Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Makers..

An uncle came over for lunch a week back.During lunch , he asked me to make something , anything that I could.I thought I should give him options such as tea , coffee because thats all I can really make .But he wouldn't want tea or coffee after lunch .Before I could say anything , he said , " Make me some cold drink.It'll be your test.If you pass , I will start looking for a guy for you !"

I silently asked what ..???? ..although I wanted to scream aloud .He didn't say that ..did he ? Oh yes , I figured out he said exactly what I heard , because he was grinning.That was embarrassing ! The heights is I too was laughing.And I still don't know why ?! huh ! My parents were right there , my mom facing me , dad just next to me & I felt like curling up & hiding somewhere.My parents have never talked about marriage to me.When my mom hints it at times , I look daggers at her & then she doesn't dare to add any more to it. I've mentioned this before that I really really really don't like to talk bout this. And here , look at my uncle ..he's gone all the way up to look for a guy for me !!! Oh c'mon I mean I'm so young + there are a dozen cousins of mine elder to me who are to yet to be married. I'm afraid ( for my uncle ) that half of them are still not at that age , where they could just marry! So wayyyy to go for me!

My family, talking of the larger version of family i.e my mom's side & dad's side & grand mom's side family cannot stop thinking of marriage . And specially my mom's side family.I don't understand why they fancy marriages so much . At every get together , they [ not the uncles , all the aunts ] would talk of who's next & then who's the one after the next one , & again who's the third one in line on , finally discussing bout the little toddlers & just- born as well. Then , they would talk of how old they would be at these lil kiddo's wedding.How would they look then ? By that time , the one who's just gonna get married will be having 2 kids who too would be at the age of getting married !!

Yes , they discuss that ! They actually do ! I wonder why diamond jewellery has taken a back seat in their conversation ?! They laugh bout our weddings ?! Aren't they kind of swapping away the novelty out of our special moment ? Why don't they just watch the video & pics of their wedding ? They could discuss who-wore-the-best-saree or something like who-had-the-most-beautiful-necklace ? I'd suggest them this.
Or may be not. Because then they might end up talking bout their old friends & through some default linking reach this - "Oh they have a son who's working in Mumbai . How does he look like ? Should we see him for CCC ? [ Some cousin , revealing name isn't important - it could be any of them ]

OK, but they do have hearts.They understand our feelings.So they are not just joking about it but also serious.Look how much they care for us ?? They start finding eligible mates much in advance!
Moi at 18 - "Gonna look for a guy for you."
Moi at 17 - "How old is she ? "
Moi at 16 - "Just few more years to go."
Moi at 15 - "Now , after few years , its her turn after XYZ."
Moi at 14 - " In school now ? Then college & then you'll get married."

They didn't spare me even when I was 14 !! And this isn't something that only I'm facing.All my cousins do.But its quite easier for guys.They can get married anytime they want to. They can even go around with someone in the meanwhile & they don't find it embarrassing when talked bout their wedding! But we girls ?? How can you manage to face your dad after your relative have just talked about your marriage ?? Specially when you are 18. I mean I will have to make myself comfortable with this when I'm at the age to get married. At that time , I'd probably be the one , "Oh hey , look I wanna get married to this guy ." They won't find that embarrassing , will they ??
Some of my cousins , the girls , are habitual to all this.So they've kind of been able to handle such situations. They don't find it weird , for one.And secondly , it has become a part of their daily conversation as well.I'm targeted the most - the one who's told all these stories.Oh my , it cheeses me off !

To all my relatives , and relatives' relatives & so on ...stop it! Will you ? Give us a break ! Look for guys when its the right time.Fine , it takes some time to find the best for us , so you go hunting for grooms when we ask you to .There are major issues apart from our weddings for you to discuss !!
Ah , whatever , talk of anything else dude!

Its time my kins stop playing Cupids because there's a helluva time for us to play couples.

PS : They are not ACTUALLY gonna get me married at 18 :| Its just that they love talking about it again & again & again.....yet again! Only Drawback of being in a Marwari family :(


  1. lol..wot'z wid Marwaris?..I mean y u relatin it 2 yr complete tribe/community?..Even others like Punjabis, gujjus, marathis do so..Depends on people actually..u got nice family, huh? much solicitude 4 u n yr future life..i wish my family memebers n relatives were actually adds some flavour to life..else toh all elders discuss such serious matters dat u can easily dozz off sittin wid dem..lucky u !!! :P

  2. Well..its gud dat someone is worrying abt ur marriage lucky u whereas guys r concerned nobody really seems to care so much and its cool but sometyms it pushes u to think "yar shaadi hogi bhi ya nahi"(meaning will i get married or not?)well not in ma case lolz anyways i hav noticed dat its more ov ur uncles and aunties dat r after getting u married and whereas parents are concerned fathers can be cool and patient lolz but moms are always thinkin abt gettin u married and dey r also imagining all dos occasions wen dey are gonna turn dadi and dada..lolz anyways its fun readin ur blogs.:)

  3. Neeti -
    Yes ma'am its about my community..I know others often talk of it as well but not like since you are 14 ?? loll ..& bout the wedding just gets funnier every time :D

    Lol I don't want ANYONE on this earth to worry about my wedding at this moment lol :D
    Yeah its my uncles & aunts who talk of this more..I mean why just more ? My parents don't talk of it at all..I feel odd - they know that :P

  4. I'm 25, single and a maru too..So u know how mch i cn relate to this post :P

    'discussing marriage'-its our fav pastime ya..

    manna sab bero ha :P


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