Monday, August 29, 2011


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I like it when someone asks me out for dance - and even though I do not know how to jive..I still dive in the offer... Because I so so so wanted to ball dance :P

 I like it even more that a preferably good guy asked me out for the same :P :P lol

And then...I like it much more that another good guy from class pings me & tells me that I danced good :D :D

Nothing like being complimented. :P ;)

Do I not sound excited ?! Truth is...I 'enjoyed a party after a long time :))
Danced to my heart's content...clicked lots of pictures &had a great great time!!

Thanks to our seniors for the party!
Good venue...awesome DJ ..and okayish food. :P
However , when it comes to rocking tracks & dancing - I really don't  care about food. I eat dancing :) :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bring it On.

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Have you heard ...they say people who are devastated are quite funny on the outside.

I have one such friend. And although as little as I know of him - my other friend & I could tell there was something huge missing in his life.

Today we were proved right.

The entire situation is so numbing , I don't have words.

He's a gem of a person. Quite talented. Keeps making people laugh crazy with his antics & mimickery.

In two days something will decide whether he stays with us or not.

I'm feeling terrible. Helpless.

And in so many days ..specially since I joined college...this is first time I'm praying badly - that too for someone else.

He's also the same guy for whom we did not change our batch.Flat 15 days of friendship.

Serious- WTF- happens- in- life mode.
Bring it on I say , Life -- you - sonofabitch!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sibling of music.

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People who can Sing are really privileged.

Its such an amazing talent!

Because practically everybody on earth loves to sing - whether or not they CAN actually sing 

I hate it that I cannot sing. Coz as much as I enjoy humming tunes I like( that apparently aren't a pleasure to hear)...I wonder what it would be like to have the talent to sing.

Its so refreshing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Har ek friend zarrori hota hai =) :D

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Love this new ad by Airtel.

Chai ke liye jaise toast hota hai
Vaise har ek friend zaroori hota hai
Aise har ek friend zaroori hota hai
Koi subah paanch baje neend se jagaye
Koi raat ko teen baje jaan bachaye

Ek teri kadki mein sharing kare
Aur tere budget mein sneak in kare
Koi nature se guest koi host hota hai
Par har ek friend zaroori hota hai
Ek ghadi ghadi kaam aaye par kabhi kabhi call kare
Ek kabhi kabhi kaam aaye aur ghadi ghadi call kare

Gossip ka koi ghoomta phirta satellite
Koi sath rahe toh kar de sab alright
Koi effortless koi forced hota hai
Lekin har ek friend zaroori hota hai

Chatroom friend koi classroom friend
Koi bike pe race wala vroom vroom friend
Shopping mall wala shopping friend Exam hall wala copying friend
Movie buddy groovie buddy

Hi buddy…. bye buddy
Joke buddy poke buddy
Gaana buddy shaana buddy
Chaddi buddy yaar buddy
Kutte …… kamine 
Everybody… sab buddy
A to Z

Gin gin ke naam bheja roast hota hai
Par har ek friend zaroori hota hai

 Awesomeee!! :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cash & Calorie rich.

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Heavy weekend , yet again.
Of course making me both cash & calorie rich.

Its almost becoming a family tradition now. When all the cousins are downtown - all we do is EAT.
Lunch at someone's place..dinner's at someone else's place on & so forth. And in between all the time left - we talk , crack nonsense jokes , laugh on the same , click pictures & play cards!!
But most of all what I reckon is the fact that we EAT a lot :P

So apart from food ..what was special this time was our two hour session of Dumb Charades!
From movies like 'Aah' ( yeah thats a movie name..I found it in Google search results - after we were not left with many choices ) to 'Unns'  ;  the game was one hell of a laugh riot!

The best was when my sister was trying to explain ' Farishtey'.
She did everything to make her team get the 'Fur' part . She even enacted as an animal or something like that ?! lol :D
And despite all of the hints reaching to a 'material' - her awesome team members talked of silk , cotton etc etc - except Fur :D 
Atlast..all she did was enact an angel ; circling her hand above her head :P

Oh and then..the most hilarious one was a movie name ending with Raat ; Mr. A blurting out all the words in haste  ---- Untill he also said 'Suhagraat'

I mean , seriously...why on earth would we give that as a movie name for dumb charads ?? :P

And then we ran out of movie names as I mentioned earlier. Someone suggested to play Home Production i.e to create your own movie names! :D
Big B refused...citing example of how someone would explain a home produced movie name like :
"Is cheez ka tatparya kya hai "
Tatparya. LOL.

