Saturday, August 2, 2008

In a Fix..

I'm totally jammed. What's worse is that I've found myself jittering with the decision-making.
Ok , so the situtation is as follows -
Adi [ a school friend ] called me up on Friday inviting me for the Friendship's Day party. I knew I couldn't go because of a story thats highly weird & funny , jittery as well . Will write that later..huh. So this gal asked me to reach an Italian food court on Sunday. I had to quickly think of some lame reason why I cannot turn up for this party.So I told her that I've got to go out of town for a family function. She fumed , first.Then , lectured me.

"Yaar you always do that . Every time we invite you for any party , you have some function!"
I was just trying to recollect how many times have I used this excuse ? Just once I suppose. I wanted to revert back..but a lecture is supposed to be a lecture , how on this earth could that be stopped ??
"You didn't come for lunch last week at Priyanti's B'day ..
[ I couldn't because of that weird story again ..]
you didn't turn up for my party
[ That was in Jan , I had to prepare for CPT dammit! ]
, you didn't come at Rucha's party either !!"
[ Ah well , I didn't feel like , take a broom & hit me now..]

If you don't come THIS time , we won't ever invite you again."

That felt good I tell you.No , not the fact that I wouldn't be invited again but the fact that for the first time in so many years after leaving school , I felt that yes these friends care for me.They want me at the party ! woohoo ! And so much pestering & lecturing & cajoling from Adi , was like a woohoo again . I felt nice . For one , that they really wanted me to come. Secondly , I just loved it man !
I was mad with these school friends because they'd go out for movies & stuff so many times but never ask me to come along.Then , I just started ignoring such things.But I was always invited at b'day parties , of girls only.I don't talk much with the school guys.Hardly in touch with any of them & I don't know why but I always felt awkward talking to them after we got out of school. I was tagged "shy" in school . Introvert too , by these guys. But its not true. I really don't have much to talk about !!

Anyway , back to square one. So Adi carried on .. " Look , you don't have to go for that function.We always wonder why you never show up.So please come it ??? And its been like an year now , that we've met ..we'll have lot of fun're coming ok ? "
It took me an hour to manage to ask dad if I could go for this party.He allowed me finally!
Next morning , I told Adi , I'll be there.

The twist -
On Saturday , I logged into orkut & found that it was Abhi's b'day. Texted him wishes.He called back & invited me to his party at that same Italian restaurant.
Now , first of all ..its was so difficult for me to get permission for one party.On top of that , here's another one just a day before the permitted party. I was in such a mess.
I desperately wanted to go to Abhi's party . The only reason being that I'll have all my F CA [ future CA ] friends out there! The ones I currently love being with. It had been long since I met all of them . And since I feel out of place at any of my school-friend's party or at any party with school friends, I really wished to enjoy this one.
But I had already given my words to Adi.Also , there was noooo way , absolutely no wayy to ask dad for permission for yet another party.

I really would have gone to Abhi's party , & that wouldn't have made me feel guilty about missing the Sunday party. As if it is , I don't enjoy being with school guys so much because I do not talk to them & its weird to be going to a party when you talk only to the few some girls.
So I thought of backing out of Sunday's party but then I couldn't.I shouldn't.Had I known that it was Abhi's bday on 2nd , I would have given another lame reason to Adi to escape the friendship Day party. But too late for that.
This was some kind of a puzzle or catch-22 situation. No matter what I chose , I was to be in a fix.

Finally , I basked in the party of school friends , feeling helpless about everything. The deal of never being invited again , as Adi said , didn't sound worth either. And on the other hand , I didn't like sitting like a plastic doll in a party , smiling occasionally & having almost nothing to talk about.
Ahhhh , I think I should have backed out.But I'd paid too :

But anyway , the party was fine.Danced & all that.Great food ! Didn't talk to the guys as usual except one or two who had enough modesty to come to me & wish me. The only thing that hitched me was that I had to pay for this one & not a meagre amount.In fact , I had to pay a little too much.Everyone did.It didn't quite pay-off in the end , but its fine.No cribbing , shh!

Everyone loved my outfit .And specially my stilettos :D. But I shouldn't have worn them & danced..having a terrible back pain now!


  1. poor dear honey..... always lands up in a mess...

    im waiting till u put up something more specific abut ur jittery reason of staying back in ur house wen all ur frnds , ie including me, are veing fun .... ;)

  2. Why you to fib for goin to a party? I thought you a party animal and would drive away everythin for hangin out wid yr Errm, so crafty is really wise at prioritizing her schedule, hmm? Well, I kinda agree iw du dat yeah, inspite of our heart sayin "yes" to all outings wid frnds, our brain makes our procrastinate sayin "you gonna get bored b/w yr STRANGER FRNDS"..but yea, yr sacrifice was worth it..u missed da party n cleared yr exam Miss future CA :P

  3. @ Donna
    : Han sure hun , I'll write that so that you can laugh your ass off ! :|

    @ Neeti
    : Yes I am party animal , precisely a dance animal but party doesn't remain party among "stranger" friends. Sometimes you just have to do something you do not want to but its fair enough ( long term thinking ) :P


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