Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Tale of 2 Movies

Sarkaar Raj. ˜ ˜ ˜

I was told that Aish kills Abhi in this movie.So I watched the entire movie with that mind-set. Yeah , she's gonna kill now ! Oh hell , mannnn , she's gonna kill.Bloody hell , she shouldn't! In fact , when Abhi was shot , I was wondering if I was dreaming or something because I didn't watch Aish killing him. But I patiently waited.Then when , Sarkaar was detailing as to what happened & how , I thought he's gonna take Aish's name. But he didn't.
When I came back home , the first thing I did was to call Nik, a cousin [ Gosh , I have a hell lot of cousins ] & told him that I watched SR. He laughed & said "Liked it ?" I was so mad but his laugh made me roll on floor laughing. I was like " What the hell , I was waiting all the while to watch Aish kill Abhi , & you loser ..what did you tell me ??" He laughed & he just laughed.Idiot!!

Anyway , the movie was good.Few people have thrown their entire frustration on this movie yelling out loudly that the movie was crap.I don't think so.I mean what do you want ?? To be watching this movie from the director of "Aag" , I think was quite ok.RGV's fav style of close-ups , dark backgrounds , in fact only black backgrounds was flaunted in this movie as much as it could have been.But since it was a political plot , I think it was fine.The story-line was fine too , only because it made sense by the end , something rare to find in movies these days! The background music went well with the theme of the movie. The one dialogue that I particularly liked was by Sarkaar - ' Killing is crime.Killing at the right time is politics.' It sounds better in Hindi actually. Acting wise , all were up to the mark.There wasn't much for Aish to do , but I still think she was nice. And , To all those who find this movie over-rated should be made to direct a political movie.I bet , they wouldn't even have people to rate their movies.

Hancock ˜ ˜
Superheroes have become a part & parcel of our lives.But then there are superheroes & then there we have Hancock , an all together diff superhero.I don't know if he even should be called a Hero.He destructed things more than he made people adore him for his supernatural powers.Its a short movie with one big twist leaving you awestruck. Pre-interval , its all you could have summarized watching the promos , people hating Hancock. Lots of Will Smith close-ups watching which is NO delight ! The actual drama takes place post-interval.The big twist ! I loved the scene where Mary ( Charlize Theron ) flings Hancock out of her home via her kitchen , & of course our destructive superhero making dents in several cars & also breaking the kitchen wall is dumbstruck. So we have a superwoman !!! The rest of the movie looked interesting to watch but then it turned out to be lame. I had to watch this one in dubbed version as the English show wasn't available at the time I went to the theater.It just sucks to watch an English movie in Hindi.I mean to hell with the ones who dubbed it.Why can't they be a little literal while translating the dialogues ?? "Mamu" thing is such a turn off.Imagine Will Smith saying that ! Jeez !

I'd also want to share something funny.I texted Nik today in the morning saying - ' Watch Hancock.The leading actress of the movie is also a superhero & she kills the hero . Go kid , watch it ! ' ...whereas the fact is that she doesn't kill the hero! Lol..Nik giving you some doze of anxiety& disappointment. Just now , I got his msg . He says - " Tu churail hai !" [ You are a witch ! ]
Haha ! He also added that he's gonna take revenge for this! Poor chap , as if I'm gonna listen to him when he tells me the story of any movie now onwards.And basically he laughs so much on the phone , making me laugh too , & so he double-laughs ..that he won't even be able to narrate me any story in future.

I wish he was here right now.I'm in a kid-mode wanting to throw a Bronx-cheer at him & giving a witchy chuckle.


  1. Movie Maniac!!..So, is writin reviews anoder hobby of yrs?..Y don't u try becomin film citic?..But I guess u do justice 2 da movies..i didn't like sarkar raj tho..dere'z no fun watchin a flick like damn serious!..u shud b writin both prons n cons of da flim wid some sp. facts :P .. n Hey, I am desperately waitin 4 u to ryt a review on "jaane tu ya jaane na" too..i want to know how u rate dat flick..did u actually like it??..I wonder wot ppl liked in dat was okay-ish acc. 2 me..

    Waiting for your next blog (possible a review on jaane tu :D)

  2. I know you hate intelligent movies lol.But i strongly recommend you to watch Aamir.Its one those exceptional creations , & yes its serious! But wait , watch it ok lol.

    And Jaane tu , chalo woh bhi likh deti hoon :P


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