I also remember how my cousin tried explaining our team 'Ghatotkach'
Thats an animated movie.
He first gave us an object hint : Ghada
Then teeth > tooth :P
And from the combination of Gha ( from ghada ) & tooth - my smart team member yelled ' Ghatotkach' :D :D

I can't recollect more. There were soo many of them! And each of them made us laugh crazy.

That's my sweet little brother's gift to me :P I'm yet to receive a material gift , lol
But anyhow..this is obviously Priceless. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What happened. Something did.

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 More of a statement than a question.

Things change.

I've lost the count.

So this is , lets say , the 'n'th time when things have changed.

And it makes me numb.
Absolutely blank.

When there is no analysis , no inference and no conclusion.
For all you know is that things have changed.

Its so bittersweet , I cannot smile.
I cannot weep.

There is the obvious sinking feeling inside. And everything farewell brings along with it.
And damn , it eats you.
Moreover the variables attached to the constants are already juggling and finding logic in my head.

But I must say at the end of it...I'm happy. I'm happy for everything. I'm absolutely sad about nothing.

And that in itself makes me more happy. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

The story of a Marwadi.

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 Part I :

More guests
And even more guests!

Brownie points :
Special food cooked at home.
Home would never look so neat & perfect in every possible way.
First class.

Turn offs :
Thrown out of your own bedroom to accommodate them.
The talks about what you do.
The impossible- to- miss-stares after you tell them what you do.
The calculation their heads are doing to define the appropriate time for marriage (of course for you) - which is anything less than half of what you might have planned for yourself.
Self-praise. Too much.

 Cultural Laxman Rekha 

Thesis :
No night stays @ friend's place.
No partying.
Guys not allowed to enter home.
Talking on phone with guys restricted or nil in some cases.
Books are friends. Why hang out ?! :-|
Issue :  Virginity , I assume ! :P

Brownie points : seriously ?? None what so ever.
Note : Most cases of eloping are a result of ones daring to cross this Laxman Rekha.
Most cases of guys getting spoiled too would fall in this area.
The more you restrict - the more boundaries crossed.


Love marriage is an alien territory.
Typically the vices for our folks are :
Smoking. Drinking. Eating non veg.
And the fourth is - Love marriage!

The tedious ridiculous process in history of marriages : Arranged marriages!!
Check each other out. Read bio data. Interests and other such things.( Most of which are written just for the heck of it  :P )
One hour of rendezvous.
Few days time for approval--- without going out on date or contacting each other!!
WTF !!

 Turns offs :
Read Part I  +  pretense  in every whichever way , in every whichever section.

Brownie points :
Get-togethers. Time off with cousins.
 The various functions which don't make much sense :P but fun to be a part of.

Miser ??

Stereotypes are stereotypes.
Definite believer in  : If you have it , flaunt it.
Reference : Diamond obsession . 
Reason : Competition :D

Baring apart few , most of the rich ones  live luxurious life et all. But they're misers in some areas.
Indulgent lifestyle.


 Joint families > Quarrels > Partition > Nuclear families.
a. Nuclear forever.
b. Nuclear yet bond with extended family.
c. Nuclear , bond with extended family , relatives , society..etc etc :O

Joint families ? - Extinct species. Fun. Pros & cons.

Religious Values

Don't question. 
Just follow. 
(  Personally I have no issues :P )


Business is in the blood.
Stock market.


Overall families. Highly conservative. Typical Ekta Kapoor serials in some cases !
They want girls to get best education. But to not work after settling down into another family. ( ???! )
Baring apart the unnecessary illogical immature social and cultural rules our folks have  : Marwadis are nice people :P 

I always warn my friends not to fall for marus. Life after marriage in marwadi family is kinda difficult :P