Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some relief !

  • I'm back on wheels ! After being caged at home for 2 months with little allowance to outdoor commuting , I'm finally freed.Feels great ! So what was I up to all this time ? Nothing ..just no-thing ! Surfing , watching TV & movies , listening to songs & everything that comes under wasting time when you are a student of Chartered Accountancy. The big dig - why was I caged ?
  • Dad anticipated that I'd meet with an accident anytime in the past 2 months.I would have loved if he had given one particular day or week time where I'm supposed to be careful.But then I couldn't pester him much for that ! Since I've had met with few accidents earlier which were nothing so serious as the word 'accident' & I scored few bruises every time I skidded off , he was very worked up this time.
  • Though last year when he warned me , I didn't drive or even rode my 2 wheeler at all for few days.But then when things have to happen , they do happen.I was on my friend's 2 wheeler , she was driving pretty fast , she hit the guy on bike in front of her & we fell.She didn't get hurt that badly as much as I did.I mean I couldn't walk properly for 2 days as my right foot was terribly swollen.
  • But then I didn't really fracture my legs or hands.And dad always maintains that I'd always have some protection even if I meet with an accident.So I was wondering why wouldn't he let me commute at all ? Not even by car ?? Did sound ridiculous to me. He insisted strongly & since I'm not suppose to question or argue over his predictions , I chose to do what he asked me to do.
  • And that time has gone by. Its not like I didn't move out of house AT ALL , I did go to watch movies or that friendship's day party , lunch over cousin's place etc , but it was all within a range of 3 kms from home. I had terrible problem explaining friends why I didn't attend classes or why I never turned up for so many events so many times.Even if I told them the actual reason , they would have found it too silly or would have mocked at me behind my back.Some joke box this topic could have turned into. Thats where I preferred lying.I also understand why they would react in such a manner so I'm chilled about it .
  • So a 100 lies came to my rescue.I think its OK to lie when you have got to have the better off you. But coming up with innovative , logical lies & the ones that fill up the gap of suspicion is a tough job. Nevertheless , I've got over it & its been 2 weeks now that I'm attending class. - relief - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • The nearest accident-prone zone from my house has finally got a signal.Its a square of course , but one of the lane emerging out of it is at 45o angle which also has a thin lane by its side at an angle of 30 degree towards its left.Ahh , its complicated & this is the place where most people hit onto each other.But then we finally have a signal & when I first saw that , my reaction was " Oh looook! My my ..we have a signal here ?? " ..jumping out of joy like a Kid in a candy store :P
  • The fact that I decided to change my cell phone & also the server has brought relief to the people around me & to me too.I mean finally I have made up my mind to buy a new cell phone.All this time , I did look up for some nice piece but was never convinced so thought I should not chuck away this old broken piece which I like anyhow , as it really doesn't matter how many times I drop it or just throw away - its still working , broken but working :D
  • The dog I have been talking about ran away ! Yes R A N away ! : No wonder why I was feeling like some thing's left out ( was so habitual of listening to its barks ) I came to know that it was unchained which in itself is a rare thing to happen & the rarest of them is that the day he was unchained , the door was left open by dunno whom but lets not get into that.What remains is that the monster fled away & I actually felt like partying or getting myself a cute little puppy pet.But I'm not.
Apart from this . what isn't balancing the relief is the fact that doctors have given words - grandmom ain't gonna regain her eye sight of her right eye.We have plans to sue the doctor for negligence as he never told us about her weak retina & how operating that could be a serious issue.

I'm sick.I'm weak.The food doesn't taste anymore.I'm on liquid diet , soup & juice.Fallen ill second time in a year huh ? too bad !


  1. Lol..wot's da reason behind u fallin ill so frequently, huh??..NOT LISTENIN TO PARENTS, lil toddler?, diseases??..quite tragic life! ... u didn't step out of yr home just coz of yr dad's prediction??..sorry 2 say but dat'z weird..

    And hey, if u dun mind me sayin..crafty, u shud try 2 give better titles to blog..title shud b catchy enough, ryt?..Just an advice as a frnd..dun take it otherway please..

  2. Yeah its weird for every one else on this earth.But I cannot explain anyway :)
    And no risks for my life..or those bruises scares me now lol

    catchy title ? I'll seek some help from you next time onwards :P

  3. lolz.. m startin to think ov u as som crash dummy now..and ur bike riding friend seems to be cool aswell she hits a guy on bike in front ov hers.:D Anyways u hav mentioned dat watchin tv and movies is kinda wastage ov tym for a CA student but on ma part i think ur a cool CA i can hardly imagine any CA friend ov mine as cool as u lol...btw ur father predicting things and u not really goin out coz ov dos predictions now dats wierd but as u say its hard to expalin i wont get into it. and for the title part i don think its abt being catchy but it shud be rather realistic which i find in ur title so titles are gud and ofcourse u got tellin lies lolz gud goin Miss CA keep it up:D

  4. lollll Arvin !!!

    ( Yeah I'm just words at all ) :D


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