Friday, July 15, 2011

Mildly wild.

There goes a saying/idiom...that my dad quite often quotes..

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Obviously the horse in the context is me :P 

I have been too laid back & its time I do something about it. Although its pretty wicked to plan to do something when college is just about to start and I won't be having time :P

I won't say I fact this time I didn't think at all. But having been in the freeze zone for so long....
I just have this sudden urge to go wild. 

To take up everything I have been ignoring. And to make changes.  

Certainly something unusual. Now obviously I can't go skydiving here. Nor rafting.

So it doesn't have to be something huge or unique for starters.

 To bring about the changes...I began with deactivating facebook. Why ? I'm not an addict. I don't play games on FB.I don't put status messages. I rarely comment. I don't like pages there either :P But I just like to know what  people are upto in my network - which isn't so important. So I'm off FB.

I'm  going to get something done to my hair. No matter how many people advise me against the same :P I'm super tempted to  smooth-en my hair.

I went shopping & bought clothes I know I won't wear often.My friends have been constantly scolding me to change my dressing sense or atleast be a bit stylish. So  I picked up funky stuff which I'm actually loving.

What else ? I'm being a good obedient daughter and reporting to kitchen in morning - on time :P

I've started reading good books. Not novels. Good inspirational motivating books. 

And guess what ?? Of all the topics on earth - I discussed Love with a friend :P It actually got to another level. Platonic love. Physical Love. Lovelorn. Unrequited love. Death of a fully blossomed love! :D And before I knew it I was googling love quotes  :D

I'm not a huge HP fan.I haven't read a single book. Watched all the movies though except the last part which I'm gonna watch this weekend.Almost 90% people I know are so sentimental about its end. I guess I would feel odd too when the curtain drops. Isn't it strange or mystical how so many people together connect and relate to a world of fantasy ?? Its as if its happening for REAL. :-|  That shows books &  movies are just as powerful as music.The three delicious drugs of life.

Oh btw. My favorite love quote happens to be a book title. 

Love , a rather bad idea. All it gives is a hangover ;) :P


  1. Lovely post and a lovely quote!

  2. U deactivated ur fb?
    i deactivated mine a long time ago :D

    Good, inspirational, motivating books sound good. :)

    you haven't read a single book from the hp series? I somehow find that extremely hard to believe :P

    Nice quote btw :D

  3. You did not read any of the HP books? That explains why you can't understand why everybody's so sentimental about it.=D

  4. I m addicted to fb purely coz all my friends from India are there. :) And abt HP well i agree with what Hamza has said.

  5. Your post 'inspired' me..This is one of ur best posts ever...

    It takes a lot to deactivate ur FB account...Ppl seem to be ADDICTED to FB...

    Also, it takes a lot to experiment with ur dress sense and hairdo..good going!

    You are trying to break up fixed routines, it cannot get better!

  6. I'm not a HP fan either. I've seen only the first two movies. :P

    It's been a long time since I read a good book. Sigh. :(

    Oh oh oh! It's 'Love , a rather bad idea. All it gives is a lousy hangover'. Hai, na? Awesome book though. :P

  7. Its good to go wild like this at times...sets one free...enjoy! :)

  8. HP failed to impress me too. I wonder what does he possess that makes crowds go gaga.

  9. Gooooo mad :)

    madness is fun!


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