Monday, June 21, 2010

What's the Hurry , Dude ??

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I have something to say to the tech guys.

Why do you have to be so quick in evolving better gadgets every single day ?

Its I'll buy a cell phone & in next 15 days there will be a better one available for which I could get a bang for my buck but I cannot because I already the bought the one that's not-so-cool-anymore.

It goes for any thing apart from cell too.TV , digicam , PS2 - any goddamn gadget.

Why can't you let the buyer enjoy the product for some time that he/she has bought  ?

It feels horrible to spend on something the UTILITY ( talk of economics ) of which is not derived since there's a better product launched in the market in that particular phase.

What's the hurry techiie guys ??!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where the heck is the ACE.

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We were playing a game of cards.
And I lost all the sets of the game.
It sucks :O

Sometimes how important it becomes to win a f***ing game of cards.

Perpetual wins from the opposite team just makes everything worse.

I was almost on the verge of crying :|

f**k my luck.

--I swear A  LOT these days.

Last week I had fallen flat on my face after getting unconscious.Total switch off.
What happened next :
I was given water and glucose , made to sit in the car and asked to relax [ like a 100 times ]
But among all the things..I was concerned about something else.
So even when I had no idea as to how and why things happened..I frantically said "woh nariyaal pani waale ke paise dene hai!" 

de diye..tu tension mat le" - chorus reply! :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

When I am hyper...

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Things don't always go RIGHT.

A] Hyper + being freaking mad = BAD idea.

B] Riding a bike in scorching sun = Superbad idea.

C] Getting a NEW "stylish" haircut = DUMB idea.

D] Fainting ; simultaneously  puking out  frappe  = GROSS

A + B + C + D

Feeling like a f***ing moron.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Innovative words they find

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We had a GD session in class.The topic given was "Will banning Fashion shows and New year parties save our culture"
I don't think anyone made much sense or even intended to.I chose to remain silent for the most of it.
There's this aggressive guy in our class who blabbers at every opportunity that he gets.He actually went onto discuss Kamsutra :O after someone pointed out the negatives of having fashion shows.

At another time..during another GD  when the topic was Love marraige VS Arranged marriage..
Each one in the class said something rediculous.
For instance someone said something on the lines of 'Dry Love'  :O to which our sir said 'Boy you really need to clear out your concepts' lol
As it is evident..the discussion went totally off track.

Am studying with a one-of-a-kind bunch of nerds :|

Now onto some current movies.
Rajneeti : A pacy entertaining movie but nothing of a masterpiece.Jealousy , betrayals , elections , had everything a political movie should have.And as the general opinion goes..its a mixture of both the Mahabharata and The Godfather.
Rajneeti is a good package , makes sense but it didn't have the kind of magic you expect out of a rip off from two epic tales.
 The cast is apt.Acting wise each of them have fared well.Katrina mumbles in her speech scene.No punctuation :|
Great sets.Loved the house :P

Prince of Persia : This isn't a superhero movie.Don't expect much action.But for once , am glad that the action scenes didn't go overboard otherwise it becomes a bit difficult to absorb.The movie has sufficient and well crafted action stunts.Interesting story.Good music score.
The cast could have been better.I started liking the protagonist only after half the movie.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'll probably know all the ceremonies by heart

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 My brother ( first cousin ) got engaged! Everyone's extremely happy :) We all have been excitingly looking forward for his marriage since he is the eldest in our generation.
The wedding's only a month away.We all are busy deciding songs & theme for the Sangeet and desperately finding a good choreographer.

Yesterday I went over to my sisters' place to finalize all of these things.Instead we ended up putting on random songs and danced like maniacs (monkeys).Hopping , laughing , teasing - we happened to keep a dance competetion & made the younger sister - the judge.I won the monkey dancing competetion :P

Another cousin of mine from maternal family got engaged today!! And I might attend her wedding if I don't have any of my exams clashing.Actually I really do wish to go for her wedding whenever it'll be.Its a nice excuse to spend super fun time with cousins :D

Oh and did I mention that this relative of mine..who basically belongs to my grand mom's family is going to get married in November :P His wedding would be in Jaipur and I want to go there as well :D I have met the one who's getting its not like I would end up attending weddings just for the heck of it :P
My grand mom's family is huge.I haven't met half of them and haven't seen the other half since ages.It would be nice to get to know all.

Wow.Its going to be a full on wedding year.My plate's full :)

We marwaris have a number of functions and ceremonies.
I think by the end of the year I'll be well versed with each of those :P

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Brand Bug

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I'm not a brand freak.I believe in buying things of worth.And having said that , I enjoy donning brands just as much ;)

Recently I have come across a lot of people who worship brands.Who can never do without brands and the kind who think you cannot make friends unless you wear brands!

The point is that you don't need to buy something just because it is branded.Clothes and accessories are picked out because you like them ; would like to wear them - not selected over because they belong to so-so brand which would cost an arm and a leg.

I've seen several branded clothes that you wouldn't believe belong to that very label.
As long as something looks really stunning on doesn't matter if you are wearing a brand or not.

Brands may guarantee the quality. But is it always worth the price ??
Or are you simply paying half the sum to the logo ? ;)

To each his own.I'm just amused how much the brand bug latches upon young minds...when their friendships depends on the label of their clothes.Sick.