Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some relief !

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  • I'm back on wheels ! After being caged at home for 2 months with little allowance to outdoor commuting , I'm finally freed.Feels great ! So what was I up to all this time ? Nothing ..just no-thing ! Surfing , watching TV & movies , listening to songs & everything that comes under wasting time when you are a student of Chartered Accountancy. The big dig - why was I caged ?
  • Dad anticipated that I'd meet with an accident anytime in the past 2 months.I would have loved if he had given one particular day or week time where I'm supposed to be careful.But then I couldn't pester him much for that ! Since I've had met with few accidents earlier which were nothing so serious as the word 'accident' & I scored few bruises every time I skidded off , he was very worked up this time.
  • Though last year when he warned me , I didn't drive or even rode my 2 wheeler at all for few days.But then when things have to happen , they do happen.I was on my friend's 2 wheeler , she was driving pretty fast , she hit the guy on bike in front of her & we fell.She didn't get hurt that badly as much as I did.I mean I couldn't walk properly for 2 days as my right foot was terribly swollen.
  • But then I didn't really fracture my legs or hands.And dad always maintains that I'd always have some protection even if I meet with an accident.So I was wondering why wouldn't he let me commute at all ? Not even by car ?? Did sound ridiculous to me. He insisted strongly & since I'm not suppose to question or argue over his predictions , I chose to do what he asked me to do.
  • And that time has gone by. Its not like I didn't move out of house AT ALL , I did go to watch movies or that friendship's day party , lunch over cousin's place etc , but it was all within a range of 3 kms from home. I had terrible problem explaining friends why I didn't attend classes or why I never turned up for so many events so many times.Even if I told them the actual reason , they would have found it too silly or would have mocked at me behind my back.Some joke box this topic could have turned into. Thats where I preferred lying.I also understand why they would react in such a manner so I'm chilled about it .
  • So a 100 lies came to my rescue.I think its OK to lie when you have got to have the better off you. But coming up with innovative , logical lies & the ones that fill up the gap of suspicion is a tough job. Nevertheless , I've got over it & its been 2 weeks now that I'm attending class. - relief - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • The nearest accident-prone zone from my house has finally got a signal.Its a square of course , but one of the lane emerging out of it is at 45o angle which also has a thin lane by its side at an angle of 30 degree towards its left.Ahh , its complicated & this is the place where most people hit onto each other.But then we finally have a signal & when I first saw that , my reaction was " Oh looook! My my ..we have a signal here ?? " ..jumping out of joy like a Kid in a candy store :P
  • The fact that I decided to change my cell phone & also the server has brought relief to the people around me & to me too.I mean finally I have made up my mind to buy a new cell phone.All this time , I did look up for some nice piece but was never convinced so thought I should not chuck away this old broken piece which I like anyhow , as it really doesn't matter how many times I drop it or just throw away - its still working , broken but working :D
  • The dog I have been talking about ran away ! Yes R A N away ! : No wonder why I was feeling like some thing's left out ( was so habitual of listening to its barks ) I came to know that it was unchained which in itself is a rare thing to happen & the rarest of them is that the day he was unchained , the door was left open by dunno whom but lets not get into that.What remains is that the monster fled away & I actually felt like partying or getting myself a cute little puppy pet.But I'm not.
Apart from this . what isn't balancing the relief is the fact that doctors have given words - grandmom ain't gonna regain her eye sight of her right eye.We have plans to sue the doctor for negligence as he never told us about her weak retina & how operating that could be a serious issue.

I'm sick.I'm weak.The food doesn't taste anymore.I'm on liquid diet , soup & juice.Fallen ill second time in a year huh ? too bad !

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Makers..

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An uncle came over for lunch a week back.During lunch , he asked me to make something , anything that I could.I thought I should give him options such as tea , coffee because thats all I can really make .But he wouldn't want tea or coffee after lunch .Before I could say anything , he said , " Make me some cold drink.It'll be your test.If you pass , I will start looking for a guy for you !"

