Monday, June 7, 2010

I'll probably know all the ceremonies by heart

 My brother ( first cousin ) got engaged! Everyone's extremely happy :) We all have been excitingly looking forward for his marriage since he is the eldest in our generation.
The wedding's only a month away.We all are busy deciding songs & theme for the Sangeet and desperately finding a good choreographer.

Yesterday I went over to my sisters' place to finalize all of these things.Instead we ended up putting on random songs and danced like maniacs (monkeys).Hopping , laughing , teasing - we happened to keep a dance competetion & made the younger sister - the judge.I won the monkey dancing competetion :P

Another cousin of mine from maternal family got engaged today!! And I might attend her wedding if I don't have any of my exams clashing.Actually I really do wish to go for her wedding whenever it'll be.Its a nice excuse to spend super fun time with cousins :D

Oh and did I mention that this relative of mine..who basically belongs to my grand mom's family is going to get married in November :P His wedding would be in Jaipur and I want to go there as well :D I have met the one who's getting its not like I would end up attending weddings just for the heck of it :P
My grand mom's family is huge.I haven't met half of them and haven't seen the other half since ages.It would be nice to get to know all.

Wow.Its going to be a full on wedding year.My plate's full :)

We marwaris have a number of functions and ceremonies.
I think by the end of the year I'll be well versed with each of those :P


  1. enjoy all the functions dear!!

  2. us marvaris r a hell of a package of colourful weddings!...its always fun being a part of it...
    i just came bak from a silvasa wedding!.....have fun!

  3. Yeah.. that seems interesting.. :D

    I too have many Marwari friends out here.. I am now desperately waiting to attend their marriages.. :P btw, when are you getting married?? :P

  4. WOW :D
    All this sounds so exciting just by your writing..
    I can imagine all the fun you're having


    Family time rocks!
    Great post..

  5. - Ria
    Thanks Ria :)

    - Jitsy
    lol ya :)
    My bro's wedding's in Silvasa!
    Thx :)

    - SD
    Haha nice :D
    Am not getting married anytime soon :P

    - Firebolt
    Hehe :) Thx :D


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