Monday, July 28, 2008

Blue eyed bloke

My friend invited me for lunch yesterday.Actually she took all the old mates for lunch.B'day treat it was.I didn't turn up yet again! Its so pathetic to be unable to meet up school friends over a lunch in rain.I haven't met this friend since an year now.Just another week & its going to be an year !! Whereas we stay in the same city , around 12 kms away & I usually go for tuitions in the area where she stays.She had been a very good pal of mine since schooldays.But now she & everyone's scattered.I have made several new friends But the old ones are the good damn old ones.

This girl whose luncheon I could not attend is pencil thin.We used to call her Olive.The other girls of my school group are also as thin as thread.No matter what they eat , how much they eat ..they always maintain their weight.And none of them is into rigorous sports.They have great appetite. Not the kind who would starve themselves up.These girls can have a chocolate cake EVERY single day & yet they won't put on! This is so very much envious for a foodie like me.I feel guilty even if I gulp down a molecule of sugar the day I work out & look at these girls ! tsk tsk. So I'd rather ask for such body type than wishing to be slim all my life because I seriously cannot give up eating delicious food just to avoid putting on.And if I have such body type , half the battle is already won , no actually the entire battle is won - I can eat anything & everything , I can stay slim !

From girls to food envy.. to guys.. to girls envy...

A friend speaks -
"Did I tell you about that blue-eyed guy , the fair one."
me : "Yup , what's cooking ?"
"I talked to him."
"And ? "
"I fancy him."
"Of course you do , I know."
"No I mean I never had such a serious crush ever in my life."
"Oh I see "
"So you know..talking to him felt like wow."
"Yup , you must have felt like you've won the battle of Panipat."
"Love isn't war"
"Someones talking love ?? Crush is crush , its like ciggy ..will glow for sometime & die into ashes in some more time."
"How do you relate winning battle & all that ? Are you in your senses ?"
"The euphoria I was talking of ."
"Put your your brains into correct gears so that you have better examples of display of euphoria."
"Its in reverse gear right now. So you think he likes you ?"
"He's committed."
"I so desperately want to see his girl."
"I understand."
"What ? What's there to understand ?"
"See there are too possibilities. If you find that girl so-so'll be like 'ah he could have better had me'.If she turns out to be pretty , you'd be like ' B**** where did she come from ? How can she be so gorgeous?"
"Haha !There you go ! Perfect gear ! you do understand."
" Lets eat pizza to celebrate your first talk with the blue-eyed guy...quick."
"You think I'm gonna pay for few more treats like this ? the ones celebrated in the joy of my little talks with him ?"
"Not probable enough."
"Why not ?"
"You remember the 2 possibilities ? A fair handsome guy with blue eyes ...obviously
must be having a gorgeous gal."
"Kill you !"
"Pizza first !!"


  1. This was best from you so far..seriously loved it..n did u notice, our topic co-incided ! :D

    I'd surely like to have a pizza wid u once :P. don't you think our thoughts match, miss loyal 2 yr future fiance? :P


  3. hey i reckon dis conversation is smewat familiar to me??? ;) :p


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