I silently asked what ..???? ..although I wanted to scream aloud .He didn't say that ..did he ? Oh yes , I figured out he said exactly what I heard , because he was grinning.That was embarrassing ! The heights is I too was laughing.And I still don't know why ?! huh ! My parents were right there , my mom facing me , dad just next to me & I felt like curling up & hiding somewhere.My parents have never talked about marriage to me.When my mom hints it at times , I look daggers at her & then she doesn't dare to add any more to it. I've mentioned this before that I really really really don't like to talk bout this. And here , look at my uncle ..he's gone all the way up to look for a guy for me !!! Oh c'mon I mean I'm so young + there are a dozen cousins of mine elder to me who are to yet to be married. I'm afraid ( for my uncle ) that half of them are still not at that age , where they could just marry! So wayyyy to go for me!

My family, talking of the larger version of family i.e my mom's side & dad's side & grand mom's side family cannot stop thinking of marriage . And specially my mom's side family.I don't understand why they fancy marriages so much . At every get together , they [ not the uncles , all the aunts ] would talk of who's next & then who's the one after the next one , & again who's the third one in line on , finally discussing bout the little toddlers & just- born as well. Then , they would talk of how old they would be at these lil kiddo's wedding.How would they look then ? By that time , the one who's just gonna get married will be having 2 kids who too would be at the age of getting married !!

Yes , they discuss that ! They actually do ! I wonder why diamond jewellery has taken a back seat in their conversation ?! They laugh bout our weddings ?! Aren't they kind of swapping away the novelty out of our special moment ? Why don't they just watch the video & pics of their wedding ? They could discuss who-wore-the-best-saree or something like who-had-the-most-beautiful-necklace ? I'd suggest them this.
Or may be not. Because then they might end up talking bout their old friends & through some default linking reach this - "Oh they have a son who's working in Mumbai . How does he look like ? Should we see him for CCC ? [ Some cousin , revealing name isn't important - it could be any of them ]

OK, but they do have hearts.They understand our feelings.So they are not just joking about it but also serious.Look how much they care for us ?? They start finding eligible mates much in advance!
Moi at 18 - "Gonna look for a guy for you."
Moi at 17 - "How old is she ? "
Moi at 16 - "Just few more years to go."
Moi at 15 - "Now , after few years , its her turn after XYZ."
Moi at 14 - " In school now ? Then college & then you'll get married."

They didn't spare me even when I was 14 !! And this isn't something that only I'm facing.All my cousins do.But its quite easier for guys.They can get married anytime they want to. They can even go around with someone in the meanwhile & they don't find it embarrassing when talked bout their wedding! But we girls ?? How can you manage to face your dad after your relative have just talked about your marriage ?? Specially when you are 18. I mean I will have to make myself comfortable with this when I'm at the age to get married. At that time , I'd probably be the one , "Oh hey , look I wanna get married to this guy ." They won't find that embarrassing , will they ??
Some of my cousins , the girls , are habitual to all this.So they've kind of been able to handle such situations. They don't find it weird , for one.And secondly , it has become a part of their daily conversation as well.I'm targeted the most - the one who's told all these stories.Oh my , it cheeses me off !

To all my relatives , and relatives' relatives & so on ...stop it! Will you ? Give us a break ! Look for guys when its the right time.Fine , it takes some time to find the best for us , so you go hunting for grooms when we ask you to .There are major issues apart from our weddings for you to discuss !!
Ah , whatever , talk of anything else dude!

Its time my kins stop playing Cupids because there's a helluva time for us to play couples.

PS : They are not ACTUALLY gonna get me married at 18 :| Its just that they love talking about it again & again & again.....yet again! Only Drawback of being in a Marwari family :(

Saturday, August 2, 2008

In a Fix..

