't about the numbers.

> People who can dance || People who cannot dance.

> People who enjoy dancing no matter what || Boring nuts missing out on the fun.

> Book worms || ----- ( ???!!! )
This isn't about studies. I don't understand how some people do not like reading at all :P

> Love traveling || Hate traveling. 
 Latter one - another category I fail to understand :P

> Vegetarians || Non vegetarians
Sub part : Non vegetarians who hate vegetarians | Veggies who hate non vegetarians.
I don't see what's there to hate about what the other person is eating unless I'm watching them eat a killed animal :P 

> Bloggers  || Non bloggers


  1. ha ha good one!! Extremes exist in all cases.

  2. -I sing. Terribly.

    -I love Chocolate. Religiously.

    -I am a HP lover. And this is not a just a book. I'll shoot you.

    -I don't have an iPhone.=(

    -I don't have a SLR either! Shoot me now=(

    -I am not a movie freak.

    -I DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    -I love travelling.

    -I am a an omnivore=D


    Extremely cool post. Cheers.
    Have a great Weekend.

  3. Here's my list coz I loved yours:

    I love singing but ask me to dance, and u will find they are clay:)

    I love to read and people always called me bookworm but the moment i opened a study book, I'd religiously fall asleep.

    Chocolate is my favorite.

    iPhone - I don't have it.

  4. there can be one more division ie those who write and those who don't..

  5. Well the categories you have mentioned is almost have the 2% and 98% percentage. Almost 1% people use iPhone and 2% people do blogging


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