Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where the heck is the ACE.

We were playing a game of cards.
And I lost all the sets of the game.
It sucks :O

Sometimes how important it becomes to win a f***ing game of cards.

Perpetual wins from the opposite team just makes everything worse.

I was almost on the verge of crying :|

f**k my luck.

--I swear A  LOT these days.

Last week I had fallen flat on my face after getting unconscious.Total switch off.
What happened next :
I was given water and glucose , made to sit in the car and asked to relax [ like a 100 times ]
But among all the things..I was concerned about something else.
So even when I had no idea as to how and why things happened..I frantically said "woh nariyaal pani waale ke paise dene hai!" 

de diye..tu tension mat le" - chorus reply! :D


  1. Take care dear....hope u r doin well!

  2. i don't even know how to play cards. aces shmaces. i do long for the draw four cards at uno, though. :D

  3. lol'd at the nariyal paniwala bit....
    m always in d last three wen playin cards.... it sux! heheh

  4. Am abs fine Ria..thx :)

    Haha Rima! Playin UNO is fun

    lol..same pinch ;)

  5. Oh dear!

    Whatever happened to you?!

    Take care :(

    And don't worry about silly aces :P

  6. :)

    ty for all the lovely msgs Suga! I hope all is well with ya. Yeah, there's no hurry at all ;-)


  7. oh :( take care of ur health...
    it was cute :P but not cute that u fainted :(
    wat re some boy is giving u tension kya? *rolls sleeves* i'll karate him :|


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