Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Innovative words they find

We had a GD session in class.The topic given was "Will banning Fashion shows and New year parties save our culture"
I don't think anyone made much sense or even intended to.I chose to remain silent for the most of it.
There's this aggressive guy in our class who blabbers at every opportunity that he gets.He actually went onto discuss Kamsutra :O after someone pointed out the negatives of having fashion shows.

At another time..during another GD  when the topic was Love marraige VS Arranged marriage..
Each one in the class said something rediculous.
For instance someone said something on the lines of 'Dry Love'  :O to which our sir said 'Boy you really need to clear out your concepts' lol
As it is evident..the discussion went totally off track.

Am studying with a one-of-a-kind bunch of nerds :|

Now onto some current movies.
Rajneeti : A pacy entertaining movie but nothing of a masterpiece.Jealousy , betrayals , elections , had everything a political movie should have.And as the general opinion goes..its a mixture of both the Mahabharata and The Godfather.
Rajneeti is a good package , makes sense but it didn't have the kind of magic you expect out of a rip off from two epic tales.
 The cast is apt.Acting wise each of them have fared well.Katrina mumbles in her speech scene.No punctuation :|
Great sets.Loved the house :P

Prince of Persia : This isn't a superhero movie.Don't expect much action.But for once , am glad that the action scenes didn't go overboard otherwise it becomes a bit difficult to absorb.The movie has sufficient and well crafted action stunts.Interesting story.Good music score.
The cast could have been better.I started liking the protagonist only after half the movie.


  1. havent yet seen POP, dont think will watch it either, Raajneeti was ok. Roles well played by Arjun n Ranbir. And abt GDs, i used to enjoy them way back in college. Those were the days...sigh!

  2. GD's were my favorite...enjoyed a lot of good sessions...Rajneeti I liked the movie a lot specially Nana & Ranbir..awesome...and yes House was really awesome...

  3. I don't know about Raajneeti but POP was not bad either. Enjoyed it. Yet to see Raajneeti. :)

    GDs were always interesting. I like staying silent and listening most of the times. :P


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