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I'm totally jammed. What's worse is that I've found myself jittering with the decision-making.
Ok , so the situtation is as follows -
Adi [ a school friend ] called me up on Friday inviting me for the Friendship's Day party. I knew I couldn't go because of a story thats highly weird & funny , jittery as well . Will write that later..huh. So this gal asked me to reach an Italian food court on Sunday. I had to quickly think of some lame reason why I cannot turn up for this party.So I told her that I've got to go out of town for a family function. She fumed , first.Then , lectured me.

"Yaar you always do that . Every time we invite you for any party , you have some function!"
I was just trying to recollect how many times have I used this excuse ? Just once I suppose. I wanted to revert back..but a lecture is supposed to be a lecture , how on this earth could that be stopped ??
"You didn't come for lunch last week at Priyanti's B'day ..
[ I couldn't because of that weird story again ..]
you didn't turn up for my party
[ That was in Jan , I had to prepare for CPT dammit! ]
, you didn't come at Rucha's party either !!"
[ Ah well , I didn't feel like , take a broom & hit me now..]

If you don't come THIS time , we won't ever invite you again."

That felt good I tell you.No , not the fact that I wouldn't be invited again but the fact that for the first time in so many years after leaving school , I felt that yes these friends care for me.They want me at the party ! woohoo ! And so much pestering & lecturing & cajoling from Adi , was like a woohoo again . I felt nice . For one , that they really wanted me to come. Secondly , I just loved it man !
I was mad with these school friends because they'd go out for movies & stuff so many times but never ask me to come along.Then , I just started ignoring such things.But I was always invited at b'day parties , of girls only.I don't talk much with the school guys.Hardly in touch with any of them & I don't know why but I always felt awkward talking to them after we got out of school. I was tagged "shy" in school . Introvert too , by these guys. But its not true. I really don't have much to talk about !!

Anyway , back to square one. So Adi carried on .. " Look , you don't have to go for that function.We always wonder why you never show up.So please come it ??? And its been like an year now , that we've met ..we'll have lot of fun're coming ok ? "
It took me an hour to manage to ask dad if I could go for this party.He allowed me finally!
Next morning , I told Adi , I'll be there.

The twist -
On Saturday , I logged into orkut & found that it was Abhi's b'day. Texted him wishes.He called back & invited me to his party at that same Italian restaurant.
Now , first of all ..its was so difficult for me to get permission for one party.On top of that , here's another one just a day before the permitted party. I was in such a mess.
I desperately wanted to go to Abhi's party . The only reason being that I'll have all my F CA [ future CA ] friends out there! The ones I currently love being with. It had been long since I met all of them . And since I feel out of place at any of my school-friend's party or at any party with school friends, I really wished to enjoy this one.
But I had already given my words to Adi.Also , there was noooo way , absolutely no wayy to ask dad for permission for yet another party.

I really would have gone to Abhi's party , & that wouldn't have made me feel guilty about missing the Sunday party. As if it is , I don't enjoy being with school guys so much because I do not talk to them & its weird to be going to a party when you talk only to the few some girls.
So I thought of backing out of Sunday's party but then I couldn't.I shouldn't.Had I known that it was Abhi's bday on 2nd , I would have given another lame reason to Adi to escape the friendship Day party. But too late for that.
This was some kind of a puzzle or catch-22 situation. No matter what I chose , I was to be in a fix.

Finally , I basked in the party of school friends , feeling helpless about everything. The deal of never being invited again , as Adi said , didn't sound worth either. And on the other hand , I didn't like sitting like a plastic doll in a party , smiling occasionally & having almost nothing to talk about.
Ahhhh , I think I should have backed out.But I'd paid too :

But anyway , the party was fine.Danced & all that.Great food ! Didn't talk to the guys as usual except one or two who had enough modesty to come to me & wish me. The only thing that hitched me was that I had to pay for this one & not a meagre amount.In fact , I had to pay a little too much.Everyone did.It didn't quite pay-off in the end , but its fine.No cribbing , shh!

Everyone loved my outfit .And specially my stilettos :D. But I shouldn't have worn them & danced..having a terrible back pain now!